field assembly 中文意思是什麼

field assembly 解釋
  • field : n 菲爾德〈姓氏〉。n 1 原野,曠野;(海、空、冰雪等的)茫茫一片。2 田地,牧場;割草場;〈pl 〉〈集...
  • assembly : n 1 集合。2 集會。3 會眾。4 〈A 〉立法會議,議院,(特指)下院〈美國州議會通常稱作 General Assemb...
  1. The article adopts theories such as stress - focus to calculate the structures stress ; the assembly stress and the product conditions are the keystones of production ; whether expediently replace glass in the field and damnify framework are considered in servicing ; the new lifesaving way the request which proposed to the cabin design mainly considers the access cabin overall rigidity

  2. Methodology for absolute measurement is proposed by using an outside installation mechanism in laser tracking measurement system, which has an important reference value in practicality in high accuracy assembly and inspection of large - scale mechanical field. spherical tracking servo mechanism " s model described in this paper not only is a new thought but also have much reference value in the mechanical design and other industrial machines design

  3. As silicon is the most important semiconductor material in micro - electronic field, one - dimensional nano - structures of silicon play an important role in the fields of device assembly, nanometer - size magnetic device, photoelectronics, and have drawn wide interest in the world

  4. No field assembly required, eliminates leaks, fouls, and improper assembly

  5. In the past 21 years dalian office finished more than 120 projects all over north - east in the field of microelectronic, optical fiber and cable, lcd, biological and pharmaceutical, mechanic, assembly, steel, ship manufacturing and domestic buildings. some of the projects got the prize from national or provincial construction department. below are the reference projects dalian office finished these years : dalian dongfu lcd co., ltd, dalian haire industry park, guangyang bearings dalian co., ltd, konica dalian co., ltd, canon dalian office appliance co., ltd, pacifica electronics co., ltd, photoelectron dalian co., ltd, hyundai electronics dalian, rhi dalian co., ltd, yuanda pharmaceutical co., ltd, siemens vdo auto electronics changchun, toyota tianjin precise products co., ltd 6000, toyota zhangjiagang technology co., ltd, shenyang sico semiconductor co., ltd, dalian dongxian and dalian orient precise products co., ltd. dalian office will carry the principle make best design, provide satisfying service to provide our best service to the clients

  6. Many of these options are field assembly only

  7. Standard test method for field pull testing of an in - place exterior insulation and finish system clad wall assembly

  8. The socialization of civil compensation for environmental liability in the field of environmental torts is an appropriate adjustment or supplement to the traditional civil liability system for compensation based on the social standard, i. e., while maintaining relief function of traditional civil liability for compensation, the losses caused by environmental torts are to be shared or absorbed by the social organization of specific individuals or unspecific assembly through construction of

  9. Responsibilities include design ( according to customer specifications ), electrical detail work, control panel, machine assembly ; coordination of machine installations, and field support and troubleshooting both on site and remotely by phone

    責任包括設計(根據顧客規格) ,有關電的細節工作,控制板,設備裝配,協調設備安裝,以及該領域的技術支持,即在當地發現並排除故障和外地用電話查明並幫助排除故障。
  10. In order to improve the quality of the voltage signals, this paper has adopted the scheme of three phases and six organs in signal - generator part, which can eliminate the errors caused by the assembly warp and the zero shift of organs. this paper also has analyzed the distribution and varying rules of the magnetic field in the signal - generator part, then based on the conclusion of the analysis improved the structure of signal - generator, which could completely eliminate the noise signal caused by the roughness of the face on the magnetic steel ring. the improvement not only met the requirement of this study, but established the theory foundation for the super - high precision magnetic encoder in future research

  11. Considerations as to pipeline integrity, future maintenance, corrosion factors, field assembly, weight and safety should be given in determining the method of connecting the valve in the pipeline

  12. Option specifies an assembly from which to inherit all assembly metadata, except the culture field

  13. This paper expatiated that the mathematics models of ac motor is higher order, non - linear and closed coupling, multivariable input - output system. and introduces the principle and the algorithm of sine pulse width modulation ( spwm ), opened - loop space voltage pulse width modulation control ( svpwm ) and field oriented control ( foc ). finally, realized the control strategies of variable - frequency speed regulating using assembly and c language

    文中闡述了交流異步電機的數學模型是高階、非線性、強耦合的多變量輸入輸出系統,介紹了交流電機的正弦脈寬調制、開環電壓空間矢量的u / f控制和磁場定向控制的原理及控制演算法,並利用dsp構成控制系統,通過匯編語言和16位定點c語言混合編程的方法實現了上述的變頻調速控制策略。
  14. Job description : fluids drawings and bill of material conversion ; technical support of the shop assembly and test of fluids equipment ; field service of fluids system ; engineering of fluids piping and equipment

  15. Specifies the assembly from which to inherit all assembly metadata, except the culture field

  16. From which to inherit all assembly metadata, except the culture field. an assembly that you create with

  17. Therefore, a successful product must be investigated on piston assembly ' s temperature field, mechanical stress field and deformation thoroughly in it ' s r & d period

  18. It also sets up a cycling instantaneous heat transferring simulating model of tri - dimensioned coupling system of piston assembly and cylinder liner, and induces the thin oil film between piston assembly and cylinder liner and reticulates it. the model advances a great lot over the previous researches and approaches closer to the real case. at last, the coupling system of the cycling instantaneous temperature field of piston assembly and cylinder liner of diesel engine type 4135 is formed

  19. Field assembly of vessels

  20. Services of aumund beijing include consulting, design, manufacturing, field assembly and all aspects of the after - sales service including inspections and maintenance