運輸分類 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yùnshūfēnlèi]
運輸分類 英文
transportation sort
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (物體位置不斷變化) move; revolve 2 (搬運; 運輸) carry; transport 3 (運用) use; wield...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (運輸; 運送) transport; convey 2 [書面語] (捐獻) contribute money; donate 3 (失敗) l...
  • : 分Ⅰ名詞1. (成分) component 2. (職責和權利的限度) what is within one's duty or rights Ⅱ同 「份」Ⅲ動詞[書面語] (料想) judge
  • : Ⅰ名1 (許多相似或相同的事物的綜合; 種類) class; category; kind; type 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞...
  • 運輸 : transport; carriage; conveyance; traffic; transportation
  1. One is a general introduction of the contract law and contracts of carriage of gx > ods by water ; the other is a detailed consideration about the general rule ' s influences on the latter specific contracts. in the first part, the author introduces contracts of carriage of goods by water and laws concerning contracts of carriage of goods by water. due to many special rules and easterns existing in the shipping fields, making the difference between various contracts of carriage of goods by water will be helpful to fibber comprehend different circumstances arising in the course of the performance of this kind of contract, and to find the common character and the difference indicated

  2. Ambulances, fire sedans, and fire apparatus of all sizes had to be juggled to allow enough movement to eventually get ambulances up to the triage and transportation area

  3. Singularity mainly improve on its application way, and bring forward a new count means of num about pels part - area. fourthly, to recognize target, is to train target character samples imput to interpolator, then test using testing samples to get recognition result

  4. 1. 4 based on the attribute db, the soil classification graphic db is set up by using arc / info cis. the soil order, suborder sketchs and basic classification unit ( series ) sample maps, make the distribution of soil in hubei province clear at a glance

    4在屬性數據庫的基礎上,利用arc infogis建立了湖北省土壤圖形數據庫(空間數據庫) ,用計算機編制和出了全省土壤系統土綱、亞綱概圖和基層單元(土系)樣塊圖,使全省土壤佈狀況一目了然。
  5. Therefore, in december 2000 the bureau of transportation of taipei city government completed a feasibility study for an lrt system in the taipei shin - yi district. this study recommended the adoption of an lrt system with a standard track gauge, power supply from overhead wires, two or three cars per train, a length of 90m for platforms, a certificate system for fare payment, consideration of the possibility of using electronic sensor ticketing systems, type b right - of - way for at grade sections, and signaling control for passing priority at the intersections. the study also proposed an initial lrt line of 9. 6 kilometers in length with 9 stations

    現代化輕軌系統之效能已較電車系統大幅提升,以一般採用b型路權為主,少部a與c型路權之系統而言,每小時單向能達到5 , 000至15 , 000人次,介乎高量捷與公車系統之間,適合擔負都會地區市郊與市中心區的聯絡路線、市中心區集散路線、鐵路與捷系統接駁路線、都市周邊環狀線、特定區間(新市鎮)聯絡線、都會區次要走廊主軸等服務型。
  6. The purpose of this subject deals with the biological characters of megalobrama skolkovii dybowsky according to the results of convey of nature resource in heilongjiang waters, capture and transportation of brood fish, outer appearance, study of countable and measurable characters and all inner system, analysis of muscle composition, study of chromosome, and discuss the classification status, and also carried out the artificial fertilization

  7. This method can reflect local signal feature and well perform in the experiments. we also present an integrated electromyographic signal ( emg ) pattern recognition scheme. the application of an artificial neural network ( ann ) technique together with a feature extraction technique, for the classification of emg signals is described

  8. Its y series motor has advantages such as high efficiency, energy - saving, large start torque, fine perpor - mance, low noise, small vibration, high reliability etc. it ' s applicable for common places which exclude flammable & explosive type corrosive gas

  9. This paper aims at the characteristics of thermal response of lpg vesse1 under high temperatue, conjoining the project of " study on transportation safety early - wdring system of lpg dangerous goods " supported by transportation departinen of china and the project of " mechanism study and numerical simulation of the explosion of lpg vessel " supported by science foundation of hubei province. the interdisciplinary research has been done among temperature field distribution of lpg vessel under flame surroundings, intensity calculation, crack propagation predication and mechanism of explosive accident, etc. three parts are analyzed and discussed

    本文針對高溫環境下液化氣壓力容器的熱響應特性問題,結合交通部重點科技項目「液化氣體危險品安全預警系統的研究」和湖北省自然科學基金項目「液化氣容器爆炸機理研究及數值模擬」 ,對在火焰包圍下的液化氣壓力容器的溫度場佈、強度計算、裂紋擴展預測以及爆炸事故機理等方面開展了多學科的交叉研究。
  10. Goals of highway network planning, in terms of the total length of the highway network as well as the share of expressway and over class ii highways in the network, were analyzed in chapter two by using of network connection index and analogy methodology. the developing goals of shaanxi arterial highway network were proposed. in the third chapter, the overall arrangements for highway network were studied through the importance index of nodes and links

  11. This paper analyses the sorts of production, amounts, sites destination of production, transport equipments, operation measures, load and unload equipment, cleaning and industrial treatment equipments, presents the sorts of container needed in dangerous cargo transport and the package condition demanded in dangerous cargo transport after investigate widely, plenty - of experiments and strict theoretical analysis on the basis of researches results before considering the facts of chinese railway transport. furthermore, this paper analyses and discusses the forces the dangerous cargo in the container receive during the transport and the effects to the inner package box influenced by every kind of environments. in the end, some suggestions about how to develop the dangerous cargo transport using container are proposed

  12. Asphalt. asphalt concrete for light traffic flexible pavement. definition. classification. fabrication. characteristics. laying

  13. Their pd signals are measured and measured cables are anatomized to observe their discharging trace. implement of picking - up character and mode classifying are introduced, and expatiate the principle of artificial neural networks. soft program is necessary to pick - up the character of pd signals and classify pd mode

  14. Specification on evaluation methods of hazards of liquid chemicals transported in bulk by shipping - assessment procedure and determination of pollution category

  15. Chongqing railway jingcheng transportation trade company chongqing south sub company of chongqing railway cargo agency co., ltd is located in goods yard, chongqing south railway station, huangjueping, jiulongpo district, chongqing. we possess 200 technicians approximately more than 100 handling workers and auto transportation workers

  16. Classification and codes for main statistic - index in waterway transportation

  17. Identification card systems - surface transport applications - part 1 : elementary data types, general code lists and general data elements

  18. Identification card systems - surface transport applications - part 1 : elementary data types, general code lists and general data elements ; german version en 1545 - 1 : 2005

  19. The classification to transport document is worth learning

  20. The thesis, first of all, makes the qualitative and quantitative analyses about the present state of the international container transportation of yangtzi river. then expansible - accumulation model is used to predict port handling capacity of containers the proof of and finally tee optimization of shipping system is obtained