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  • architecture : n. 1. 建築學。2. 建築(樣式、風格);建築物。3. 構造,結構;【自動化】(電子計算機的)架構,體系結構。
  • material : adj 1 物質的(opp spiritual)。2 身體上的,肉體上的;物慾的,追求實利的;卑俗的。3 有形的,實體的...
  1. Elevation of building is adhered by light epidermis, light epidermis reveal virile and body - building architecture style. caesious facing brick, with considerably tactile material nature, showing architecture ' s extended sense taste

  2. Based on vc and opengl software platform, as a part of integrate planar mechanism analysis and simulation cai, the mechanism theory has been adopted to analysis the movement trace and profile of linkage ; adopt oriented object method to capsulate the class module. each corresponding class module complete parameter storage and process ; adopt message - map, message - trigger to organize the programming and response the user " s input ; use the document - view structure of the visual vc + + mfc class foundation as the basis of the programming architecture to complete those functions. use oriented object method to product the following class module : control class, render class, document class, mechanism class and other classes ; adopt opengl library to draw the three dimensional graph based on the result of mechanism analysis ; use model transforming, lighting, material, color, frame - buffer, display - list, graphics - component combine etc to draw the three - dimension mechanism and make the simulation of linkage has high reality

    本文敘述了平面連桿機構運動分析和可視化模擬的理論演算法及其編程實現方法,基於微機vc平臺,採用opengl圖形庫編程,利用面向對象的方法對機構進行功能封裝,利用vc + +的文檔視結構作為最基本的窗架,生成並控制三維繪制類、文檔類、主窗口類和一些輔助類,利用windows平臺的消息映射、事件驅動來組織程序運行和響應用戶反饋,利用機構分析得出坐標數據驅動opengl庫繪制三維機構圖形。
  3. Recently, using solid clay brick is gradually prohibited, so the new wall material is required to fill up the new architecture. many sections research on this field, using fly ash to develop new building materials is the mostly adopted method, among the new building materials, fly ash foamed concrete is a noticeable one because of its outstanding merits such as light weight, heat preservation, sound insulation and good resisting earthquake. using fly ash to develop foamed concrete can not only become fly ash into resources, but also provide a new kind of building materials for the innovation of wall materials, which has good economy and society ben efits

  4. Today the architecture in china is pedantic gamesmanship in scholarship and emphasize too much on the form of building in design. face this phenomeon, the paper sets out from the essence, considers the basic problem in architecture creation from the architectural structure, technique, material, space, building and environment, tradition and creation, etc. the paper studies on architecture noumenon and its humane value, analyzes the design principle and method of expressing humane value with architecture noumenon, point out that this kind of design principle and method emphasize the tangible materility of architecture ' s tectonic and craft, and at the same time make a point of the expression of architecture ' s essense, it not only create the spiritual beauty that forms the building with abundant tectonic and wrought detail, but also create the architect ' s place sprit through facing tradition and context with accommodative language of modern architecture

  5. The booming of information technology provides material foundation for the scientific landscape architecture ; new stuff and new technology enrich the design approach greatly. linguistic turning philosophy investigate into how to express the essence of the world that we understand, this makes landscape architecture focus more on the real meaning behind the apparent art form and technologies. a series of new landscape architecture methodology come into being in the process of the investigation : phenomenology, semeiology, mysticism, structuralism, deconstruction etc. many western designers contribute a lot to the research from 1970s till now

    「語言學」轉向的哲學,研究的是如何表達我們所知曉的世界的本質,以語言學為中心的「表達」 ,使景觀設計更加關注藝術形態和科學技術後面的「意義」 ,華中農業大學2003屆碩士學位論文由此引導出一系列新的景觀設計方法論:現象學、符號學、神秘主義、敘事性、結構主義、解構主義等, 70年代后至今的很多西方景觀設計師,對此做出了積極的探索
  6. The paper introduced their architectural investigation and practice on the aspects of architectural tectonic, relation between tradition and creativity, the molding of place and construction of architectural space etc. such as david chipperfield ' s value of architecture ' s initial meaning and physicality, his emphasize on the architectural experience quality and ethics duty of the architect, and his view on the continuation of tradition and creativity ; waro kishi ' s value of tectonic noumenon, his concept of " industrial vernacular ", his application of the " architectural promenade " principle, and application of courtyard ; tod williams & billie tsien ' s principle of " architecture is combination of work and life ", their value of place, their observation of material characteristic, and their " slow " principle on design, me thod, and sense perception. the paper also introduces the three architect ' s representative works and their design method

    介紹了他們在建築的建構、傳統與創新的關系、場所感的塑造以及建築空間的創造等方面所進行的理論探索與建築創作實踐,如大衛?謝潑菲爾德對建築內在意義及建築實體( physical )的重視、對建築的體驗品質和建築師的倫理責任的強調、對傳統和創新的可持續性的認識;岸和郎的對建構本體的重視、關于「工業鄉土性」的概念、對「建築的漫步」理念的運用、以及對庭院空間的運用;托德?威廉姆斯和比麗?錢的「建築是工作和生活的結合」的基本設計理念、對場地的重視,對材料特性的探索、以及關于設計、方法、感知方面的「緩慢」的理論。
  7. 2. researching the cooperation and coordination function of multi - agent, at the same time, particularly analyzing the coordinating principle of multi - agent which was applied in the construction of asphalt concrete road surface, according to the controlling kernel of flowing material and constructing quality ; according as the principle, the course of controlling is actually the course of information streaming, so i respectively introduce the information collecting of different agents in road constructing. at the same time, i introduce the instruction forming of intelligent controlling agent and three kinds of fashions for human being - machine commensalisms, that is cooperation of machine and human agent, architecture of main - machine and assistant - human agent and architecture of main - human and assistant - machine agent, which was applied in different intelligent agent

    對多智能體的協作與協調機制進行了闡述,並對多智能控制主體的以物流和質量控制為核心的瀝青混凝土路面機群施工過程的協調作業原理進行了詳細的分析;基於控制過程是信息流過程的觀點,分別研究了各智能控制主體在路面施工中的信息集成;並在總結了智能控制主體的結構形式及三種人- -機共棲智能控制方式的基礎上,根據本課題的實際,針對不同的智能體,分別確立了不同的控制方式。 3
  8. Notable strengths of the department that cut across the discipline groups are our devoted teaching, the grounding of architecture in both social and material issues, interdisciplinarity, and the remarkable internationalism of faculty, students, teaching and research

  9. Drawing on paradigm shifts in contemporary architecture, media, film theory, the sciences and philosophy, a um studio sdesign work creates innovative avenues of self - regulation and evolution in the material and event time structures in architecture, urban systems, cinema, media, and technology

    A | um studio為ed keller與carla leitao所創建,以建築與新媒體的設計為擅場,著重於當代建築,媒體,電影理論,科學與哲學范型之轉向。
  10. The surfactant consumption, the product structure and the forecost in different areas such as us, west europe, japan and china etc. in 1990 ? s are introduced. the urgent affaire for the large surfactant enterprises is to rectify the product structure, and to decrease the cost. enhancing the research of application basis and application for mild surfactant commercialization. emphasis to develop post treatment of fabric, papermaking chemicals, oil field ? s chemicals and auxiliary for architecture material and metalworking. the application of surfactants in high technology fields will be important research projects for china surfactant industry

  11. Two viewpoints adopted in the paper, namely structure & material, analyzing the construction and architectural modality, aim to understand architecture phenomenon properly, while avoiding the rigid views upon them. the author argues for the fact that, if only the architects begin to realize the relationship between architectural modality and human life, then develop their interests on this point, the solvability of architectural modality could come to be reality, hence the human life will get better due to our construction

  12. As one of the important steel material products in modern industry, the thread steel bar is used for the architecture primarily

  13. Since " late - modernism architecture " has no available material to be used for this course, thus the selection of contents of each chapters, enhancement, tightness and organization are also important task and work scope for this article. this article screened and listed the missing information for the origin and development of late - modernism and also briefed its update situation. this article points out that the late - modernism is a general category term and describes the application of relative new - modernism idea, completion of minimalism and general chapter arrangement for late - modernism course

  14. This machine is used for producing ( ldpe ). this machine is equipped with double screw stems, two hoppers to provide different types, and cooling water system. the final productin of the film consists for two faces, one side of film is adhesive and the other side is normal. it is widely used for packing architecture material and hadware parts etc

    本機適用於生產低密度聚乙烯( ldpe )塑料流延薄膜,該機採用雙螺桿擠出,兩個進料斗的原料使用不同的配方,生產的薄膜可達到一邊粘的效果,廣泛用於建築材料、五金配件等包裝。
  15. From different sides such as troops establishment reformation, digitalized army establishment, appearance of new technology, new equipment, new material, etc. the paper analyzes the situation faced with arms development and current situation of external suppression weapon, summarizes and analyzes the development trend of suppression weapon, concludes and abstracts six ways of development trends of fire control system as message integration, system modularization, system architecture subsection, function integration, fire control firing control closed loop and rapid and real - time resolving to realize accuracy, rapid, coordinated integrated weapon control

  16. Have properties of standing high temperature and pressure, waterproof, antisepsis, preventing aging. they are convenient for cutting and making model. they can be used many times repetitively and are first selecting material in constructing bridge, building, nuclear power station and architecture industry

  17. The design architecture is a complex comprehensive subject, which involves architecture, sociology, folklore, psychology, human engineering, structural engineering, architectural physics, architectural materials and so on and also is concerned with furniture display, decorative materials, structures, functions, arts and crafts, greening, gardening, etc., and apply to many subjects knowledge to comprehensively conducts multi - levels parietal environment design. its means is to apply to plane part, spatial structure, perspective, illusion, light technology, reflection and color variety principles and material means making " big " space turn to " small ", while " small " space turn to " big ". and according to design requirements, the spaces are re - divided and composed making it increase visual extension, and add layers through various kinds of material structure changes that make " spacious " is not " blank " while " small " is not " crowded ", creating an anticipant style and atmosphere

  18. Place is the permanent brand of architecture and place creation is always the research project of architects with the development of the age , place ? ? the end results of human material culture and spirit culture ? ? undergoes storm and stress but the real meaning of place still has clear and precise line of thoughts human 、 building 、 scenes ? ? poetic independent existing space space creation ? ? expresses and shows the real meaning of place , interlaces the changing objective and positive multiple affirmation and negation but the road of research is still continuing : seeking the new idea unanimous with the age human 、 building 、 scenes answers the place , multi - dimensional system answers place creation the twenty - first century is the age of variety , after discovering the complex phenomena , research the age nature of place ? ? obscurity , attempt new idea of creation : obscure edge through bluring the edge of building and city , break the separating condition of building and city , unify the urban structure actively , propel the union of building and city through openning design ; through bluring the edge of building and environment , break the condition that environment attaches to building , make landscape design become natural , and combine them into ecologic scene of building and multiple experence of scene : through bluring the edge of building and universe , break the rational outline of building , create multi - dimensional sensational edge of shape , make building become an earth scene , just like the mirage of flourishing city , and prompt to exploit underground space

    人、建築、場景解讀了場所,多維的系統解讀了場所創作。二十一世紀是多元化的時代,在揭開紛繁交錯的現象面紗之後,探索場所的時代屬性? ?模糊性,嘗試新的創作理念:模糊邊緣。試圖通過模糊建築與城市的邊緣,打破建築與城市的分離狀態,動態整合城市肌理,以開放型的設計推動建築城市一體化;通過模糊建築與環境的邊緣,打破環境是建築之外附屬的狀態,使環境景觀設計自然而然化,並將二者融合形成綠色生態的建築場景與多層次的景觀體驗;通過模糊建築與天地的邊緣,打破建築理性的邊緣輪廓線,塑造多維感性邊緣的形體,使建築成為一種大地景觀,猶如繁華都市裡的海市蜃樓,並同時帶動了地下空間的探索。
  19. Architecture material industry block machine

  20. Monitoring and controlling of architecture material ' s quality