tab 中文意思是什麼

tab 解釋
1. Technical Assistance Board (of the United Nations) (聯合國)技術援助委員會。
2. Technical Abstract Bulletin (US Dept. of Defense Publication) 《科技簡報》〈美國國防部刊物〉。
n. 名詞 〈英俚〉〈Cantab(rigian)之略〉劍橋大學學生[畢業生]。
n. 名詞 1. (附屬在衣服等上的)垂片,荷葉邊;(附屬在物件上用來拉動、懸掛的)拉手,耳片,扣環,帶子;(帽子的)護耳;鞋帶,鞋帶頭包鐵;(卡片、紙張邊上供寫標簽、編號用的)凸出部。
2. 【火箭】調整片,薄片,阻力板。
3. 〈口語〉賬單;全部費用。
4. 【軍事】參謀的領章。
5. 〈美國〉小報;【戲劇】短劇 (=tabloid); 藥片 (=tablet)。
6. 表格;製表人 (=tabulator)。
7. 平板;【機械工程】工作臺。
vt. 及物動詞 (-bb-)(口語)1. 做上耳片等。
2. 選擇,選取。
3. 制…的一覽表;記錄。

  1. - put it on my tab, ernie. - all right, alicia

  2. Put it on my tab, ernie. - all right, alicia

  3. Tft lcm was tested by line inversion mode under the condition of alternant vcom voltage, after the sample was made by cog and tab craft

    在通過cog 、 tab工藝完成樣品製作后,採用行翻轉驅動方式, vcom交替變換的方式對tft顯示屏進行了驅動點亮測試。
  4. After spending nearly $ 3, 000 on his political pieces, he hopes a gallery will pick up the tab for his dream project : creating bronze statues of japanese politicians and then melting them with a blowtorch

  5. Cover the tab opening with cellophane tape

  6. Tab changer tapping step overvoltage protective device

  7. Biogen - tab is an effective and invaluable medicine for many poultry diseases, particularly chronic respiratory disease, infectious coryza, salmonelloses fowl typhoid and paratyphoid infection, blue comb disease, fowl cholera, coccidiosis, and leucocytozoon disease. the diseases infected by virus, such as newcastl disease, avian encephalomyelitis are found not to be effected by biogen - tab treatment

    愛禽美對許多家禽疾病是相當有效的藥品,特別是慢性呼吸器病,通稱crd ,傳染性可利查,沙士桿菌病如家禽傷寒,副傷寒,藍冠病,家禽霍亂,球蟲病,及白冠病等但有些疾病,由病毒感染者無效如新城雞瘟,傳染性喉頭氣管炎
  8. In the covert tab, click the convert button

  9. Use this method to programmatically deselect a particular tab in a

  10. Of the tab to deselect

  11. Tab to the left of the log out tab on the far right figure 9

    在頂層的導航鏈結中,選擇最右邊log out頁簽左邊的
  12. You can remove a line indentation using shift tab

    使用shift + tab可以取消行縮進。
  13. Loading test kentledge for pre - bored h - pile tab construction from landside towards sea

    預鉆孔h -型鋼樁壓樁測試中的負重
  14. Tab construction from sea towards landside upto pier 20

  15. Tab construction from landside towards sea upto pier 30

  16. As expected, a preferential coalescence and growth of the mannitol granules from the blend of mannitol + a - tab was obsered

    同預計的一樣,在甘露醇+ a - tab中甘露醇顆粒優先結合和成粒。
  17. The average monthly tab comes to $168. 50.

  18. Tab - order numbering begins with zero

  19. System colors tab, color picker dialog box

    「顏色選取器」對話框- > 「系統顏色」選項卡
  20. Custom color tab, color picker dialog box

    「顏色選擇器」對話框- > 「自定義顏色」選項卡