look smart 中文意思是什麼

look smart 解釋
  • look : vi 1 看,注視 盯 (at) Look 你瞧 看哪 We looked but saw nothing 我們看是在看,可是什麼也沒有看見...
  • smart : adj 1 靈敏的,靈巧的,敏捷的,聰明的,伶俐的。2 漂亮的,衣冠楚楚的,瀟灑的;時髦的。 (opp shabby...
  1. Look smart, don't dawdle about like that.

  2. Franco : hey emilie, you look really smart today

  3. Daniel oppenheimer at princeton university found that short words and classic fonts make you look smart

  4. The qts scheme is an essential business tool for smart restaurateurs and merchants whose valued customers look for quality service

  5. Anita : oh, here ' s a nice pair. don ' t you think they look smart

  6. Smart look design with blue shell and blue backlight airflow parameter improve traditional working environment and mood

  7. I want a smart boy to look after my shop.

  8. She was born smart-and look how her father's trained her.

  9. I am very cheerful, sincere kind, gentle lovely, demeanor, temperament, and are good at financial management, can produce delicious authentic chinese dishes, smart, studious, good at creating a sense of humor and witty, romantic flavor of life, i look forward to sincere love arrival

  10. Parrot : so try to look smart and don ' t miss the boat

  11. Smart cards look like credit cards but have a microprocessor and memory chip inside

  12. The smart card, measuring 8. 5 cm by 5. 4 cm, depicts hong kong skyline with a cyber look

  13. Long words used needlessly along with complicated font styles - two tactics employed routinely by students trying to pad their work - are perceived as coming from less intellgent writers. or, to put it simply : short words and classic fonts make you look smart. daniel oppenheimer at princeton university conducted five experiments manipulating the complexity of vocabulary or font style

  14. Red flower a : my, don ' t you look smart today

    紅花1 :你今天上看去真帥
  15. And there are smart ways to use numbers on the phone in your sales. let ' s look at them

  16. Apply the filter now : filter - blur - smart blurand distort the head shape, applyingedit - transform - perspective. make the layer look more in contrast : image - adjustments - brightness / contrast

    點擊濾鏡-模糊-特殊模糊,並將臉進行扭曲,點擊編輯-變換-透視變換。增強一下圖片的對比度(圖像-調整-亮度/對比度) 。
  17. Look smart or you ' ll miss your bus

  18. Oh, my brother, you look smart today

  19. He wears small, round glasses and they make him look smart

  20. Really ? you look smart, too