過期七天 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [guòtiān]
過期七天 英文
being seven days overdue
  • : 過Ⅰ動詞[口語] (超越) go beyond the limit; undue; excessiveⅡ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : 期名詞[書面語]1. (一周年) a full year; anniversary 2. (一整月) a full month
  • 過期 : exceed the time limit; be overdue; overdue; expire
  1. Natural enemies of hyphantria cunea ( drury ) were investigated in qinhuangdao, hebei province. two parasitoids in larva stage, 12 parasitoids in pupal stage and 2 predators ( coccinella septempunctata and tenodera sinensis ) were found

  2. From april 7 - 9, local initiates held a three - day exhibition of supreme master ching hai s paintings in baganuur, ulan bator, mongolia. the driving distance from ulan bator to baganuur is about three hours. the city in april was chilly and windy ; its sky was clear, and its air clean and refreshing

  3. 2. a press release listing the date of the forthcoming meeting and the meeting agenda is normally issued 7 days before the meeting through the information services department

    2 .委員會秘書處通常于舉行會議的前通政府新聞處發放新聞稿,其內列出即將舉行的會議日和議程。
  4. Unable to find a girlfriend to parade in front of his matchmaking - obsessed relatives, xi, 35, elected to stay at home after a brief celebration with his parents for this week - long holiday

  5. You will be driven away from people and will live with the wild animals ; you will eat grass like cattle and be drenched with the dew of heaven

  6. " in 1807, a month before i was arrested, and a fortnight after the death of the count of spada, on the 25th of december you will see presently how the date became fixed in my memory, i was reading, for the thousandth time, the papers i was arranging, for the palace was sold to a stranger, and i was going to leave rome and settle at florence, intending to take with me twelve thousand francs i possessed, my library, and the famous breviary, when, tired with my constant labor at the same thing, and overcome by a heavy dinner i had eaten, my head dropped on my hands, and i fell asleep about three o clock in the afternoon

  7. Be in so called period of 3 years of natural disaster, he passes sufficient investigation and study, face at that time put satellite, crave for greatness and success, lose contact with reality, 3 minutes of natural disaster the reality of disaster of 7 minutes of people, dare to stand to replace conversation of millions upon millions common people, give on top leader 10 thousand character the book, till be koed after do not flee, do not commit suicide, the far more than that place expression comes out is " gas " the word can describe wraparound spirit, its character charm, flare lofty or bottomless, always illuminate later generations

  8. There are two 18 - hole golf courses, a 60 - bay driving range with all the facilities a golfer would expect, a golf instruction centre and a clubhouse with a golf shop, a coffee shop and changing rooms. visitors can brush up their skills by hiring the bays on the driving range without advance booking, or enjoy a round of golf at the golf courses from monday to friday by making reservations ( except on public holidays )

  9. The moon is the only celestial object other than earth that humans have visited. from the late 60s to the early 70s, u. s. a. had six crewed missions to the moon, called the apollo missions

  10. 11 october 2004 lingnan university announced today 11 october that the university council has approved a reappointment of the president, professor edward k y chen, for a period of two years after the expiry of his present contract on august 31, 2005

  11. In hong kong we also witnessed a rapid expansion in higher education. university enrolment ratio surged from 2 to 3 percent in the 1970s to the current 18 percent

    香港的高等教育也經了一個急速擴展的時,大學收生率由十年代的2 %至3 %增長到今的18 % 。
  12. In general, interns should not be scheduled for on - call duties more than once every three days. in addition, it is a mandatory practice at ha hospitals that doctors, who have worked for seven consecutive days, should be given a day off. furthermore, the ha provides interns with 24 days of full - pay leave during their 12 - month internship

  13. As the electronic media became popular, the information that could be conveyed through signal stations became inadequate and these stations were progressively closed, beginning in the late 1970s

  14. Headed by the environmental protection department with the joint efforts of more than 10 organisations, a two - day event " environmental exhibition and conference for the food and restaurant trade " was held on 3 - 4 july 2002 at the hong kong convention and exhibition centre