黛妃 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [dàifēi]
黛妃 英文
  • : 名詞(青黑色的顏料, 古代女子用來畫眉) a black pigment used by women in ancient times to paint their eyebrows
  • : 名詞1. (皇帝的妾) imperial concubine 2. (太子、王、侯的妻) the wife of a prince
  1. When news of the death of princess diana, undoubtedly the most famous woman in the world, breaks upon a shocked and disbelieving british public, queen.

  2. According to diana ' s will, the brothers gain access to the capital sum when they turn 30

  3. According to diana & ; rsquo ; s will, the brothers gain access to the capital sum when they turn 30

  4. According to diana ' s will, the brothers gain access to the capital sum when they turn 30. william and harry are both

  5. Harry, 22, william ' s brother, will gain access to a similar amount when he turns 25. according to diana ' s will, the brothers gain access to the capital sum when they turn 30

  6. Diana ? celebrity, tabloid princess, mater dolorosa of the pop and fashion scene ? was, if nothing else, the perfect idol for our times

  7. Asked if they believed diana had been murdered, 27 per cent of respondents to an nop survey replied " yes ", 51 per cent said " no " while the rest were unsure

    在問及是否相信安娜王是被謀殺致死時, 27的接受nop調查的人肯定的回答。 「是的, 」 51的人則回答。 「不是」 ,而剩下的一些人則不敢確定。
  8. Princess diana ' s sons complained through their private secretary

  9. " they ca n ' t go forward because william is in the army and he ' s dedicated the next few years of his life to that, so he ' s not in a position to get married, " seward said

  10. 1963, etc. these films helped to ingrain the images of stars in the minds of the public. for example, chao lei was well known for playing emperors, betty loh ti the classical beauty, while ivy ling po became famous for cross - dressing roles. these big productions also introduced new stars such as pat ting hung, grace ting ning, margaret tu chuan, helping to pave the way towards illustrious careers

  11. It could be that times have changed or that the statement was just a smoke screen to scare off the paparazzi, who so tormented william ' s mother, diana

  12. But the attention was something else. " they ' ve been swarming all day. i feel like princess diana.

  13. Like many religious idols, she was openly abused and ridiculed, in her case by the same press that stoked the public worship of her

  14. This " commoner " could follow in princess di ' s footsteps as the people ' s princess, according to a new book, " william ' s princess, " by robert jobson

  15. No07 > details that could end speculation on how and why one of the world ' s most recognized women died on august 31st, almost a decade ago

  16. Most of the people who worshipped her, who read every tidbit about her in the gossip press and hung up pictures of her in their rooms, were not social snobs

  17. Princess diana was not pregnant when she died in a paris car crash nine years ago, says the manager of the london mortuary where her post - mortem examination took place

    英國已故安娜王死後進行驗屍的一家倫敦太平間的經理說, 9年前在巴黎車禍身亡的黛妃當時並未懷孕。
  18. " i saw no evidence of pregnancy exposed during the post - mortem procedure, and indeed the pathologist said that she was not pregnant, " said thompson, according to excerpts from the programme in the times newspaper

  19. The couple and their driver henri paul died aug. 31, 1997 when their mercedes crashed into a pillar in a paris underpass. the only survivor, diana ' s bodyguard trevor rees - jones, was badly hurt

  20. The assertion by robert thompson, in an upcoming tv documentary, contradicts a die - hard conspiracy theory which claims that diana was murdered on orders from the british royal family because she was carrying her lover ' s baby