arthropoda 中文意思是什麼

arthropoda 解釋
n. 名詞 〈pl. 〉【動物;動物學】節肢動物門。

  1. As we all know, bilateral symmetry, three - layer embryo, metamerism and having a relatively developed head are the common characteristics of the arthropoda and annelida, so it is believed that arthropod originated from annelid

  2. At least 35 arthropoda mitochondrial genomes were sequenced so far

  3. The gene content of scolopendra multilan is similar to that of the other arthropoda, and gene rearrangements are observed as in other myriapods

  4. On the other hand, because of the big quantity of the arthropod fossils, arthropoda is still the phylum which is researched most frequently and deeply

  5. The order nebalia belongs to arthropoda. there are about 20 kinds of living nebalia, and the fossils of nebalia are being excavated. the chuandianella, one genus in nebalia, has been published

    節肢動物門中的葉蝦目現生種類很少,僅有20多個海產種類,其化石種類正在發掘,川滇蟲屬( chuandianella )已有人建立並有一定的屬征描述。
  6. This research reviewed the relationships of the myriapods to other arthropoda, based on morphological and molecular sequence data and the studies of developmental biology. the review was followed the major controversies in the higher - level phylogeny of myriapods. the complete 18s rrna sequences of four groups of myriapoda plus hexapoda ( protura, diplura, insecta ) and crustacea were used for phylogenetic study

    本研究首先從形態學性狀、分子性狀( dna和蛋白質)以及結合形態和分子性狀、發育生物學的研究等方面對多足類動物與其他節肢動物之間的親緣關系進行了綜述,同時對多足類的系統發生研究進行了綜述。
  7. During the primary research work of chengjiang biota, the paleontologists had an idea that the bivalved arthropod kunmingella douvilleiyas the dominant species because they found that eighty percent of the fossils they excavated in chengjiang fossil lagerstatte were kunmingella douvillei. and they also found that naraoia longicaudata, naraoia spinosa and isoxys auritus which belong to arthropoda were the sub - dominant species

    在澄江生物群研究初期,雙瓣殼節肢動物朵氏昆明蟲( kunmingelladouvillei )化石數量占澄江化石庫中所有化石產量的百分之八十,因而古生物學家曾認為kunmingelladouvillei是該庫的優勢種。