rabbit ears 中文意思是什麼

rabbit ears 解釋
1. 【電視】兔耳形[室內 V 形]天線。
2. 〈美國〉(運動員)對場外觀眾嘲諷的敏感。

  • rabbit : n 1 兔,家兔;野兔;兔皮。2 膽小的人,懦夫。3 〈英口〉笨拙的球員。4 【軍事】由工廠中偷出來的東西...
  • ears : 貝殼狀通心麵
  1. The rabbit cocks up its ears then it hears a sound

  2. A control study on effect of ligustrazine and other tcm herb on hypertrophic scar in rabbit ears

  3. Association between the formation of hyperplastic scar in rabbit ears and the common fungus pathogenesis of surgical infection

  4. Bunny ears rules ! flickr best group - pictures of people doing rabbit ears with their hands to other people in photos

  5. The ancient avoided worshipping the king very much, the moon stood and carved with the white jade ; avoiding straightenning one s back, pair is looked at at present, the sharp mouth is closed, one pair of only big ears ; the rabbit has plump and smooth body, four limbs are crooked, bend over and lie on the ground, and then there is a short end : the model is vivid, chisel workers exquisitly, the polishing is bright, it is a rare skillful product

  6. We had stood upon the rabbit ' s head, but its ears were erect, not relaxed as we hoped

  7. A rabbit ' s large ears enable it to hear the slightest sound

  8. The rabbit has a pair of long ears

  9. The rabbit ' s long ears have two functions : the rabbit is easy to hear any noises made by the other animals which are going to harm the rabbit even if they were on their tiptoes

    兔子的長耳朵至少可以從兩個方面幫助它:它們可以幫助兔子聽到微弱的聲音(像食肉悄悄接近時發出的聲音) ,並確定聲音來自何處。