b and o 中文意思是什麼

b and o 解釋
B and O = Band and Orchestra 〈美國〉樂隊。

  • b :
  • and : n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • o : int 〈常用大寫字母〉哦 喲 …啊 唉 哎呀〈表示驚訝、恐怖、贊嘆、願望等〉。 O for a rest 唉 休息休息...
  1. In contrast, n - acetyl - d - galactosamine, sucrose, d - glucose, glycogen, d - mannose, l - fucose and fetuin had no inhibitory effects on hemagglutination. so the lectin activity in the humoral fluids of amphioxus is sh group - dependent and is specifically inhibited by various d - galactosides. also, the humoral fluids obtained from e. coli - injected amphioxus showed increased agglutinating activity against human b and o, rabbit, grass carp and toad erythrocytes, but not against human a and chick erythrocytes, hinting that there might be two types of lectins in amphioxus humoral fluids

  2. The skin mucus showed agglutinating activity against all human a, b and o, rabbit, chick, grass carp and toad erythrocytes tested. rabbit erythrocytes, however, invariably possessed the highest titer among the cells derived from different animals including human. in addition, there is no blood - group specificity toward human erythrocytes

  3. 6 5 = 27. 8 %, o r = 74. 3 % iacso the second, above alloys not only have good strength and conductibility at room temperature but also have good strength at high temperature. bar alloy can hold o b = 274mpa and o o2 = 250mpa at 350 ? while end ring alloy can hold o b = 200mpa and o 02 = l65mpa at350 ?

    研究合金不僅在常溫具有很好的強度和導電性,而且具有較高的高溫強度,導條合金在350時b仍保持在274mpa左右, 0 . 2仍保持在250mpa左右;端環合金在350時b仍保持在200mpa以上, 0 . 2仍保持在165mpa以上。
  4. Thither of the wall the quartermile flat handicappers, m. c. green, h. thrift, t. m. patey, c. scaife, j. b. jeffs, g. n. morphy, f. stevenson, c. adderly, and w. c. huggard started in pursuit. striding past finn s hotel, cashel boyle o connor fitzmaurice tisdall farrell stared through a fierce eyeglass across the carriages at the head of mr e. m. solomons in the window of the austro - hungarian viceconsulate

    圍墻裏面,四分之一英里平路障礙賽218的參加者m . c .格林h .施里夫特t . m .帕蒂c .斯凱夫jb傑夫斯g . n .莫菲f .斯蒂文森c .阿德利和w . c .哈葛德開始了角逐。
  5. The performances indexes and curves of the model si 1126 diesel engine are obtained by simulation calculation ; the main curves for the affection of calibrate parameters on the performance of model si 1126 diesel engine are also obtained by simulation tests o the results and test data are analyzed o the major contents are as follows : a ) study on the demands of software and hardware environment of ktva on pc. kiva is originally designed for cray computer and workstation, but on pc it needs to be tested o b ) ktva code such as variables scopes of values and so on, needs revising to meet the needs of pc

  6. Israelensis recombinants, which contained recombinants plasmid pmt4 and pmt9 respectively, were obtained by electroporation. the bioassay results showed that the recombinants b - pmt9 and b - pmt4 had toxicities both to resistant and susceptible c. quinqnefasciatus larvae during vegetative growth stage, having the lc ? o values similar to that of. fi. sssii - 1. however, the toxic levels of the final sporulated cultures of recombinants b - pmt4 and b - pmt9 differed, with a lcso value of 2 49mg / ml for b - pmt9 and little toxicity for b - pmt4 by using the plasmid pmt9, m txl gene from b. sphaericus was ligated with p20 and cytjaa gene, giving recombinant plasmid pmpx2

    含有pmt9和pmt4的大腸桿菌轉化子能表達產生mtx1毒素,發酵液對敏感和抗性致倦庫蚊幼蟲具有中度毒殺作用;含有pmt9和pmt4的蘇雲金芽孢桿菌轉化子b - pmt9和b - pmt4在營養體生長階段對敏感蚊幼和抗性幼蟲也具有毒性,毒力與野生型b . sss - 1相當,而不同轉化子在芽孢形成期的毒力因插入的mtx1基因轉錄方向不同而表現出差異,其中b - pmt4對目標蚊幼毒力極低( lc _ ( 50 ) 10mg ml ) ,而b - pmt9對蚊幼蟲具有毒性( lc _ ( 50 ) = 2 . 49mg ml ) 。
  7. To dress the question if other virulence gene were present in this kind of strains, 152 of 436 irp2 - hybridized strains were re - confirmed and selected for this study. the virulence genes or putative virulence genes detected by pcr or hybridization include heat stable toxin ( st ) & heat labile toxin ( lt ) for enterotoxigenic e. coli ( etec ), invasive plasmid antigen b ( ipab ) for enteroinvasive e. coli ( eiec ), epec adherence factor ( eaf ), epec secretion protein c ( espc ) for enteropathogenic e. coli ( epec ), hemolysin ( hlya ) and shiga toxins ( sltl and slt2 ) for enterohaemorrhagic e. coli ( ehec ) and eaggec probe for entero - aggregative e. coli ( eaggec ). the prra and yc73 genes of pathogenicity associated island ( pai ) of urepathogenic e. coli ( upec ) and " o " island 28 ( rtx 615 ) gene was also detected, the later was a newly discovered putative pathogenicity island in e. coli o157 : h7

    為探討攜帶小腸結腸炎耶爾森氏菌的hpi毒力島的大腸桿菌是否具有其他已知的毒力基因,選取82株由原位雜交和pcr方法初篩irp2陽性的大腸桿菌菌株,進行在致瀉性大腸桿菌的25個毒力基因的檢測,包括腸產毒性大腸桿菌的熱穩定毒素st和熱不穩定毒素lt ,腸侵襲性大腸桿菌的侵襲蛋白b基因ipab ,腸致病性大腸桿菌的eaf 、 espc基因,腸出血性大腸桿菌的溶血素hly 、志賀毒素1 ( slt1 ) 、志賀毒素2 ( slt2 )基因,腸集聚性大腸桿菌的eaggec探針,以及在泌尿道致病性大腸桿菌和o157 : h7大腸桿菌中新發現的毒力島基因。
  8. Just as one can distinguish only by comparing ( 或 just as there can be n o differentiation without contrast ), it is necessary / better / worthwhile to see / find out what will come of the contrast / comparison between a and b

    只有通過比較才能區別(沒有對照就不會有區分) ,找出a與b比較/對照之後的結果是有必要的/最好的/值得的。
  9. Hart, o. and holmstrom, b., 1987, " theory of contracts " in advances in economic theory, fifth word congress, t. f. bewley ( ed. ), cambridge uni. press

    奧利弗?威廉姆森, 1971 : 《生產的縱向一體化:市場失靈的考察》 , 《企業制度與市場組織》第9頁,上海三聯書店,上海人民出版社1996年版。
  10. Invoice must show manufacturer ‘ s name and address and ex - factory price including agency commission , if any , to f 。 ob 。 value on invoice 。 。

    前面說要體現廠家的名稱和地址,後面半句話是什麼意思? ?也要我們一定要體現嗎?還是表示有選擇的餘地? ?
  11. The hot, massive, high-luminosity stars of spectral types o and b are not distributed uniformly over the galaxy but are grouped into extensive, separate aggregates that have come to be called associations.

  12. Developing a software for the testing machine measuring and controlling system. the software can automatically switch control mode according to standard in the process of tensile testing and automatically judge constitutive mode of material. at the same time, it can automatically measure elastic modulus e, yield strength o s, proof strength, non - proportional extention o 0. 2, percentage extention 8, tensile strength o b, etc. it can applied in industry practice

    在經典pid控制與模糊控制的基礎上,設計了模糊自適應pid控制應用於試驗機的應力、應變及位移控制; 3 、開發了一套完整的試驗機測控系統軟體,能在試樣拉伸過程中按標準自動切換控制方式並自動判別材料本構模式,能夠自動測定彈性模量e 、屈服限_ s 、條件屈服限_ ( 0 . 2 ) 、延伸率、強度限_ b等,應用於工程實際。
  13. In this paper, it is proved that, given 3 control points a, b and c, if the camera s optical center o lies on one of the three planes perpendicular to the plane abc and going through one of the three altitudes of the triangle abc, and additionally its projection on the plane abc is within the circumscribed circle of the triangle, that is, o is within the so - called danger cylinder, then the corresponding p3p problem - o, abc - must have 4 positive solutions

    Pnp perspective - n - point問題是計算機視覺攝影測量學乃至數學中經典而重要的問題之一,所謂pnp問題,就是指如下的物體定位問題:假定攝像機為小孔模型且已標定好,攝取一幅在物體坐標系下坐標已知的n個空間點的圖像,且這n個圖像點的坐標已知,確定這n個空間點在攝像機坐標系下的坐標。
  14. Sometimes f. o. b. and c & f are also employed

  15. Sometimes f. o. b. and c & am f are also employed

  16. Sometimes f. o. b. and c & ; amp; f are also employed

  17. George : rice ? s. o. b. and a couple of egg rolls, too

  18. In addition, the high infrared radiation is due to the existence of si - o bond and o - b bond in tourmaline, which has nothing to do with the special structure of it

    此外,黑電氣石有較高的紅外發射率與電氣石的特殊結構沒有關系,主要與存在si - o和b - o紅外活性鍵有關。
  19. Lu, p., chen, h. b. and mahrenholtz, o. ( 1997 ) : an improvement of boundary element formulation for elasticity with body forces. mechanics research communications, 24, 569 - 574

    陳海波,黃穎青,肖奇志,呂品,吳長春( 1997 ) :雜交邊界元與有限元的變分耦合方法。計算力學學報, 14卷增刊, 403 406 。
  20. It revealed that cell culture of jl94 had n ' t agglutination to human group o, a, b and chicken, goose, simian, mice, guinea pig, goat, dog rbc

    血凝試驗證明jl94不凝集雞、鵝、猴、小白鼠、豚鼠、山羊、狗、人的o型、 a型及b型紅細胞。