gradient technique 中文意思是什麼

gradient technique 解釋
  • gradient : adj. 1. 傾斜的。2. 【動物;動物學】步行的,能步行的。n. 1. 〈英國〉(道路的)傾斜度,坡度,坡路。2. 【物理學】梯度,陡度,(溫度、氣壓等的)變化率,梯度變化曲線。
  • technique : n. 1. (專門)技術;(藝術上的)技巧,技能。2. 手法〈如畫法,演奏法等〉。3. 方法。
  1. This paper presents our research in actuating in - vivo micro - robot based on the capsule endoscope platform by the external power. while seeking secure driving method we take several factors into account, such as driving environment, power transmitting and consuming, motion requirement and controllability, and locating technique. we mainly deal with driving the capsule with spatial gradient magnetic field, so we employ combined electro - magnetic coils, including gradient coils and homogenous coils, which have rotational dof around a translatable patient bed, to compose a controllable uniform gradient which act on the permanent - magnet embedded robot, thereby get an appropriate spatial force and torque to fulfill the anticipant locomotion such as move, stop, pitch and yaw

  2. Finally, this thesis introduces the model - based light map ( mbl ) technique and its basic idea and framework. in order to capture the facial reflection model efficiently, a 3d light stage with 1. 5 - meter radius is custom - built. a basic recovering algorithm based on conjunction gradient method is described and some results are provided

    先提出了基於模型的光照圖技術的基本思想和框架,然後介紹自行設計建造的一個半徑為1 . 5米的三維光照架,和一個基於共軛梯度法的光照圖恢復演算法。
  3. In view of the engineering application, the actual connotative meaning of the dual - gradient drilling technique is that the adjustable limit of the mud density is enlarged obviously

  4. In this paper, the contrast of original image is enhanced by nonlinear transformation based on the characteristics of grain image ; after comparing several methods of threshold segmentation and analyzing their performance and applicability on grain image, the adaptive threshold segmentation based on gradient image is presented ; the noise of binary image is reduced with morphological filter, the hollow in binary image is filled in and a recognition algorithm is designed to remove agglomerate particle ; on the basis of mathematical morphology two methods are adopted to segment agglomerate grains that are not agglomerated tightly ; the parameters of size and shape, perimeter, area, diameter, complexlity, longest feret diameter, shortest feret diameter etc, are extracted. this technique is applied in measurement of pearl powder ' s particle size

  5. In this paper, we prepared 110x80mm ti : al2o3 crystal ( 11 stone ) by directional temperature gradient technique ( dtgt ), choosed its top, middle part and bottom, and fabricated powder samples with carnelian mortar. then we observed and analyzed the surface of ti stone by using sem, and found it is ti that is the main component of the black thing on the surface of ti stone

    本文採用導向溫度梯度法制備了110 80mmti : al _ 2o _ 3晶體(鈦寶石) ,並取其上部、中部、下部用瑪瑙研缽製成粉末樣品,用掃描電子顯微鏡對鈦寶石表面進行了觀察分析,結果表明鈦寶石表面上的黑色物質的主要成分為鈦。
  6. In this thesis, some key issues of the vr technique are systematically investigated. firstly, for the image filters and image interpolation between slices, a integrated interpolation algorithm is presented based on the contour shape and correspondence matching, which keeps the shapes and grays information the objects of interest. secondly, the fidelity of effect of the vr for medical images is studied, and a continuous - gradient - based method for transparent volume rendering is proposed, which vivifies the results of volume rendering

  7. Original planation surface has some features, for example, it appears in large area with low altitude, small gradient and taking a long formation period, etc. discrimination of planation surface is based on plotting and field investigation and by using statistical methods and " 3s " technique

    原始的夷平面具有分佈面積較大(全流域范圍) 、坡度較小、高度較低、形成所需時間較長、有夷平作用的痕跡等特點。基於野外考察和室內作圖,可利用數學統計方法和「 3s 」技術進行夷平面的識別,這加強了夷平面研究的精確性、客觀性和定量性。
  8. We apply the system to the ultra - fine grain steel welding, the simulated mean grain size in cghaz agreed well with the corresponding independent experimental data. in this paper, three factors influencing the grain growth, the steep temperature gradient in haz. the grain boundary liquid and the precipitates particle, were studied specially using mc technique

  9. In the course of modeling, we present multi - step generalized gradient method and multi - stage curve fitting technique, prove convergence of multi - step generalized gradient method by using differential equation stable theory, analyze the error of multi - stage curve fitting technique by using inner space, creat knowledge base of water network system by using the maximum subordinate principle of and near - select principle of pattern recognition. at last we make the optimal running scheme of water network system based on heuristic search technique of artificial intelligence and global feedback immediate coordination method of large scale system theory

  10. Secondly, by incorporating the temporal difference prediction technique with the genetic algorithm, a novel hybrid genetic neural networks for controlling nonlinear chaotic system based on the scheme of small perturbations and the use of gradient descent learning method is presented ( known as hygann strategy )

    2 .研究了一種將暫態誤差預測技術、小擾動控制技術、梯度下降法和遺傳演算法( ga )融合起來控制非線性混沌系統的復合遺傳神經網路方法(簡稱hygann法) 。
  11. Chemical - shift magnetic resonance ( mr ) imaging is gradually accepted as a useful technique to distinguish benign adrenal lesions from malignant counterparts based on in - phase and out - of - phase gradient - echo pulse sequences

  12. The test technique of the self - shield gradient coil system for 0. 2 t open - style permanent magnet mri

  13. ( 2 ) computational simulations on in - line holography of single particle, multi - particle in one plane and particle field ( multi - layer ) are performed. a technique to find the focal plane is given according to the gray - gradient curve of the particle image. an improved numerical reconstruction method is proposed, which can eliminate the border diffraction

    ( 2 )對同軸粒子全息圖的記錄和再現過程進行了數值模擬,提出了根據灰度梯度曲線判斷粒子成像平面的方法,同時提出了一種可有效消除全息圖邊框衍射條紋的改進演算法。
  14. In this paper, the two - point stepsize gradient method which together with one new nonmonotone line search technique is proposed

  15. Based on the research work on matrix solution techniques, we propose a incomplete cholesky pre - conditioning based conjugate gradient solution technique. this technique can take advantage of the special properties of power grid and solve the circuits in a fast speed

  16. Three different methods were proposed based on a k - vertex disjoint graph technique which was applied to the reassembly of image fragments : similar coefficient matching ( scm ), volatility gradient matching ( vgm ) and prediction pixel matching ( ppm ), to evaluate the candidate weights between any fragments

    針對目前最優重組演算法中的關鍵技術- -鄰近權重選派技術,提出三種計算方法:相似系數匹配( scm ) 、波動梯度匹配( vgm )和預測像素匹配( ppm ) 。
  17. Some factors influencing the grain growth were studied in detail using mc technique. the mc simulation of grain growth can provide not only grain growth kinetics but also detailed information on temporal grain morphology evolution. furthermore, mc technique can easily simulate the " thermal pin " phenomenal caused by steep temperature gradient near the weld interface

  18. A new wavelength beam combining technique for a high - power laser diode bar by using a temperature gradient heat sink is proposed. the thermal controlling principle of the temperature gradient heat sink is discussed

    通過一個具有溫度梯度的熱沉( temperaturegradientheatsink ) ,使二極體棒在慢軸方向上形成線性的波長分佈。
  19. Test method for density of plastics by the density - gradient technique

  20. Standard test method for density of plastics by the density - gradient technique