風混合 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fēnghún]
風混合 英文
wind mixing
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (空氣流動) wind 2 (風氣; 風俗) practice; atmosphere; custom 3 (景象) scene; view 4 ...
  • : 混形容詞1. (渾濁) muddy; turbid2. (糊塗; 不明事理) foolish; stupid
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • 混合 : (攙雜在一起) mix; blend; mingle; admix; mixture; mix up; interfusion; commixture; blending; cre...
  1. While working, the air with dust enters into the sedimentation chamber via wind entrance, dust with large size granule will fall because of sudden expand of the aeriform cubage, then the air will pass the water area of arc boards of the two sides to stir the water. then air with dust will be mixed with water forming water curtain at the exit, fine powder will be collected, purified air will be discharged by blower fans via breakwater and wind exit

  2. Abstract : apply computer simulation to the distribution pattern of air - flow without considering the cold condition of the combustion and compare the flow patterns under different designed circumstances. and the effect of the design of the partition in the air way of the burner on the flow and mixture of gas and air is especially studied. the result shows that the design of partition plays a very important role in strengthening the mixture of gas and air, but increases the loss of the resistance in the air way and the total pressure of the air way in same working conditions needs increasing

  3. System zoning and airflow mixing of vav systems

  4. Polio trivalent vaccine - booster dose

  5. Dpt vaccine ( diphtheria, pertussis & tetanus ) - booster dose

  6. What an unusual combination of flavors !

  7. When only doxycycline was added to the mixture, the yellow team prevailed

  8. Dpt vaccine ( diphtheria, pertussis & tetanus ) - first dose

  9. Dpt vaccine ( diphtheria, pertussis & tetanus ) - third dose

  10. Dpt vaccine ( diphtheria, pertussis & tetanus ) - second dose

  11. A one - dimensional oceanic mixed layer model with the m - y level - 2. 5 turbulence closure schemes is employed. the rate of energy loss by breaking waves is estimated by parameterization and incorporated into the model as a source of turbulence kinetic energy ( tke ) by modifying the existing surface boundary condition of tke equation. the velocity field and turbulence energy budget are calculated under different forcing conditions ( the results given below are for a wind speed of 20 m / s. )

    採用一維2 . 5階湍封閉層模式,根據參數化方法對波浪破碎導致的能量耗散率進行了估計,通過改變湍動能方程的上邊界條件引入波浪破碎對湍動能生成的影響,計算了不同應力強迫下的層流場結構和湍能量收支(下述給出的結果是取速為20m s得到的) 。
  12. On the other hand, it is indicated that the velocity field consists of a depth - independent inertial oscillation and a time - mean shear flow, which can be obtained by subtracting the inertial oscillations time mean in one inertial period. the hodograph of the velocity vector of time - mean flow at the different depths consists of a ekman spiral, and the surface velocity is 30. 3 ? to the right of the wind

    一維模式的流場結果表明,層中的流場是由慣性波動與時間平均流兩部分疊加而成,且通過時間平均消去慣性波動后得到平均流,其不同深度的流速矢量構成一ekman螺旋,表層流速矢量相對向右偏了30 . 3 』 。
  13. An upwind - mixed finite element method for compressible miscible displacement

  14. 4. the tetanus toxoid can be administered alone or as a combined vaccine, e. g. diphtheria tetanus vaccine, diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis inactivated poliovirus vaccine dtap - ipv please refer to the

    4 .破傷類毒素可單獨或以疫苗形式接種,如白喉及破傷風混合疫苗及白喉破傷無細胞型百日咳及滅活小兒麻痹疫苗等請參閱更新后的
  15. The air absorbed by the fans is separated in and equably flows in the interior and outer canister, from to the heater and interior canister, the air is efficiently heat - treated, then the hot air influxes to and is balanced in because of the mixing by the heater, the hot airs temperature in has only little change, then it is separated completely from to ensure the balance - dryness of the colophony

  16. News from the conference of " 2004 automotive national - level emmission of international cooperation network of testing laboratory " which held in beijing a few days ago, chinese government had alreasy successively released and revised 34 emmission standard of motor vehicles, have formed comparatively emmission standard system, including automobile, engine and motorcycle, reached the second control stage of european motor vehicle

  17. From the feature analysis of the radiant floor cooling and underfloor air distribution ( ufad ) was put forward the combined system of radiant floor cooling and ufad, and described the water system, wind system and control modes of the combined system, and presented the air - conditioning principle chart of air distribution system

  18. Abstract : this paper not only analyses the importance of air - conditioning in the development of textile enterprises but also discusses the problems mills in sichuan faced at present. it emphasizes the effect on the energy consumption by mixing air proportion outdoors and indoors, the cause of air filters ' misuse and the limits of room air use

  19. Primary 1 students are used to receiving dt and opv, will it do any harm for them by receiving the new vaccine dtap - ipv ? the extra acellular pertussis component of the new vaccine offers boosting effect for the prevention of pertussis

    小一學童一直以來只需接種白喉及破傷風混合疫苗dt和口服三型小兒麻痹疫苗opv ,使用新疫苗白喉破傷無細胞型百日咳及滅活小兒麻痹疫苗dtap - ipv會否引起不良效果
  20. Application analysis of radiant floor cooling combined with underfloor air distribution system