中文拼音 [shào]
Ⅰ動詞(繼續; 繼承) carry on; continueⅡ名詞1. (指紹興) short for shaoxing2. (姓氏) a surname
  1. Natalie was visiting aaron at the hospital when the countess barged into the room and introduced herself.

  2. The charter i introduced the schematics of the experimental setup, the model of pulsed laser ablating solid target ( s - n model ) and the subplantation model for film growing proposed by y. lifshitz

    第一章簡要介了實驗裝置、激光燒蝕固體靶的s - n模型和y . lifshitz提出的次表面生長模式。
  3. Section three shows the implementation of abc and abm concretely

  4. In order to reduce this interference, several methods have been proposed and tested, in which adaptive filter is more abstractive

  5. And the deficiencies are pointed out in present researches, such as highway capacity, level - of - service, influence factor of road alignments, etc. from these, it has confirmed that the thesis should be studied from rational analysis, quantitative analysis of level - of - service, impact on capacity of road alignments, setting - up simulation model, etc. the high - accuracy gps dynamic data acquisition appearance is proposed to be used for the first time to carry on the experiment of overtaking on two - lane highways, and experiment scheme is designed according to the driver ' s perceive to judge each overtaking course. based on the experiment data, it can get two important parameters of acceptant gap ? the critical gap of overtakable time headway and returnable time headway through data processing, which can offer the strong support to the research of two - lane highway capacity with qualitative and quantitative analysis. besides, the experiment methods is provided to observe overtaking ratio and to measure the

  6. They hailed brissenden and his demijohns with acclamation, and, on being introduced, martin learned they were andy and parry

  7. The accountant described his work to the sales staff.

  8. The synthesis process of acetimidoyl ethyl ether hydrochloride was introduced, and the preparations of acetamide, ethyl acetate, acetamidine hydrochloride, triethyl orthoacetate, n - cyan - iminoester hydrochloride and hydrazone by acetimidoyl ethyl ether hydrochloride were summarized

    摘要介了亞氨基乙醚鹽酸鹽的合成工藝,總結了亞氨基乙醚鹽酸鹽制備乙酰胺、乙酸乙酯、鹽酸乙脒、原乙酸三乙酯、 n -氰基乙亞氨酸乙酯以及腙類化合物的合成方法。
  9. Producer of dye intermediats, including chloro - and nitro - aromatics, acetanilide, vinyl sulphone esters, and chlorinated paraffin oil

  10. Being a man true to my word, today we ll look at two such constructions, the ablative absolute and the passive periphrastic ; as well as the dative of agent

  11. Using vb6 programming software, the different marked volume of corresponding absolute altitude for the horizontal vessel which have arbitrary ellipse head and spherical vessel can be calculated more rapidly and accurately, and the method was not restricted by vessel specifications

  12. The thesis has summarized the development of the oblique - pull bridge, its construction technology and the importance of bridge construction control, then has introduced project general situation, and has narrated detailed regulation, organization construction, the major work and difficult part of this bridge construction control. the following is the key part of this thesis, firstly, it has introduced the experiment work of early stage, structural calculation and its theoretical result : the absolute altitude of each operating mode, the absolute altitude of building mould in each section and the absolute altitude after pouring concrete ; then, it has discussed the method and content of the line shape control of the main beam, actual absolute altitude of building mould is put forward, and it has described the method of structural stress monitoring, how to arrange measure point and collect data, and how to analyze data. it has also narrated the method of rope force detection and structural temperature inspection

  13. The english absolute construction is a kind of absolute construction with logical subject - predicate relation. its concept, composition, grammatical functions and some problems are discussed and analyzed in this article

  14. Introduces data - access programming in visual studio

    visual studio中的數據訪問編程。
  15. She acquainted her roommates with my husband.

  16. She made my husband acquainted with her roommates.

  17. Differential acrylic fiber copolymerized from multicomponent copolymer can be used to develop kinds of textile material. at present, there is no other kinds of chemical fiber can substitute acrylic fibre completely

  18. For information about creating ad hoc reports, see

  19. Mr. miyazaki of pioneer introduced the addable hdd to cope with the times for " hi - vision and large storage recording, " and the ultimate new smart remote control pursuing concept for easily operation

    先鋒株式會社的宮崎先生就以迎接「高保真的大容量錄像時代」到來而增設的hdd ,以及追求操控方便的精巧型遙控器為中心作了介
  20. Pu fu - zhou ' s experience on the treatment of adenovirus pneumonia in children