類補體 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [lèi]
類補體 英文
  • : Ⅰ名1 (許多相似或相同的事物的綜合; 種類) class; category; kind; type 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (修理; 修補) repair; mend; patch 2 (補充; 補足;填補) fill up; add supplement; supply; ...
  • : 體構詞成分。
  • 補體 : addiment
  1. In addition, the country will perfect the three - level ( county, township and village ) agrotechnique popularization network step by step, support the development of various non - governmental special technical organizations, as well as form a service system for popularizing agricultural technologies in which the state, collective and various non - governmental technical organizations will work in coordination

  2. Three types of cuticular thickening at the polar region of the guard cells are observed : slight cuticular thickening ; rod - shaped culicular thickening and rarely t - shaped thickening. with data obtained from the former research and personal observation, the cladistic methods were employed for the phylogenetic analysis of data and trees were rooted by out - group comparison using, the related genus kadsura. as result, a new system of the genus schisamdra michaux was reconstructed, and schisandra michaux was subdivided into 2 subgenus, 3 section, 2 series 10 species in this dissertation

    整理有關五味子屬植物研究的資料,充搜集近期發表的資料和本人研究所得數據,以種為基本單元,選擇近緣的南五味子屬( kadsura )作為外群,採用paup4 . 0b4a軟對本研究得出的性狀數據作分支分析,重建五味子屬的系統發育,修訂和充五味子屬分系統,在五味子屬下設2亞屬、 3組、 2系、 10種。
  3. The preponderance complementarity of the two modes will greatly improve human connatural function and develop medical high - tech

  4. The system regards the analyzing of deliquescent gas in oil as main method for diagnosing inner delitescent fault. the system carries out a comprehensive diagnosing combined with diversified high voltage tests items and it can identify the sort of fault. this method effectively remedies the limitation of single means

  5. Hydraulic control system of double - cylinder vessel gate is a sort of typical electrohydraulic proportional control system0 in order to study electrohydraulic flux control characteristics of this system, i have analyzed the principle of this hydraulic control system, and made its mathematics model ? in double - cylinder hydraulic system, it is necessary to process electric synchronous control in this hydraulic system, this paper also introduces a sort of fnn ameliorated from the point of view of intelligent control theory, and clarifies the principle of applying that network to achieve synchronous controlo at the same time, the means of fuzzy configuration analysis is used for network training, the comparative experiments make known that the method of applying fnn to realize synchronization control is feasible, furthermore, its effect is better than others0 this paper puts forward that a distributed control system can be used to monitor and control vessel gate within a real - time or remote distance, the basic project, structure, applications and functions of computerized scada system in hydraulic system of vessel gate is introduced ? a double layer network structure, epigynous and hypogynous machine network, is applied to this system, in accord with the application of technique such as plc, integrated software etc, this paper introduces the methods and application to achieve the computerized scada system in the task, and analyzes the characteristic of this system, in this paper, the application of configuration in monitor and control system of vessel gate is discussedo in addition, in accord with the application of technique such as visual basicb

    雙缸船閘液壓啟閉控制系統要求解決同步控制問題,文中從智能控制理論角度出發,採用了一種改進的模糊神經網路,結合模糊聚分析方法,闡述了應用該網路實現同步控制的原理。通過對比模擬實驗表明:應用模糊經網路實現同步控制是可行的,而且它的同步控制效果要優于傳統的設置主從令缸控制方法,具有良好的魯棒性能。另外,本文提出了建立船閘控制系統的分散式控制系統,介紹了船閘液壓控制系統的計算機監控系統( scada )的方案、結構、應用和主要功能,採用雙層網路化結構:上位機網路和下位機網路,並結合plc通信網路技術和組態軟等技術構成的計算機監控系統的實現方法,實際應用,分析了這種較新的系統模式在船閘液壓控制系統的計算機監控系統的功能實現中所具有的特點。
  6. 15 - 21 day each kind of infection virus is killed extinguishes, the reproduction mucous membrane cellular immunity flaw makes up the integrity, in vivo produces the ultra strong immunity immune body, the blister measles, the condyloma no longer recurs, the husbands and wives live no longer with trepidation

    15 - 21天各感染病毒被殺滅,生殖黏膜細胞免疫缺陷彌完整,內生成超強免疫抗,皰疹濕疣不再復發,夫妻生活不再提心吊膽!
  7. They, using agglutination, complementfixation, and precipitate tests, divided rhizobium cultures from 18 legumes into nine characteristic serological groups.

  8. High gade dye - acid brilliant blue 6b, dye - intermediate - 2, 4 - disulfonic benzaldeyde, 4 - chloro - 2 - amino phenol - 6 - sulfonec acid, 0 - chloro - p - nitroaniline, benzaldehyde - 0 - sodium sulphonate etc obtained prizes from state and province, its qualit are almost equal to same kinds of products made in sandoz co. of swiss, bayer and hoechst co. of germany, the new product - dimethyltin - bis iso - octhl mercaptoacetate and methyl - tri iso - octyl mercaptoacetate plastic stabilizer was developed in 1997, it has filled in the gaps in the fields of scince and technology of domestic, it passed the shandong science committee of technology appraise, the quality indexare equal or exceed the same kinds of products made in u. s. a, another new product feeding additive - d - pantothenic acid calcium salt was developed in 1996, its quality are equal to the same kinds of product made in advanced countries, annual outputs are more than 100mt

    高檔染料酸性艷藍6b染料中間2 , 4 -二磺酸笨甲醛茜素4 -氯- 2 -氨基苯酚- 6 -磺酸鄰氯對硝基苯胺脫氫硫代對甲苯胺雙磺酸等均獲國家級優秀新產品獎和省科技進步二等獎,產品質量分別達到瑞士山道士西德拜爾赫斯特等公司同產品水平公司1997年開發的塑料穩定劑-甲基錫產品為又一填國內空白的高新技術產品,產品當年通過省科委技術鑒定,各項質量指標分別達到或超過美國同產品水平。
  9. Our data indicate that it was possible to increase the level of this type of protein in the diet above the minimum requirement ( 12 % lah ) and thus produce augmented humoral immune responsiveness and resistance to salmonellosis

  10. The fem analysis for the three structures of sling screw - thread - based, namely the circle, rectangle and that with strengthen plate, and the tensile test for sling screw - thread - based in torpedo body show, that the bonding with strengthen frp plate between load - bearing metal parts and frp hull with hatch can reduce the stress concentration and significantly decline the local stress in frp hull with hatch. this structure can also be used in the similar produces. ( 3 ) the effects of parameters for bonding process on the adhesive strength and leakproof are discussed, such as the bonding interface reduce, bonding surface treatment, match of adhesive surface, protect for adhesive seam and so on

  11. In manganite perovskites, substitution of divalent ions ( alkaline earth metals viz. ca, sr, ba ) in the a sublattice, introduces mn4 + ions or holes into the system. it is generally considered that the concentration of holes is equal to the concentration of divalent cations because of the charge compensation by controlled valencies

    鈣鈦礦型晶結構中通過摻入二價堿土金屬(如ca , sr , ba )可以在系統中產生mn ~ ( 4 + )或氧空位,由價格償的原理,理論上摻入的二價離子的濃度和氧空位的濃度相等。
  12. Lost in the frenzied debate over nuclear bunker busters has been adequate discussion of whether the military advantages of these weapons can offset their political and diplomatic liabilities

  13. Ca, sr, ba ) in the a sublattice, introduces mn4 + ions or holes into the system. it is generally considered that the concentration of holes is equal to the concentration of divalent cations because of the charge compensation by controlled valencies. a number of publications exist in the literature on the synthesis of manganite perovskites

    鈣鈦礦型晶結構中通過摻入二價堿土金屬(如ca , sr , ba )可以在系統中產生mn ~ ( 4 + )或氧空位,由價位償的原理,理論上摻入的二價離子的濃度和氧空位的濃度相等。
  14. The state taking place of market as economic running mechanism played a prominent role in regulating economic activities such as : enacted regulations to control price, allocated foreign exchange, created lots of public enterprises, restricted trade, overvalued foreign exchange rate, et al. to some extent, this kind of economic policy was necessary and brought positive effects to african countries. but every thing has two sides, so does this economic policy

  15. These suggest that the hemolytic activities displayed by amphioxus humoral fluid appear to represent the vertebrate complement system probably operating via the alternative pathway ( ap )

  16. An optimal nutritional supplement needs to incorporate all five essential components : phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements

  17. Animal health analysis methods - detection of antibodies against avian chlamydiosis by the complement fixation test

  18. To answer this question, a bispecific, trifunctional antibody constructs which can not only target block virus incorporated rca, but also can induce complement activation by it ' s fc fragment were designed and constructed and iv the role of this kind of bispecific antibody in virus neutralization was studied. 1. to test our idea, human immunodeficient virus ( hiv ) and enveloped extracellular virus ( eev ) of vaccinia virus ( vv ) were selected in our study because of their complex immune evasion stratiges, their threaten to humans, and because both these two kinds of virus can escape complement attack by incorporating host rca into their envelope

    以嚴重危害人健康,且具有復雜免疫逃避機制的有包膜的hiv病毒及痘苗病毒的eev病毒為研究對象,首先對它們逃避攻擊的現象進行了驗證,探討了宿主膜調節蛋白cd55 、 cd59與hiv病毒及eev病毒免疫逃避的關系,評價了病毒結合的這兩種調節蛋白作為本研究提出的,通過消除病毒逃避攻擊的機制來恢復病毒對攻擊的敏感性,提高抗病毒效率這一抗病毒策略的靶點的可能性。
  19. The complement system, a key and conserved system of innate immunity, provides a rapid and efficient means of deleting invading microorganisms

    ( complement )作為天然免疫( innateimmunity )中的一重要和保守的系,為機提供了快速和高效地清除入侵微生物的途徑。
  20. The studies on complement have been over 100 years, but it remains unclear when and which animal is initially equipped with the ancestral complement system