暗色調 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [ànshǎidiào]
暗色調 英文
low key
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (光線不足; 黑暗; 暗淡) dark; dim; dull 2 (不顯露的; 秘密的) hidden; secret 3 [書面語...
  • : 色名詞[口語] (顏色) colour
  • 調 : Ⅰ動詞1 (配合得均勻合適) harmonize; suit well; fit in perfectly 2 (使配合得均勻合適) mix; adju...
  • 色調 : hue; tone; tinge
  1. L love the dark days painted in dark gray hues

  2. To further distinguish the katana fleet of 200 dreadnaughts, the starships were completely redecorated inside and out in a dark hue, earning the unofficial moniker, the dark force

  3. I think mimi hung truly understands the real meaning behind these words. entering her home on a misty grayish morning, we were uplifted by the delightfully refreshing lemon yellow and mint green colors of the living room

  4. Healing powers : turquoise is a very powerful aid in both physical and mental healing and has been used for healing on every continent ! a common use of turquoise is to relieve arthritic pain

  5. The sadness of the scene imparted a sombre tinge to the feelings of mr. winkle.

  6. Colour wise, spring fashion is moving away from the wintery shades of grey that were popular in autumn / winter 2006. colours for spring are set to be futuristic and very retro

  7. Pastels and metallics with a few dark accents will perfectly interpret vintage glamour

  8. In a positive copy, relative tone or lightness/darkness valves are the same as in the original.

  9. There is not enough light and shade in your drawing.

  10. There is not enough light and shade in your drawing

  11. Those species with dark skin tones are keepers of the void

  12. Beyond and above spread an expanse of sky, dark blue as at twilight : rising into the sky was a woman s shape to the bust, portrayed in tints as dusk and soft as i could combine

  13. Coral grows most abundantly in the mediterranean sea and ranges in colors from white to pale pink to blood red, and even black

    1 .紅珊瑚:呈淺至暗色調的紅至橙紅,有時呈肉紅。主要分佈於太平洋海域。
  14. Low key picture

  15. In the form of small, mostly dark crystals, tourmalines can be found practically all over the world

  16. About an objects dark tone, mid tone, and highlight. would you use more than 3 tones ? how do you usually do it ?

  17. The recognized business colors are black and gray ( dark or light ), but some companies have established others as their recognized color, such as blue

    公認職業裝的顏是黑或灰暗色調或淺調) ,但有些公司採用別的著裝顏,如藍
  18. Therefore, the ground of small room must choose the dark tone ' s cool color, or the succinct sprightly floor, it makes the person having the feeling that the area expands

  19. In fact, browning by ppo is not always an undesirable reaction ; the familiar brown color of tea, coffee and cocoa is developed by ppo enzymatic browning during product processing

  20. In picture processing, a technique that may adjust the change in dark and light by increasing image dots, the object is to solve the problem of a few image grayscales