黃澤 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [huáng]
黃澤 英文
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(像絲瓜花或向日葵花的顏色) yellow Ⅱ名詞1 (指黃河)short for the huanghe river:黃泛區the...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (聚水處) pool; pond 2 (金屬、珠玉等的光) lustre; radiance 3 (恩惠) favours; benefice...
  1. Indication : it can be applied to irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, aching pain in the loins and knees, stool dryness, amenorrhea, black complexion without luster, chloasma, desquamation as dryness and acne

  2. This product adduction ancientry palace faoster face secret, combine modem times herbalist doctor exoterica, s wel s manifold herbal medicine extractio distillate make with extra care. speedy comfort balance skin ph, shrink pore, vailability intercede skin enginery, cleanlily feeling high elasticity clarity blob, order skin easiness absorb need moisture and nutrient, use after skin affect cleanlily lubricate, pliability in the chips elasticity

  3. Containing extracted bizarrerie fruit silky soften ingredients and fresh fruit essence, it can deeply supply water and nutrition to hair, effectively repair damaged hair, and let the dry, yellow, forked hair return lustrous, smooth and soft like the silk

  4. Younger leaves faded green and lusterless ; older leaves marginal scorch, interveinal blotchy chlorosis, necrotic patches bleaching and withering ; characteristic of some soil acidity conditions

  5. Adds silvery brightness to gray hair and neutralizes brassy tones in all shades. formulated with blue malva and coneflower to help impart wanted moisture and brightness

  6. With development and maturation of citrus fruit, chlorophyll content of citrus fruit peel decreased, being acompanied by a gradual decrease in a - carotene and p - carotene which are known to be in the upstream of carotenoid biosynthesis pathway. the decrease continued up to complete vanishment of the carotenes. on the other hand, p - cryptoxanthin, p - citraurin and zeaxanthin that are in the downstream of carotenoid biosynthesis pathway increased steadily and became the principal carotenoid components

    隨著柑橘果實發育和成熟,果皮葉綠素含量下降,與此同時,位於類胡蘿卜素生物合成途徑上游的-胡蘿卜素、 -胡蘿卜素等胡蘿卜素成分逐漸下降直至消失,而在類胡蘿卜素生物合成途徑下游的-隱質、 -檸烏素、玉米素等葉素成分逐漸上升,使得類胡蘿卜素總量先略微下降后迅速上升;果實褪綠並呈現其特徵色
  7. In order to elucidate the physiological mechanism of carotenoid formation in citrus fruit, we determined a - carotene, p - carotene, lycopene, p - cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin and lutein content in 53 varieties that belong to various citrus types using hplc, analyzed the possible connection between color formation and carotenoid accumulation, and studied the effects of light. ga3 and mpta on carotenoid biosynthesis in peel of citrus fruit. the results are summarized below

    為探討柑橘果實類胡蘿卜素形成的生理機制,本論文運用hplc技術測定了我國寬皮柑桔類、橙類、柚類及雜柑類等不同柑橘類型共53個品種(系)的-胡蘿卜素、 -胡蘿卜素、番茄紅素、 -隱質、玉米素、葉質六種類胡蘿卜素的含量,分析了柑橘果實不同色的呈現與果皮類胡蘿卜素積累的可能聯系,並探討了光照、 ga _ 3 、 mpta等不同處理對柑橘果皮類胡蘿卜素形成的調控機制,主要結果如下: 1
  8. Artists : anothermountainman, terry batt, david boyce, bowles chan, joe chan, chris chan kam - shing, dick chan kwongyuen, chan muk - nam, raymond chan waiman, teresa chan wai - sze, enoch cheung hong - sang, cheung king - ling, cheng yat - yue, chun wai, david clarke, jayne dyer, livia b. garcia, alex heung kin - fung, monti lai wai - yi, carol lee mei - kuen, ceci liu wai - yee, cheung wai - lok, mak siu - fung, stanley ng waicheong, fran van riemsdyk, jose manuel sevilla, jacky sin, so hing - keung, leon suen shu - kwan, lukas tam wai - ping, tang ying - chi, tang ying - mui, oliver tsang, ducky tse, tse ho - yin, tse ming - chong, kevin white, edmond wong, kacey wong, wong kan - tai, bobby yip, yip kin - yiu, vincent yu the coming july is the decennial of hong kongs return to china, too art and lumenvisum have prepared a gift to everybody

    藝術家又一山人、泰利百特、 david boyce 、陳錦輝、陳貴明、陳錦成、陳廣源、陳木南、陳偉民、陳慧思、張康生、張景寧、鄭逸宇、秦偉、祈大衛、 jayne dyer 、陳令芯、香建峰、黎慧儀、李美娟、廖慧怡、張偉樂、麥兆豐、伍偉昌、 fran van riemsdyk 、 jose manuel sevilla 、單麒、蘇慶強、孫樹坤、譚偉平、鄧凝姿、鄧凝梅、曾維德、謝至德、謝浩然、謝明莊、白啟仁、文山、國才、勤帶、葉英傑、葉堅耀、余偉建
  9. Drs richard charles esther yewpick lee charitable found

  10. Our eye liners are hand - crafted, using natural plant parts and custom mineral blends. the base formula of golden jojoba oil and natural waxes create a smooth, creamy texture that wears all day without smudging

  11. Leaves tufted ; stipes stout, up to 1. 2 m long, densely covered with golden brown hairs at base ; lamina up to 2 m long and 1 m wide, tripinnatifid ; pinnae alternate, sparsely spaced ; pinnules linear - lanceolate, to 15 cm long and 1 - 2. 5 cm wide, short - stipitate ; ultimate lobes linear, more or less falcate, shallowly serrate, dark green and shining above, light green to glaucous below

    葉簇生;葉柄粗壯,長可達1 . 2米,基部亦密被金褐色毛;葉片長可達2米,寬達1米,三回羽狀分裂;羽片互生,疏離;小羽片線狀披針形,長達15厘米,寬1 - 2 . 5厘米,具短柄;末回裂片線形,略呈鐮狀,邊緣有淺鋸齒,上面深綠色,有光,下麵灰白色。
  12. The yellowish colouring of this liver specimen is the result of fatty degeneration of liver cells

  13. Huang zelan, the president of chongyi zhangyuan tungsten co., ltd., was elected as a national model

    他們當中的傑出代表崇義章源公司董事長黃澤蘭於2004年被評為「全國勞動模範」 。
  14. Here are the center of famous fishing ground - - zhoushan fishing ground, it ' s also main ground of the larger and small yellow croakers

  15. Then in december 1964, leaders of the chinese martial arts community who objected to bruce teaching martial arts to non - chinese students visited his studio with an ornate scroll stating that if he refused to stop teaching other races, he would have to fight their challenger, wong jack man, a kung fu master recently arrived from china

  16. Represented by ir dr greg wong chak - yan, vice president

  17. Dr. wong chak - yan, greg, jp

    黃澤恩工程師, jp
  18. Artist name : wong, chek man

  19. Male artist wong, chek man

  20. Dr greg wong chak - yan, jp