angular density 中文意思是什麼

angular density 解釋
  • angular : adj. 1. 有角的,角形的;尖銳的。2. 用角度量的;角的。3. 瘦骨嶙峋的。4. 不靈活的,生硬的。adv. -ly
  • density : n. 1. 稠密;濃厚。2. 【物理學】濃度;密度;比重。3. 愚鈍,昏庸。
  1. By using the multi - configuration dirac - fock ( mcdf ) method, the effects of relaxation and correlation on the transition energies and probabilities of electric - dipole allowed ( el ) resonance and intercombination transitions for 2p53s3 - 2p6 in neutral neon have been systematically studied firstly. and the results of the transition energies and probabilities ( lifetimes ) in length and velocity gauge have been presented. during the calculation, in order to consider the rearrangement effects of the bound - state density and some important correlations, the asfs of transition initial - and final - states were divided according to their angular - momentum and parity and calculated, and different number of csfs were included in the expansion of asfs

    本文利用多組態dirac - fork ( mcdf )理論方法,通過對輻射躍遷初、末態電子波函數的獨立計算以及在原子態波函數的展開中考慮不同數量的組態波函數,系統地研究了弛豫和相關效應對中性ne原子2p ~ 53s ~ ( 1 . 3 ) p _ 1 ~ o - 2p ~ 6 ~ 1s _ 0電偶極共振和復合躍遷的能量以及躍遷幾率的影響,給出了長度和速度兩種不同規范下激發態的能量和輻射壽命;以中性ne原子的研究為基礎,進一步研究了類ne等電子系列離子( z = 11 - 18 )較低的激發組態2p ~ 53s和基組態2p ~ 6的能級結構以及各能級間的輻射躍遷特性。
  2. Using different combinations of the nucleon density distributions of the ground state of 6he and the second excited state of 6li with and without the halo, we have calculated the microscopic optical potentials of the input and output channels, and, with these potentials, calculated the angular distribution of the " h ( he, li ) n reaction populating the second excited states of 6li by using a dwba code

    我們用假定的~ 6he基態和~ 6li第二激發態有暈和無暈的各種核子密度分佈的組合分別計算了入射道和出射道的微觀光學勢並將其輸入通用的dwba核反應程序計算了~ 1h ( ~ 6he , ~ 6li ) n反應布居~ 6li第二激發態的角分佈。
  3. Angular distributions for some interesting states of 12b and 13c have been experimentally measured in hb ( d, p ) and 12c ( d, p ) reactions. the density distributions, rms ( root mean square ) radii, contributions of outside nucleon, etc., of the valence neutrons in these states are extracted by dwba ( distorted wave born approximation ) method and anc ( asymptotic normalization coefficient ) method, respectively

    實驗測量了11b ( d , p )和12c ( d , p )反應中12b和13c幾個感興趣的核態角分佈,分別用dwba方法和anc方法從角分佈數據中抽取了各核態外層中子的密度分佈、 rms半徑以及外層核子的貢獻等,對這兩種方法作了比較。
  4. The position of the trajectory depends on the ratio of bead - to - fluid density, the ratio of bead - to - disc radius and the reynolds number which describes the operating conditions of the stirred media mill. by means of the beads motion in the calculation domain, the influence of different comminution operation parameters on comminution results is discussed. those parameters mainly include the beads size, beads density, stirrer angular speed and liquid density and viscosity etc. those parameters are optimized so that the comminution results are improved

  5. We also prove that the radius of a rotating spherically symmetric star, with given constant angular velocity and constant entropy, is uniformly bounded independent of the central density. this is different to the case of the non - rotating star

  6. As the representation of the electron spin angular momentum is two - dimensional or three - dimensional, the electron energy is calculated simplier by the theory of density matrix and average value