fie-fie 中文意思是什麼

fie-fie 解釋
adj. 形容詞 不像樣子的,出醜的。

  • fie : int. 呸! Fie upon you! 去你的! Fie, for shame! 呸,不要臉!
  1. Why, youre always in fear ! fie on you learned fellows, said a third, a manly voice, interrupting both. to be sure, you artillerymen are clever fellows, because you can carry everything with you to eat and to drink

    嗨,你們都是很有閱歷的人, 」又傳來一陣勇敢者的話語聲,把前二者的話打斷了, 「真的,你們這些炮兵之所以很有閱歷,是因為你們把樣樣東西隨身帶來了:伏特加酒呀,小菜呀,要什麼有什麼。 」
  2. In about fie per cent of cases, women may suffer a life - threatening complication from fertility drugs, called oarian hyperstimulation syndrome

    服用生育藥物的女性中大約有5 %會遭受危及生命的並發癥,被稱為是卵巢過度刺激綜合癥。
  3. People who had been crying fie about mrs. crawley, were silent.

  4. At least two years cashier working experience in fie

  5. O, fie ! what then would they call us who love you

  6. Iago. fie, there is no such man ; it is impossible

  7. All fie - second grenade fuses will burn down in three seconds

  8. I hae had fie years ‘ experience with a company as a salesman

  9. In water sound traels nearly fie times as fast as in air

  10. The fie zang - organs and all the orifices on the body constitute an inteqrity

  11. Fie were newly discoered and two confirmed earlier findings

  12. All produets hae to go through fie checks in the whole process

  13. In this chapter, i have reviewed most of all perspectives on which previous works about the main issue in detailed, for few works concerned it have been published. the previous works can be divided into 5 categories : how mnes or fies to make the decision about total quantity of investment and financing funds and the structure of those funds from every channel ; the capital cost, capital structure, cooperate value of mnes ; how fluctuation of, or the institutes of exchange rate effect financing activity of mnes ; the govern structure, control power distribution between all precipitants in a fie ; lec research on the subject

  14. Emilia. o, fie upon them ! some such squire he was that turn ' d your wit the seamy side without, and made you to suspect me with the moor

  15. Sixty - fie percent of children had receied at least one antibiotic prescription in their first year of life : 3 % had receied narrow - spectrum antibiotics only, 52 % had receied broad - spectrum antibiotics only, and 10 % of children had receied both

    的孩子在出生后第一年使用過至少一次抗生素: 3 %僅使用過窄譜抗生素, 52 %僅使用過廣譜抗生素, 10 %窄譜廣譜抗生素均使用過。
  16. Based on re - calculating to the portable gravimetri c data in guangdong area from 1988 to 1999, the evolution tendencies of the gravi ty field in the eastern and western regions of guangdong and the pearl river del ta area have been analyzed. the relation between the gravitational field and the seismicity in coast area of south china has been discussed, and the earthquake p recursory information for the time - space and strength changes of the gravity fie l d in guangdong area have been picked to provide the criterions of the gravity an omaly before earthquakes in this area

    通過對廣東地區1988 1999年流動重力資料的重新整理計算,對粵東、粵西和珠江三角洲地區重力場演變趨勢做了分析研究,探討其與華南沿海地區地震活動的關系,並提出廣東地區重力場時、空、強變化的地震前兆信息,為該地區提供震前重力場異常判別依據。
  17. More than half of the people who smoke at least fie packs in their lies

  18. The common physiological function of the fie zang _ organs is to transform and store essence

  19. 433gw of 0, in the east china sea, also accounting for 73 % of the total energy from the pacific. for the four major constituents, there is 140. 901gw tidal energy flux into the east china sea from the paci fie ocean

    4個主要分潮從太平洋進入渤黃東海的潮能共有140 . 901gw ,其中bb以底邊界層)耗散115 . 178gw ,占進入能量的82 % ,有18 %的能量耗散在海洋內部。
  20. In the case of mechanical and electronic products that are the subject of a winning international bid by a chinese enterprise that uses a foreign government loan or a loan from an international financial organization, or in the case of domestic equipment purchased by an fie, if vat invoices are issued by the tax authorities using the anti - counterfeit vat invoice system on behalf of the bid - winning enterprises and fie, vat special tax payment receipts are not required to be presented when the enterprise applies for an export vat refund