過分的要求 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [guòfēndeyāoqiú]
過分的要求 英文
excessive demands
  • : 過Ⅰ動詞[口語] (超越) go beyond the limit; undue; excessiveⅡ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : 分Ⅰ名詞1. (成分) component 2. (職責和權利的限度) what is within one's duty or rights Ⅱ同 「份」Ⅲ動詞[書面語] (料想) judge
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • : 要動詞1. (求) demand; ask2. (強迫; 威脅) force; coerceⅡ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (請求; 要求) ask; beg; request; entreat; beseech : 求人幫忙 ask sb a favour; ask a favou...
  • 過分 : 過分excessive; undue; bellyful; go too far; overdo
  • 要求 : ask; demand; require; claim; requisition
  1. The model of the itr between a1n and cu is built by using the acoustic mismatch model, amm and diffuse mismatch model, dmm. because there is a limit of roughness and temperature in amm and dmm, the data of the theory model that is directly built by amm and dmm is far from the experimental data. accordingly, with dmm and traditionary methods, the mathematics model is posed by contrast and analyses of the experiment data

  2. Firstly, the concepts actuality, development is expatiated, and development of mis is tamper with enterprise, the point is necessary that the research and exploration of materials mis through analyzing and confirming about function, communication performance, coding and etc. to suggest the advice of new system after finding problems and shortcoming in the old system, and some requirements and require about new system have been discussed. to compare busywork manner and effects of operation flow in existense and in the future through particular analysis o f three operation flow, the one of the important production in this dissertation is that giving birth to mew mis " advantage through comparing each other

  3. This paper deriving the theory work inflection point in the static stage characteristics curve of small measurement range linear dimension measurement. by the way of high pressure and back pressure pneumatic measure and designed the parameter of the mainly and measure spray head, which are the key component in the spray head - baffle pneumatic sensor. the different groups for the main - spray head and the measure spray head, will effect the dynamic and static stage characteristic parameter. the author have done contrast experiment and optimization design to test and verify the theory derivation whereby made the rang of show valve of pneumatic measure system measure range up to 40 u m, the sensitivity up to 100mv / u m, resolution up to 0. 05 p m, the uncertainly of measure is less than 0. o2 u m, satisfaction of requirement of groups the carboy hatch thickness size precise measure of soft shims

    對高壓背壓式氣動測量用於小量程線性尺寸測量靜態特性曲線理論工作拐點進行了推導,對氣動測量系統中噴嘴-擋板型氣動傳感器中關鍵部件? ?主噴嘴和測量噴嘴參數進行了理論設計,對主噴嘴和測量噴嘴不同組合,將影響測量系統靜、動態特性指標噴嘴參數進行了對比實驗和優化設計,並通實驗驗證了理論推導,從而使氣動測量系統量程示值范圍達到40 m ,靈敏度達到100mv m ,解析度達到0 . 05 m ,測量不確定度小於0 . 2 m ,滿足了壓縮機缸蓋軟體墊片厚度尺寸精密測量
  4. In the course of working, , the plow will make use of the shuttling method so that it can dig alternately either on the left or on the right. compared to the unilateral plow, it can improve the productivity because it can help leave off the soil 、 take from the consumed energy and reduce the empty journey. to meet the requests above, we will use a remote cylinder with both a small cubage and double functions, approximately designing the plow to be columniform and symmetric. after the experiment for a period in the field, we found that the most frayed areas had happened at the places of both plow shank and share and at the same time the base of the remote cylinder had ruptured suddenly

  5. On these foundations as to point out by comparable analysis : face to such a tend of market competition and a new economic requirement ; huaxin only practice continuant developmental entirety. pant necessity and reasonableness

  6. The article adopts theories such as stress - focus to calculate the structures stress ; the assembly stress and the product conditions are the keystones of production ; whether expediently replace glass in the field and damnify framework are considered in servicing ; the new lifesaving way the request which proposed to the cabin design mainly considers the access cabin overall rigidity

  7. It ' s election day in mexico, and analysts say it ' s too close to call

  8. It implements web crawling through distributed technology, and builds index database through accidence analyzing chinese characters separating unuseful words deleting etyma extracting index words selecting and lexicon. the level system uses new model of web accessing and level computation to build web level system so that the requirement for computer resources is greatly reduced

  9. You should be sensible and not make exorbitant demands

  10. He makes the most extravagant claims for his new system

  11. He makes the most extravagant chains for his new system

  12. Sometimes athletes can be a little demanding and never once did i see any of the organisers lose their cool

  13. She has a reputation as a diva and three assistants have already resigned this month from her because they just couldn ' t stand her impossible demands

  14. Of course, he realizes that you must have a mistress, and he should be pleased it s me, because i love you and won t ask you for anything more than your circumstances warrant

  15. In addition, i hope mr. toro will study how to shorten the 30 - hour airplane travelling from china to chile with aviation experts in his leisure time even i know this is a ridiculous requirement

  16. The paper take email the one kind of common digital information mediums as the research object. it realizes the intelligent processing of the mail digital information through the research of mail digital information processing based on machine learning. it enhances the classification and recognition accuracy of the mail digital information in order to satisfy the request that the mail gateway accurately filters the spam mail

  17. The other way, theoretical analysis of weld tracking system with a leading sensor is stated, based on the analyzing of movement process of the tracking system, a loop control structure diagram is presented, the deuce vision feedback system is used and realized the repeated and automatic tracking in multiplayer seam and controlling of system of tracking and system of motion

  18. Lying beneath the dazhuang village are coal deposits with richreserve. repeated mining operations carried out by the state, collective and private - owned mines over the recent years have led to the presence of cracks on 200 - odd houses. analysis shows that this may be attributed partly to the mining - induced ground subsidence and partly to underground dewatering operation. a division is made of the responsibilities of the individual mines causing the damages

  19. Intelligent flow integrated controller adopts advanced microprocessor for smart control, apply to flow detection and integrated control for a variety of liquid, general gas, steam, natural gas and so on. it adopts check table method to carry out density compensate, can automaticaly carry out high - accurate integrated control for superheat steam, saturated steam

  20. I have analyzed the interior and exterior environment for mei da hang bicycle company according to real condition of this company. i have discoursed how to establish and implement the excellent performance mode according to the seven sides required by china quality award standard in mei da hang bicycle company. the seven sides are the below content : how does the high level manager exert their usefulness ; strategy defining and implementation ; how does a company know the customer and market ’ s demand, expectation, and preference, and establish the good customer relationship, how does a company determine the key factors to get and keep customer, and to keep customer to be satisfactory and loyal ; how does the high level leader provide the resource for strategy planning, target realization, value creation and supporting process, continuous improvement and innovation and so on, this resource includes human power resourse, finance, infrastructure, contractor relationship, technology, information and so on ; how does a company implement process management according to pdca