調變生物 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diàobiànshēng]
調變生物 英文
  • 調 : Ⅰ動詞1 (配合得均勻合適) harmonize; suit well; fit in perfectly 2 (使配合得均勻合適) mix; adju...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (生育; 生殖) give birth to; bear 2 (出生) be born 3 (生長) grow 4 (生存; 活) live;...
  • : 名詞1 (東西) thing; matter; object 2 (指自己以外的人或與己相對的環境) other people; the outsi...
  • 生物 : living things; living beings; organisms; bios (pl bioi bioses); biont; thing; life生物材料 biol...
  1. The results showed in the paddy field the bacteria were predominated, in the dry land the proportion of fungi and actinomyces was distinctly higher than the other two kinds of soil, in the woodland abundant species of basidiomycetes were found ; the natural degradation speed was low, with the degradation the number and composition of microorganisms changed regularly ; when the c / n ratio was adjusted to 25 " ? 1, the degradation remnant ratio reduced 10. 67 % than the control

    結果表明,水田以細菌為主,旱地中真菌和放線菌數量最多,林地中有大量的高等擔子菌;秸稈自然降解較慢,土壤微也隨著降解的進行而呈現一定的化規律;當調節c / n比為25 : 1時,秸稈的腐解殘留率比對照組下降10 . 67 。 2
  2. Under mixed culturing conditions, it was observed that bacterial number rapidly incre ; ised soon after the lysing of host cells. on the contrary, while the non - host cyanobacterium ( i. e. anabaena flos - aquae ) was incubated in the mix culturing system, the breeding of the bacteria could be inhibited. it may be suggested from the result above that cyanophage could bring about the changes in microorganism populations

    調查結果顯示, 19個採集的水樣中有6個含有裂解織線藻的噬藻體,而且水樣未經濃縮即能裂解宿主,說明噬藻體在淡水中分佈較廣泛,裂解性也較強;混合培養條件下的研究結果表明,噬藻體裂解宿主后,細菌數量快速增加,而當培養系統中有非宿主藻類存在時,細菌的增殖則受到非宿主藻的抑制,說明噬藻體可以顯著改系統中微的種群結構。
  3. Other biological clocks are timed to the ebb and flow of the tides, or the phases of the moon, or the seasons of the year

  4. Thirdly, resorting to cooperation - competition model of biomathematics, this thesis proposes a new co - evolution model. simulation results are shown to verify its effect and practicabilitv. last, standard methods for optimizing neural netvvorks are easily trapped into local optimization, and unable to adjust the structure of neural networks, thus their application is limited to certain extent

  5. Optical 3 - d profilometry has been widely used for 3 - d sensing, machine vision, intelligent robots control, industry monitoring, biomedicine, dressmaking, etc. several 3 - d object profilometry methods, including moire technique ( mt ), phase - measuring profilometry ( pmp ), fourier transformation profilometry ( ftp ), modulation measurement profilometry ( mmp ) have been exhaustively studied

  6. Anodization only changed the oxide layers on the archwire surfaces and the entities of the wires were not altered, so no biocompatibility problems were introduced by the anodized wires

  7. Biotic or abiotic stimuli can first cause the alteration in apoplastic signaling system ; on the other hand, apoplast provides a convenient pathway for cell - cell communication, and therefore plays a key role in regulation of cell differentiation, organ genesis, and growth development of plants

  8. It showed that activated inhibition by weak noise could be gabaergic inhibition. from above the findings, we could give a hypothesis that the input of random oscillation induced by noise in the cochlea to central auditory system could be integrated in the central auditory nucleus and the response of sound - sensitive neuron to sound stimuli could be adjusted to an optimum state for signal intensity coding

    根據這些化可以推測,這種背景噪聲的學作用可能是通過弱噪聲所引起的耳蝸隨機共振的輸入,在上行過程中經各級聽覺核團的整合,將中樞聲敏感神經元調定在一種準備狀態,並定型放電率函數和調制神經元對聲馨碩士學位論文master 』 st砰iesis強的編碼。
  9. The department of ecology and biodiversity of the university of hong kong has been appointed to carry out the 2001 - 02 programme. the main aspects of monitoring include sampling of marine benthic animals, analysing bird population data, habitat extent and conditions. cross reference will be made to environmental data such as mudflat sedimentation, water quality, sediment quality and land use changes

  10. In the city wall of xi ' an, it is the area that protect relatively weak, develop and utilize most abundant, question most conspicuous at present in the thesis, i take the ming moat and its surroundings to concrete research object, research into its historical development, its protect current situation and its ecological function from the two aspects of the protection of cultural heritage and the urban ecological environment construction. after deep investigation and analyses of relevant instance, i put forth some suggestions about protective measure, ecological environment construction, planning management etc. finally the article advises to apply for culture heritage of the world with the units of city wall of xi ' an, bell tower, drum tower, big wild goose pagoda, and small wild goose pagoda etc, which have been listed among the major protected unit of historical relics at national level

  11. The topics include : structure and function of genes, chromosomes and genomes, biological variation resulting from recombination, mutation, and selection, population genetics, use of genetic methods to analyze protein function, gene regulation and inherited disease

  12. The case study shows that the compounding and distribution of the cave animals has changed under the interference of human activities in the studied area, in detail, the change of the amount of such animals as mosquito and fly, the reduction of the amount of bat, the aberrance of the amount and body size of oreolalaxrhohostig metu stadpole, the death of bat, the shape change of diestrammena marmorata, the change of population and community, the change of bio - relation, the weakening of eco - function, and some special adaptive form

  13. V ) occupying space and covering ground should be served as the main strategy in early stage of vegetation restoration, which would enable the community coverage to rehabilitate rapidly. in mid - stage, due to the change of light environment and the species substitution, component adjustment should be chose as the main strategy

    5 )植被恢復的策略是早期階段以搶占空間、覆蓋地面的對策為主,群落蓋度恢復很快;中期階段,林內光照環境改種替代,恢復對策以種組成成分的調整為主;後期則是量積累與組成結構調整並重。
  14. After spraying the herbicide, the results with time show that no obvious quantitative difference occurred in benthic species composition, biomass, inhabit density and the coherent variation trend between experimental zone and controlled zone

  15. On the basis of quantitative analysis of 3 microcystin variants : mc - lr, mc - rr and mc - yr by hplc, the relationships between microcystin and biomass, water temperature and nutrients ( i. e. n, p ) were discussed

  16. Based on investigation of natural forest vegetation in chaoguanxigou watershed of rocky mountain area of north of china, the composition of species, structure of dbh of trees and species diversity of trees and shrubs in the course of forest succession are researched

  17. By comparing the biological characteristics of original normal filament, linear filament and the curved filament retransited from linear filament, certain evidence of the morphologic variation regulated by a special transposon are detected on the level of protein and dna, which will help us to discover the mechanisms of this morphologic variation on molecular genetics level and solve the problem in production of spirulina in large scale

  18. The content of fixed ammonium, capacity of fixing - ammonium, available fixed ammonium, kinetics of ammonium fixation and release of fixed ammonium of chief upland cultivated soils in hunan province were studied by using the method of field investigation and sampling, laboratory incubation and analyses. the seasonal change of fixed ammonium content in soil and _ its bioavailability in different growth stage of huanghuacai by use of field plot experiment

  19. Mass spectrometry of synthetic hw - ma and rgd - hw are in full agreement with those speculated theoretically, which proves the success of peptide synthesis and refold. on isolated mouse phrenic nerve - diaphragm preparations, hw - ma can block the neuromuscular transmission in 35 minutes or so ( l 10 - 5 g / ml ), its biological activity shows 73 % decrease comparing with biological activity of native hwtx - i. it proves t hat the protein engineering of synthetic chimera hwtx - i has gained success to some extent, although it did not achieve our expectations. thus it proved that hwtx - i can be using as natural scaffold for protein engineering. and also emphasized the importance of " local stereo circumstances " of activity site when the foreign activity site was transferred into a natural scaffold

    濃度為1 / 1059 / ml的hw一ma突體能可逆阻斷小白鼠隔神經書高肌的接頭傳遞,阻斷時一間為35min左右,與天然hwtx一i比較,學活性下降3一4倍,說明合成的突體改造獲得了一定的成功,盡管與我們預期的目標有一定的差距,從而證明hwtx一i可以作為蛋白質工程研究的天然分子骨架,同時也強調了往天然分子骨架中轉移外源活性位點時維持活性位點「局部立體環境」的重要性。
  20. Length, diameter, density, fresh weight, dry weight, water content, osmotic potential and element concentrations ( ca, mg, na, k, cl ) were determined for each. seedling of b. gymnorrhiza and a. corniculatum were cultured for 60 days on various salinity of seawater ( 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 ) in green house. samples were taken at 3, 7, 11, 15, 22, 30, 45 and 60 days after planting, separated into root, hypocotyl, stem and leaf

    本文研究了福建九龍江口木欖和桐花樹胎繁殖體從果實形成到發育成熟過程中形態、量、含水量、胚軸密度、滲透勢、五種主要礦質元素( ca 、 mg 、 na 、 k 、 cl )等的化和溫室內人工鹽度梯度栽培下木欖和桐花樹成熟繁殖體長成幼苗( 0 60d )過程中形態、量、含水量、滲透勢、光合蒸騰特性、五種主要礦質元素( ca 、 mg 、 na 、 k 、 cl )等的化;並且在野外自然條件下,跟蹤調查不同灘塗位置下秋茄成熟繁殖體定居成活、自然死亡狀況以及測定幼苗長過程中( 1年)形態、量、含水量、光合蒸騰特性等的化。