領證卡 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [lǐngzhèng]
領證卡 英文
collection card
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (頸; 脖子) neck 2 (領子; 領口) collar; neckband 3 (大綱; 要點) outline; main point; ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞(證明) prove; verify; demonstrate Ⅱ名詞1 (證據) evidence; proof; testimony; witness 2 (...
  1. Currently, of the aforesaid ten caricom countries, holders of the hong kong special administrative region hksar passport do not require a visa for visit to the following six countries, namely commonwealth of dominica, jamaica, st kitts and nevis, st lucia, st vincent and the grenadines as well as trinidad and tobago. however, given the introduction of the caricom special visa requirement, they are advised to apply for an appropriate visa if they intend to visit these countries during the specified period. holders of the hksar passport still require a visa for travelling to the other four countries, namely antigua and barbuda, barbados, grenada and guyana

  2. " my opinion is, that all these old podestas, these ancient condottieri, - for the cavalcanti have commanded armies and governed provinces, - my opinion, i say, is, that they have buried their millions in corners, the secret of which they have transmitted only to their eldest sons, who have done the same from generation to generation ; and the proof of this is seen in their yellow and dry appearance, like the florins of the republic, which, from being constantly gazed upon, have become reflected in them.

    「我的意見是,這些邊關大將,這些節度使。要知道瓦爾康蒂曾統過大軍,坐鎮過幾個省。他們的百萬家財都藏在秘密角落裡,只把這種秘密傳給他的長子,長子再同樣的一代代傳下去,據就是他們都干黃枯癟,象共和國的金幣一樣,真是愈看愈象。 」
  3. 6 in an effort to protect our customers ' identity, vip cardholders must present their vip card and a valid identification document for cash coupon redemption at the customer service center of golden eagle stores

    6為保貴賓的合法權益,兌換獎勵時需持本人攜帶vip、有效身份件(原件) 、購物憑券店顧客服務中心辦理。
  4. The paper, titled " credit card business of commercial banks, " is not an introduction of the basic knowledge about credit cards, or a textbook on the operation and management of credit cards. it is an explanation of the major economic phenomena in the credit card business sector and an exploration of the development of the credit card business, written with a bird - eye view of the credit card industry and in the macroscopic and medium perspective. the paper goes just as the economist zhang wuchang says, " economics is a science to explain economical phenomena.

    《商業銀行信用業務研究》一文,並不是普及信用知識的大眾讀物,也不是信用經營管理業務的教科書,而是著眼于信用產業的整體情況的考察,從宏觀、中觀的角度,對發生在信用業務域的主要經濟現象進行解釋,說明信用業務的生存發展之道,正是驗了經濟學家張五常教授的名言「經濟學是解釋經濟現象的科學」 。
  5. Basically be you were not dealt with, want you to receive business patent only actually, engraved official seal, if where manages, the administrator of duty land tax can teach the country you, it is 6 months assist period, perhaps each call a law to differ, want you only in the country duty is approved piece can go handing in money to buy golden duty to get stuck, the sun from give an official rises, the accountant is handled even if average taxpayer is handled, after the attestation of income of value added tax that come leaving after the day from give an official, can touch buckle, leave before the day of the day ; give an official that includes give an official come cannot touch buckle, make processing of miniature company treasurer

  6. Reflections on the conduct of using credit card obtained by fraud with false identification paper

  7. The tourist receives the form has " the shanghai inhabitants togo abroad ( boundary ) to travel request form " and the hard card, " supplement situation table ", as well as the travel agency compiles " leaves country registration to go through card formalities ", " traveling notice ", these forms are the public security organ serialnumber specially print and the junction are authorized to are engagedin go abroad ( boundary ) to travel the service travel agency to issue0n another ' s behalf

    遊客取的表格有《上海市居民出國(境)旅遊申請表》和硬、 《補充情況表》 ,以及旅行社編寫的《出境報名辦手續》 、 《旅遊須知》 ,這些表格均系公安機關編號專印並交有權從事出國(境)旅遊業務的旅行社代發的。
  8. But seeing the two winners on stage with the evening ' s african - american emcee ( the often acid - tongued whoopi goldberg ) on a night when sidney poitier was one of the honorary award winners, made quite a statement

  9. In the thesis, we attempt to reveal the influence of lakatos ’ s refinement falsificationism upon economics methodology, by means of examining the application of scientific research methodology in the economics, reflecting on its achievements and limitation, in order to qeneralize the positive and negative significance of the methodology

  10. If employees would like to leave plant during working hours, they should make the registration at the gate, blue collars must deliver the exit application form approved by dept. manager to the security guard and clock out at the attendance record machine

  11. With the development of social economy and science technology, rf ( radio frequency ) card technology is more broadly applied by all kinds of trades, specially such as mass transit, wireless communication identify finance trade and safety - defend etc we use usually magnetic card or touch ic ( intelligent card ) in the past, but the shortage is that the card is read - write low efficiency frictional waste and short life, so that it ca n ' t guarantee the reliability of system for long term running

  12. You ' ve read it all in the press - concerning the events of hurricane katrina and an administration that has once again demonstrated its lack of preparedness to handle crisis situations - lead by a president who apparently says and does everything wrong - including the manner in which he was elected in 2000

    你已經在新聞中讀到所有一切? ?有關颶風特里娜事件,又一次地明了管理部門對處理危機情況缺乏準備? ?由總統導的所說和所做的每一件事很顯然是錯的? ?包括他在2000年競選獲勝的方式。
  13. Gilt 24k gold cards, silver cards, pvc cards, vip cards, membership cards, special offer cards, accumulation cards, barcode cards, intelligent cards ic cards, id cards, 3d cards, thermo sensitive cards, induction cards, scraping cards, special shape cards, warranty cards, magnetic cards, medical insurance cards, inquiry cards, time cards, telecommunication cards, campus cards, entrance cards, photo cards, quality credit standing cards, costume brand cards, etc. the products are widely used in fields such as catering, finance, business, beauty, telecommunication, postal services, taxation, medical care, insurance and communication, etc, and they become best sellers in southeast asia, japan, korea, malaysia, the usa, etc. with solid financial strength and outstanding credit standing, the company has been supported by clients, old and new, hence rapid development over the past few years

  14. Konica minolta photo imaging ( hk ) ltd. reserves the right to reconfirm the identity card of prize redeemers

  15. To get credit card by using false id and properties certificates is not clearly taken as a crime and there are also no regulations against holding, transporting, selling and purchasing other forged financial certificates in this law

  16. For document pick - up and general enquiries

  17. You can also search for and obtain a certified copy of a birth, death and marriage certificate, book an appointment to obtain an id card, apply for a senior citizen card, or notify government departments for change of address - all online

  18. Be sure to retrieve your passport and plane ticket, ensuring that baggage receipts are attached

  19. The first preference of employment - based immigration is further divided into three subcategories, i. e. aliens of extraordinary ability in certain field, outstanding professors and researchers, and managers and executives of international companies. different requirements apply to applicants under each subcategory. in this section, we group up and discuss only the requirement and procedure for alien of extraordinary ability and outstanding professors and researchers

  20. Passengers in category a. or b. as above, after completing check - in procedures and receiving a boarding pass, shall present passports, exit permits, boarding pass and ed form ( not required for citizens of the r. o. c. )

    前1 - 4項旅客向航空公司櫃臺辦妥報到( check - in )手續取登機后,將護照、登機, ed(在臺有戶籍之