運轉期 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yùnzhuǎn]
運轉期 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (物體位置不斷變化) move; revolve 2 (搬運; 運輸) carry; transport 3 (運用) use; wield...
  • : 轉構詞成分。
  • : 期名詞[書面語]1. (一周年) a full year; anniversary 2. (一整月) a full month
  • 運轉 : 1. (沿一定軌道運轉) revolve; turn round 2. (指機器轉動) work; operate; run; travel 3. (循環) flow
  1. The first internal combustion engines ran on the previously discarded gasoline.

  2. In the transition period a new administration must be careful not to intervene in the day-to-day operations of foreign policy.

  3. By the use of the combination of suction labyrinth seal and inflator labyrinth seal and advanced materials, the machine gains long term operation

  4. The mission was cancelled until the next launch window which will be exactly three weeks from today

  5. It is applied to sorts of locomotive engine, in course of revolving of crank and connecting rod mechanism, there are revolving of the crankshaft, swinging of the connecting rod and reciprocating motion, so its motion state is complex, and periodic unbalanced force, by a few components, is great

  6. In this sense, the molotov - ribbentrop pact was in no way different to the idea of the munich agreements. both of them alienated objective allies in the fight against nazism and evoked reciprocal mistrust and suspicion

  7. Eight 13, 500 - watt projectors light the fountain ' s majestic column in the evening as it soars skywards, from early march until the second sunday of october

    晚上, 8盞13500瓦的探照燈照亮直竄夜空的壯觀水練。每年從3月初到10月的第二個星天,大噴泉不息。
  8. But the formidable clinton machine grinds on, and the fact that she won in most of the big states that were up for grabs on super tuesday has buoyed her team no end

  9. By 100 % confirmed, irreocable, transferable and diisible letter of credit to be aailable by sight draft to remain aild for negotiation in china until the 15th day after the aforesaid time of shipment

    付款條件:開給我方100 %不可撤回即付款及可讓可分割之信用證,並須註明可在上述裝后十五天內在中國議付有效。
  10. Terms of payment : by 100 % confirmed, irreocable, transferable and diisible letter of credit to be aailable by sight draft and to remain alid for negotiation in china until the 15th day after the aforesaid time of shipment

    付款條件:開給我方100 %不可撤銷即付款及可讓可分割之信用證,並須註明可在上述裝后15天內在中國議付有效。
  11. After signing with ding hong three months, the management of atmosphere had improved obviously, during the half of year, on the basis of the previous year the company ' s operating achievement have increased 15 %, company system run effectively so far, at present, the company has become the long - term partner

    在該公司與鼎宏公司簽約后的三個月,公司的整個公司的管理氛圍已得到相應改善,在半年時間內公司的經營業績比上一年度增長了15 % ,到此公司制度可有效,企業的管理氛圍需有明顯好的目標已經達到,現目前該公司已經與鼎宏公司建立了長夥伴關系。
  12. Zhou jiannong teachs the introduction, " cancer disposition " have 10 kinds of show : all alone and independent, body and shadow comforting each other - extremely lonely, wont ego is depressive ; lack self - confident heart, feel hopeless to everything, helpless ; hit via living, anguish cannot be cast off when losing a dear one ; fear to expose feeling, tendency defence and shrink back ; do not believe others, be afraid of accept others obligation, have insecurity ; be afraid of be abandoned, fear not to have a support ; long - term vitality is nervous ; airframe is long - term excess load ground runs ; faineant ; the mood is low, pessimism is disappointed

    周建農教授介紹, 「癌癥性格」有十種表現:煢煢獨立,形影相弔,慣于自我壓抑;缺乏自信心,對任何事情都感覺沒希望,無能為力;經不住打擊,在失去親人時無法擺脫痛苦;害怕暴露感情,傾向防禦和退縮;不相信別人,怕受別人約束,有不安全感;怕被拋棄,害怕無所依靠;長精神緊張;機體長超負荷地;無所事事;情緒低落,悲觀失望。
  13. The pilot fuel model has been given to calculate the distribution of the liquid fuel and time of fuel pre - combustion, at the same time, analyzing the important action to the combustion of the natural gas in the combustion chamber of engine, determining the best quantity of pilot fuel. the explosive combustion model has been established to compute the pressure of the cylinder during the combustion, determining the main influence factors. the emission model has been established to forecast the co, nox emission

  14. Effect of high temperature on transportation of assimilate from wheat flag leaf during grain filling stage

  15. The china canada animal health initiative, as outlined below, will be implemented through the co - operation of the ongoing swine and dairy projects. the contribution of resources from these projects will consist of canadian technical assistance, training programs and operational expenses for the canadian ta

  16. Based on the structural evolution and geological framework in northern margin rift of qaidam basin, this paper presents that the overall course of faults development in middle qaidam is the main power for controlling the superimposition and assemblage of mesozoic and cenozoic basins, the deep sedimentary structure of mesozoic and the reverse structures during himalayan movement in this rift, and illustrates that the petroleum system in it is characterized by side - by - side pattern in space and by continuous pattern in time

  17. The air in cylinder should be fully discharged at the beginning of operation

  18. Study on transference of assimilate in filling summer maize using isotope 14c

  19. During operation the pump must continuously be supplied with service liquid, normally water, in order to eliminate the heat resulting from the gas compression and to replenish the liquid ring, because part of the liquid is leaving the pump together with the gas

    運轉期間需連續不斷地補充工作液(通常為水) ,以帶走氣體壓縮而產生的熱量和補充部分隨氣體排出的工作液。
  20. On laybarges, a third pfm is normally used as a spare to allow for maintenance and uninterrupted service during long - term, 24 - hour operations