曼吉尼 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [màn]
曼吉尼 英文
  • : 曼形容詞1. (柔和) graceful; soft and beautiful 2. (長) prolonged; long-drawn-out
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(吉利; 吉祥) lucky; auspicious; propitious Ⅱ名詞1. (吉林省的簡稱) short for jilin province2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : 名詞(尼姑) buddhist nun
  1. Antisthenes, pupil of gorgias, stephen said, took the palm of beauty from kyrios menelaus brooddam, argive helen, the wooden mare of troy in whom a score of heroes slept, and handed it to poor penelope

    「戈爾亞的弟子安提西306 , 」斯蒂芬說, 「從涅勞王的妻子阿凱人海倫手裡把美的標志棕櫚枝拿過來,交給了可憐的潘奈洛佩。
  2. From lianyungang, transshipped via shanghia, the cargo to europe ports such as felixstowe, antwerp, rotterdam, hamburg ; australia ports such as sydney, melbourne ; middle east ports such as dubai, bandar abbas, kuwait, bahrain, karachi, damman, doha, nhavasheva ; east america ports such as new york, savannah, norfolk ( transhipment to inland points of eastern american ) ; southeast asia ports, such as port - kelang, penang, surabaya, jakarta, bangkok, leamchabang, chittagonhg, colombo could be shipped

  3. Eastman and guinness were at opposite extremes on the scale of disconfirmation

  4. The list of names joining mourinho at the forum this year is drawn from clubs competing in the champions league and uefa cup and includes ars ne wenger, rangers manager walter smith, roberto mancini from inter milan, brazilian legend zico, currently coaching at fenerbah ? e, gheorghe hagi who is in charge at steaua bucharest and sevilla ' s juan ramos

  5. He arrived boos at a federal courthouse in richmond, virginia

  6. Two minutes from half - time, a corner from captain jimmy smith was glanced wide of the far post by mancienne

  7. Milan - this morning milan doctor armando gozzini went with serginho to an orthopaedic clinic at the varese university where the player underwent some tests

  8. Mary petitioned for the use of the library at netherfield ; and kitty begged very hard for a few balls there every winter

  9. Bosnian explorer semir osmanagic is convinced he has found europe ' s first pyramids which he says are a new world wonder dating back to ancient times

  10. Hamann, cisse and smicer scored, riise ' s effort was saved but serginho blazed over and dudek saved from pirlo and shevchenko to win the cup for liverpool

  11. Benfica has recently appointed ronald koeman as their new manager, taking over from italian coaching legend giovanni trapattoni

  12. According to guinness, furman has set 70 similarly quirky firsts

  13. Gilmar veloz was spotted at trigoria yesterday and negotiations are expected to be held today over an improved deal for mancini

  14. Express - news - rick adelman divided his practice sessions into two parts ; stopping tony parker and manu ginobili from penetrating and the other part was simply tim duncan

  15. The guinness book of world records lists the m61 at linnyshaw moss, greater manchester ( close to the m60 interchange ), which has 17 separate traffic lanes side by side, spread across several parallel carriageways

  16. Watch list countries or economies include azerbaijan, belarus, belize, bolivia, bulgaria, canada, chile, colombia, costa rica, croatia, dominican republic, ecuador, guatemala, hungary, israel, italy, jamaica, kazakhstan, latvia, lithuania, malaysia, mexico, peru, poland, romania, saudi arabia, slovak republic, tajikistan, thailand, turkmenistan, uruguay, uzbekistan, venezuela, and vietnam

  17. The title of " furthest eyeball popper " in the guinness book of world records currently belongs to kim goodman of chicago, who can pop her eyeballs 11 milimeters 0. 43 inches out of her sockets. pinto ' s ability is called " globe luxation.

    斯世界紀錄大全中, 「將眼睛瞪出眼眶距離最遠」的世界紀錄保持者為一位名叫姆古德的女士,她居住在美國芝加哥市,她可以將自己的眼球瞪出眼眶達11毫米遠。
  18. A goal from summer signing geovanni then earned eriksson a memorable home triumph in the derby against champions manchester united

  19. For coach luciano spalletti, the biancoceleste player is the ideal substitute for both perrotta and mancini and would prove a very useful team member for next season

  20. Joining the regulars from this week, 19 - year - old jimmy smith, 18 - year - old michael mancienne and 16 - year - old sergio tejera, were 20 - year - old goalkeeper yves makabu - ma kalambay and 18 - year - olds jonas elmer and james simmonds

    參加這周正式訓練的球員: 19歲的姆史密斯, 18歲的邁克爾, 16歲的塞爾奧蒂傑拉, 20歲的門將耶斯馬卡布馬卡拉姆貝以及18歲的喬納斯埃米爾和詹姆斯西芒斯。