風增大 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fēngzēng]
風增大 英文
wind setup
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (空氣流動) wind 2 (風氣; 風俗) practice; atmosphere; custom 3 (景象) scene; view 4 ...
  1. In recent years at iron - making plant of pangang, the coke ratio of pig iron has reduced evidently by insisting on “ burden preparation ” course, improving quality of sinter, raising wind temperature, increasing rich oxygen quantity and injecting abundant pulverized coal into bf. the solid fuel consumption of sinter has been decreased greatly through insisting on using high - quality calces, practising high feed sintering, actualizing many techniques in solving key problems. at the same time, the energy source base management has been strengthened, and energy - saving work has made great progress, profits generated by energy - saving have exceeded a hundred million yuan

  2. Check the state of the straw separated : if the straw is seriously broken, the cylinder and the concave must be adjusted to lessen excessive threshing ; if the straw is complete and unbroken, the quantity of wind shall be increased to make the chaff on the sieve surface the state of floating or the opening of the chaffer shall be slightly increased to make the grain fall through the sieve

  3. By analyzing and predicting the microclimate in greenhouse in typical weathers, the conclusions are that high temperature with low humidity weather and high temperature with high humidity appear one after the other. the measures are proposed as the followings : to the former, it should be taken to decrease the temperature with soppy shade - fan or spray inside or outside ; to the latter, it should be taken to enlarge the ventilation area, to fit spray apparatus at the top of roof outside, to adopt havelock outside instead inside, to coat the roof white, etc

  4. There are three parts in the article. the beginning is the summary about especial credit risk in city commercial bank management. at first, via the data explains that the loan object of the city commercial bank mainly concentrates small enterprises, then discusses why the city commercial bank concentrates this lay, then further via the small enterprise livability, compensative resource, the finance

  5. The sensible heat factors are found to increase with both reynolds number and inlet temperature of cold water

  6. ( 2 ) increasing of wind is mainly induced by shf and affecting of lhf is very little. ( 3 ) effect of terrain increases ground rough and tonsure of terrain press and fiction correspond enhance frictional damp effect

    ( 3 )地形作用相當于加了地面粗糙度,地形壓力梯度項與摩擦項地疊加,相當于使摩擦阻尼作用,地形強迫作用使下邊界層從上至下速減小,向向左偏轉。
  7. Because of the existence of asymmetric information, we see an inability of the exporter ' s government to verify the actual quality of products, which will limit its ability to encourage trade through eci once the coverage provided goes be yond a certain threshold

  8. Mz, a, sk, kg and sc / d ( ratio of the sum of silt and clay to sand ) of fluvio - lacustrine, palaeosols and aeolian sands constitute an interlocking, multi - fluctuation process curve with peak and valle y values : the < & value of mz, o and sk values often increase accordingly from aeolian sands to its overlying fluvio - lacustrine facies or / and palaesols, the kg value heightens, too, and the sc / d value also basically consists with its change steps

    河湖相和古土壤與成砂的mz 、 、 sk 、 kg以及sc d (粉砂粘土之和與砂的比值)構成一峰谷交替、犬牙交錯的鋸齒狀多波動過程線:常常是由成砂至上覆河湖相或和古土壤, mz的值、 、 sk值相應, kg相應高, sc d值亦與之變化步驟基本一致。
  9. A reasonable position of driving nozzle helps to achieve the maximum material flow that also depends on other parameters such as backpressure, properties of conveyed material and driving gas. it is observed that, an increase of convergent section angle is harmful to the pneumatic conveying system, and also influences on the mass flow rate of conveyed material, the distribution of static pressures in injector and the pressure drops of conveying pipe. in addition, within a reasonable scope of air mass rate, increasing the driving jet velocity is more advantageous than enlarging the dimension of driving nozzle

  10. The evaluation results of dike breach risk show the following distributing regularities of the hang river dike breach risk in the lower yellow river : ( 1 ) the dike breach risk increase with the increasing of flood. ( 2 ) dike breach risk decreases with the river types change along channel. ( 3 ) the reaches of greater dike breach risk mainly distribute in wandering reaches

    評價結果表明黃河下游懸河決溢險具有以下分佈規律: ( 1 )決溢險隨著洪水量的高; ( 2 )決溢險隨河型的沿程變化而降低; ( 3 )決溢險較的河段集中在游蕩型河段; ( 4 )游蕩型河段南岸的決溢險相對較高; ( 5 )彎曲型河段北岸決溢險高於南岸。
  11. Our results show that, during the evolution of a binary system, the system widens as it loses mass, and the orbital period increase, while orbital eccentricity remains nearly constant, which can explain the distribution regulation of orbital elements of normal g - k giant and barium stars and the distribution character of the heavy - element abundances of barium stars

  12. ( 4 ) the correlations are significant between the sth position index and the general circulation. in the westerly ( easterly ) year, equatorial westerly is weaker ( stronger ), cross - equatorial flow is weaker ( stronger ), south china sea summer monsoon is weaker ( stronger ), the yangtze river valley westerly is stronger ( weaker ), which has the positive ( negative ) effect on the maintenance of rain band over the yangtze river valley, so the rainfall is more ( less ) in this area and it is hit by floods ( droughts ), vice versa

    ( 4 )本文運用定義的副高指數研究了六月份副高偏東偏西年份的型環流特徵及其對我國東部天氣的影響,矢量場和相關場分析結果表明:副高偏西(東)年,赤道西減弱(強) ,越赤道氣流偏弱(強) ,南海夏季偏弱(強) ,而長江流域西強(減弱) ,有(不)利於雨帶在江淮流域維持,該地區降水偏多(少)易澇(旱) 。
  13. And there exist many risk factors in the early stages of their development, and there ' re no earning records, so they ca n ' t be up to the standards of being listed on the main board for financing, then there is slim hope for their financing through stock market. ( 2 ) high - tech enterprises should take according measures in different development stages to ensure financing. when in the beginning, they ' d better carry out internal financing, closely linking individual risks and benefits through the legal form of solely - funded corporation and joint venture ; when in establishment stage and growth stage, they are in urgent need of the parti

    ( 2 )高新技術企業在不同的發展階段應選擇不同的對象,採取不同的方式進行融資:處于種子期,進行初始研究的高新技術企業,適宜實行內源融資的辦法,採取獨資、合夥等法律形式將個人的險與收益緊密聯系起來;處于創業期和擴展期的高新技術企業,由於資本需求,經營管理的難度提高,需要險投資家參與投資和參與經營;高新技術企業進入成熟階段以後,可以在證券市場上市融資。
  14. The results indicate that the evaporation of naphtha is notably influenced by wind speed and evaporation area when the wind speed is low and evaporation area is small, influence becomes weak with the increase of wind speed and evaporation area, which shows the evaporation process for naphtha is controlled by boundary layer evaporation at some degree

  15. With the impact test of conditioner airport and anti - dust mesh settings on heat exchange gas flow, the paper illustrates that the improper design may reduce gas flow, influence the refrigerating capacity of the system, and increase energy consumption

  16. However, the roads being reckoned as good as a harbour, the anchorage good, and our ground - tackle very strong, our men were unconcerned, and not in the least apprehensive of danger, but spent the time in rest and mirth, after the manner of the sea ; but the eighth day in the morning, the wind increased, and we had all hands at work to strike our top - masts, and make every thing snug and close, that the ship might ride as easy as possible

  17. With experiments and theoretical analyzing, we find when the heat discharge is smaller than the entrainment limited, what influences the ability of heat - transmitting of work quality is the quantity of injection and dry limit fluid inventory, the optimum quantity of injection of the three working fluid is 8 ~ 14g ; and the delivering factor that transmission coefficient is determined by capillary limit, not the heat transmission ability of the thermal syphon. therefore, among the three working fluid, acetone is the best. low wind - speed has the obvious function in heat transmission of the thermal syphon

    本文通過實驗研究和理論分析,認為在熱流量小於攜帶極限時,影響工質傳熱能力的是cpu重力熱管的充液量和其乾涸極限,此次所實驗的三種工質,最佳充液量應當在8g ~ 14g ;傳輸因素主要決定普通熱管的毛細極限,而不是重力熱管傳熱能力的決定因素;三種工質中的最佳工質是丙酮;小速時速的變化對cpu重力熱管的傳熱有明顯的作用,但在於1m / s以後,加對于cpu重力熱管的傳熱能力的加效果減緩。
  18. ( 2 ) on the leading edge, the film cooling effectiveness at the zone immediately downstream of the cooling holes is affected by blowing ratio and mainstream reynolds number, while the effects are not important in the downstream zone far from the cooling holes. ( 3 ) on the front half of pressure surface, the effectiveness increases with decreasing blowing ratio at the downstream near the cooling row and it is contrary at the downstream far from the cooling row. ( 4 ) on the rear pare of the pressure surface, the effectiveness decreases with increasing blowing ratio and does not vary so much downstream in the cases of higher blowing ratio

  19. The risks perceived by both equity owners and debt owners increase and so the required return by both rises as well.

  20. The studies show that, the less collateral value the entrepreneur provides is, the higher credit risk to the bank is and the larger risk of adverse selection is ; the more collateral value the entrepreneur provides is, the lower credit risk to the bank is and the smaller risk of adverse selection is