go-word 中文意思是什麼

go-word 解釋
  • go : GO = General Orders 【軍事】一般命令;衛兵守則。vi (went; gone; 第二人稱單數現在式〈古語〉 goes...
  • word : n 1 單詞;〈pl 〉歌詞,臺詞。2 〈常 pl 〉談話,話,言語。3 〈不加冠詞〉音信,消息,傳言,口信;【...
  1. I had to go over the whole proposal twice, and word it as plainly as abc before she would fully take it in.

  2. Come, said silver, struggling with his ashen lips to get the word out, this won t do. stand by to go about

    「走, 」西爾弗勉強說出話來,嘴唇都嚇成紫灰色了, 「這樣可不行,起身出發!
  3. Be like conditional word, outside arriving, go " aureate " it is the choice that does not make

  4. The problem is too babyish who wants to be able to answer that is vivid immortal, boast forces, bear the blame specificly the ground says to do a stock to want to see a trend, what you say " ascendant space " only the day knows, the proposal wants to hear the word of the market, follow a trend to go surefooted

  5. Through a great deal of chemical element collections and in many ways of argument, the chemical element ( the famous spot historic monument and special product etc. in hangzhou ) that affirms the one has already can ' t represent hangzhou of now, but define deep hangzhou of the cultural bottom 蘊 with other more modern signs again much superficial with the 驕躁, and " 杭 " navigation, mean hangzhou only, in no way its idea, is because of " last years of the period of 禹, cruise the meeting 稽 to go to this, give up the sail debarkation, is a 杭, start to see in the writing ", so in addition to " 杭 " word, the manifestation of other one contents can ' t explain the whole hangzhou

    經大量的元素收集及多方的論證,認定單一的元素(杭州的名勝古跡及特產等)已不能代表如今的杭州,而用其他更現代的符號來定義文化底蘊深厚的杭州又多顯浮華與驕躁,且「杭」通航,只意為杭州,絕無它意,是因「禹末年,巡會稽至此,舍航登陸,乃名杭,始見于文字」 ,因此除「杭」字外,其他單一內涵的表現形式無法詮釋整個杭州。
  6. I give you my word and i 'll never go back on it.

  7. Hast a shrewd tongue in thy mouth, go to! i will forgive you for that merry word.

  8. A deeper shade of hauteur overspread his features, but he said not a word, and elizabeth, though blaming herself for her own weakness, could not go on

  9. The start of the word of the lord by hosea : and the lord said to hosea, go, take for yourself a wife of loose ways, and children of the same, for the land has been untrue to the lord

  10. Generally speaking, both sides of husband and wife wants the word that darling does not have one year normally, can go to a hospital the examination is infecund not yo

  11. Accessory is phlogistic, if serious word wants to combine traditional chinese and western medicine, the effect is met very good, if go not quite badly, take a fancy to cure

  12. Without taking overmuch upon myself, my good word will go far towards gaining any strange gentleman a fair reception from yonder potentate you wot of !

    不是我自吹,只消我說上一句好話,你知道的那位有權勢的人,準會熱情接待任何生客的! 」
  13. Do not go out, be equal to incognizance, no matter how you consult the dictionary, also don ' t understand, the meaning of this word ; everybody is writing, finishing writing some, this word, completely whole over comments is a foreign land other place

  14. The nobility dont grudge their lives. we will go ourselves to a man ; take recruits, too ; and the tsar has but to say the word, and we will all die for him, added the orator, warming up

    貴族不吝惜自己的性命,我們人人都去參軍,人人都去招兵,只要聖上他這樣稱呼皇帝一聲號召,我們全都去為他犧牲。 」
  15. My friend took me at my word and began choosing books to his liking. unfortunately his pink happened to be my favorites. but i couldn ' t go back on my words

  16. Within doors, that is, when it rained, and i could not go out, i found employment on the following occasions ; always observing, that all the while i was at work i diverted my self with talking to my parrot, and teaching him to speak, and i quickly learn d him to know his own name, and at last to speak it out pretty loud p o l, which was the first word i ever heard spoken in the island by any mouth but my own

  17. Some people are sweat hand, summer perspires those who go out is very much. such word, you had better be mixed old work goes a hospital looking together

  18. And new london ll go first. my word, won t it be funny when there s no tevershall pit working

  19. I sent word to her to go and look after you.

  20. Could we have a word before you go to the meeting ?