促成 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [chéng]
促成 英文
1. (促使成功) help to bring about; facilitate; help to materialize; favour 2. [農業] (用人工環境促使作物提早成熟) forcing
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(時間短、緊迫) (of time) short; hurried; urgent Ⅱ動詞1 (催; 推動) urge; promote 2 [...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (完成; 成功) accomplish; succeed 2 (成為; 變為) become; turn into 3 (成全) help comp...
  1. As for attempts to avert revolution through pressure for reform, this would only alienate those who held the real power.

  2. The two were of the firm belief that only through promotion of european unification could each of the european countries ' respective economies undergo sustained development, the animus and clashes between germany and france be dispelled, and a lasting peace on the european continent be established

  3. Antibiotics favor the growth of resistant mutants.

  4. Yet it was the lack of trees there that led to the founding of arbor day in the 1800s

  5. These strategy cause calm and objective narrative style, and make her a particular authoress

  6. Then in 1875, out of nowhere, a well combination of wind currents, drought and basic biology, set the stage for the unthinkable - - the biggest baddish swarm ever recorded

    接著在1875年,不知從哪裡出來的,一次風流,旱災和基本的生物群落的正好的結合,促成了上演這個意想不到的? ?曾被紀錄的最大的害蟲群
  7. The development of agriculture made the first economic barycenter ' s appearance and it ' s moving

  8. A recent report suggests that many self - employed and part - time workers are contributors to the black economy

  9. The prime minister ' s desire was to mediate peace between the english and the boers

  10. Additional contributions to catalysis can come from bound water molecules , metal ions , or other factors

  11. I was straining to bring off a cease-fire in cambodia before the congress acted.

  12. Allan reiss, of the centre for interdisciplinary brain sciences research at stanford university, california, said his new research might lead to a better understanding of depression and diseases such as cataplexy, where there is an abrupt loss of motor control associated with intense emotions such as humour

  13. He is preparing the catastrophe.

  14. The result in many cases was bureaucratic chaos.

  15. Based on china " s stylized facts behind foreign trade and a brief review of trade theories in new classicalism, keynesianism, monetarism and intertemporal approach of current account, a theoretical model is built. in this model, relative price, saving rate, technology progress rate in tradable department comparing with nontradable department, and foreign direct investment are all included to explain trade balance

  16. Many factors were contributory to the success of the project

  17. As mothers increasingly relied on vocalization to control the emotions of their babies ? and, later, the actions of their mobile juveniles ? words precipitated out of the babble and became conventionalized across hominid communities, ultimately giving rise to language

  18. He denounced all "meddling" attempts to promote a negotiation.

  19. Whatever marianne was desirous of, her mother would be eager to promote.

  20. The wealth of the new nation generated its own kind of diversity.