有庫存 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yǒucún]
有庫存 英文
in stock
  • : 有副詞[書面語] (表示整數之外再加零數): 30 有 5 thirty-five; 10 有 5年 fifteen years
  • : 動詞1 (存在; 生存) exist; live; survive 2 (儲存; 保存) store; keep 3 (蓄積; 聚集) accumulat...
  1. According to the mis configuration and flows, dfmis - 1 software system has been programmed which is composed of inventory management subsystem, purchasing management subsystem and manufacturing schedule management subsystem. through studying deeply manufacturing schedule management, we find a way to make mrpii and jit be jointed together into manufacturing schedule and monitoring block. the study discusses especially how to make certain the producing period of all of component during dynamic manufacturing with methods of jit and " electronic bulletin ", how to get true capability of implementing plans in all working procedure section, and how to empower monitoring manufacturing in order to avoiding break between working procedure sections

    其中一項就是設計並實施了整個公司的網路綜合布線和計算機系統的配置;第二項是根據公司最急需的功能,從「信息流」 、 「物流」和「資金流」的角度,提出了相適應的mis結構和流程,據此開發出具有庫存、采購和生產計劃管理功能的dfmis - 1軟體系統,並對其中的生產計劃管理模塊進行了較深入的研究,實現了mrpii和jit在生產計劃、生產監督上的結合和應用,特別對利用jit及其「電子看板」在生產動態中確定零部件的生產周期、獲得各工序段實際執行計劃的能力,以及在加強生產監督、避免各工序之間的脫節上做了進一步的探討。
  2. The book is in / out of stock

  3. We have this product in stock and will ship it to you today

  4. We keep a stock in london and act as distributors as well as agents

  5. We df keep a stock in london and act as distributors as well as agenqs

  6. We keep a stock inondon and act as distribut ga rs as - well as pqa gents

  7. The company doesn ' t need to keep inventory, unlike its competitors in online retailing

  8. Yes, you can purchase all the list items from the jimui. com shopping cart

  9. Especially, the machining mode of the manufacturing enterprise whose production is good - sized and consists of some constructional parts can only select the make - to - order mode but not the merchandise on hand with inventory existing mode, because that the latter mode can tie up abundance capital

    尤其是那些大型成套設備製造企業,產品零部件佔用資金非常大,他們的生產方式不可能是有庫存的現貨生產模式,只能是按訂單( maketoorder , mto )的生產模式。
  10. We are doing the business of stocklots, and we would like to planning the stocklots at the factory, so every one you have stock, please feel free to contact us for futher information

  11. It also notifies how to advance the design in different situations with or without inventory transforming given a fixed amount of inventory and period of sales. it discloses that the best ordering quantity of a single retail could affect the profits greatly. in the end, two adaptable dynamistic retail price models are raised companied with a case to testify the possibility of improving the profits using this theory

  12. Although the study of inventory control has been progressing rapidly, the inventory theory in agricultural supply chain is in the primary stage. the properties of farm products, such as perishableness and seasonality, make inventory control significant in agricultural logistics

  13. You will be notified if the item is not available when you place the order. we will help you adjust or cancel the order. if you happen to pay for the out - of - stock items, we will refund you in full immediately

  14. The following code example creates a view that shows all the products where the number of units in stock is less than or equal to the reorder level, sorted first by supplier id and then by product name

  15. Pants are three colors : green 250 - 170 230 naturals total number : 650 companies have inventories cowboy, thread silk, beads fan issued with the above flax yarn is a contributory shorts with a need to do so please contact calls

    褲子3個顏色:蘭250綠230土黃170總共數量: 650本公司還有庫存牛仔,線絹,珠帆跟上面發布的麻紗是同一個款式的短褲需要的話請來電聯系!
  16. Balance - on - hand - inventory

  17. There ? ll be no inventory. it ? s the same sales model as the kiosks. we ? re build - to - order and ship to you in 7 to 10 days

  18. Searches inventory records or warehouse to determine if material on hand is in sufficient quantity to produce customer ' s requirements

  19. I just got an answer about the stock we have on hand

  20. A : i just got an answer about the stock we hae on hand