納冬 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [dōng]
納冬 英文
na tong
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (收進來; 放進來) receive; admit 2 (接受) accept; take in 3 (享受) enjoy; take deligh...
  1. Suzie van der walt, the resilient afrikaner who is the guide on our 12 - day cross - country camping safari, which took place last august ( the namibian winter ), tells me that the dune at dead vlei ' s southern end is known as crazy dune

    體力充沛的荷裔南非人華特是我們這趟行程的導游(我們在去年8月展開為期12天的非洲越野露營之旅,當時是米比亞的天) ,她告訴我位在死谷最南端的沙丘叫做瘋狂沙丘。
  2. The coastal lagoons of ojo de liebre and san ignacio are important reproduction and wintering sites for the grey whale, harbour seal, california sea lion, northern elephant - seal and blue whale

  3. A number of these projects have influenced the development of the extreme sports milieu. a selection of these influential events includes : the eddie aikau big wave invitational series at waimea bay ; the ground - breaking 1995 quiksilver pro at g - land, indonesia, that put hardcore credibility back into professional surfing events the best surfers in the best waves ; the world amateur surfing championships at newquay england, 1986 ; the quiksilver snowboarding and surfing cup in europe ; the quiksilver roxy pro at sunset beach, north shore, oahu ; the quiksilver winter classic surf snow event ; the quiksilver mavericks big wave event ; the roxy surf jam at hanalei and ventura, the quiksilveredition molokai to oahu paddleboard race

    這些具有影響力的活動包括:在waimea灣舉行的eddie aikau big wave邀請賽系列1995年在印度尼西亞g - land舉行的極具震撼性的quiksilver職業賽,它將艱難的比賽環境重新置於職業沖浪活動中在最好的浪上誕生最好的沖浪手1986年在英格蘭newquay舉行的世界業余沖浪錦標賽歐洲的quiksilver滑雪和沖浪杯賽在瓦胡島北岸的日落沙灘舉行的quiksilver roxy職業賽quiksilver季古典沖浪滑雪活動quiksilver mavericks big wave比賽在哈雷hanalei和文托拉ventura進行的roxy surf jam莫洛凱到瓦胡島的quiksilveredition槳葉式沖浪比賽。
  4. I am less affected by their heroism who stood up for half an hour in the front line at buena vista , than by the steady and cheerful valor of the men who inhabit the snowplow for their winter quarters ; who have not merely the three - o ' - clock - in - the - morning courage , which bonaparte thought was the rarest , but whose courage does not go to rest so early , who go to sleep only when the storm sleeps or the sinews of their iron steed are frozen

  5. As the inimical plant could only be present in very microscopic dimensions to have escaped ordinary observation, to find it seemed rather a hopeless attempt in the stretch of rich grass before them. however, they formed themselves into line, all assisting, owing to the importance of the search ; the dairyman at the upper end with mr clare, who had volunteered to help ; then tess, marian, izz huett, and retty ; then bill lewell, jonathan, and the married dairywomen - beck knibbs, with her woolly black hair and rolling eyes ; and flaxen frances, consumptive from the winter damps of the water - meads - who lived in their respective cottages

  6. The 13th legion closer to home, at ravenna,

  7. Fuxin, which he remembers as " not what he expected from traditional china, but with warm and friendly local people, " provided the time and the environment in which to prepare for the hsk examination ( hanyu shuiping kaoshi ) which he subsequently took in the winter of 1993

  8. According to roy krege, the coordinator of the annual woolly worm festival held in north carolina, a woolly worm can tell the winter with 87 percent accuracy

    根據在北卡羅萊州舉行的毛毛蟲節策畫人克瑞格表示,毛毛蟲對季氣候的預測正確率高達87 % 。
  9. Before the event, he stayed at the fontanafredda estate at serralunga - a 45 - minute drive from turin - which is set in 100 acres of land

  10. With sheri ' s support, in late 1985 i left starbucks and started my own company, il giornale

  11. Terence mckenna and peter meyer ' s timewave zero software that graphs time as a fractal demonstrates by graph the accuracy of the winter solstice of 2012 as the correct end - date of the mayan calendar with graph anomalies appearing in the months of july

  12. Then came " the peace seeker, " which was subdivided into five separate sections : " winter afternoon, " cannot do a thing with my heart, " he couldn t buy, " farewell song, " and " like a bird, " musical settings of poems by supreme master ching hai by the oscar award winning composer conductor fred karlin. this piece was performed by mel kubik, accompanied by nicole campbell, stevie mercer and the pasadena boys choir with background music provided by a 60 - piece symphony orchestra conducted by peter boyer

  13. ( 3 ) the migrating routes and stopovers between breeding and wintering areas should be brought into the protection programming and ensure the amount of breeding and wintering populations

    ( 3 )在各個繁殖地和越地之間的遷徙通道和中途停留地也應入大鴇的保護規劃,以保證越種群和繁殖種群的數量。
  14. The former arsenal full - back has been out of action since damaging knee ligaments against blackburn on transfer deadline day

  15. Second, my laboratory, then at the university of tennessee at memphis, discovered that compounds in the same chemical category as the classical inhibitors of aspartyl proteases could block gamma - secretase cleavage of app in cells

  16. The sock bonfire, he said, is a way of remembering annapolis " bygone days of working - class watermen who brought in crabs in the summer and scraped the paint off wooden vessels in the winter

  17. Shahram naseri is a local resident. sitting at home with his children he says the houses are cool in the summer and warm in the winter

  18. High efficient cultural technique of winter and spring crops of naxigan muskmelon under sunlight greenhouse

  19. The arsenal manager ruled out any new signings in the january transfer window

  20. Arsenal striker jeremie ali d re says he is considering leaving arsenal in the january transfer window