來信來訪 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [lāixìnlāifǎng]
來信來訪 英文
the letters the people send in and the complaints they make when they call
  • : 來動詞1 (從別的地方到說話人所在的地方) come; arrive 2 (發生; 來到) crop up; take place; come ...
  • : 動詞1. (訪問) call on; interview; visit 2. (調查; 尋求) inquiry into; seek by inquiry [search]; try to get
  • 來信 : 1. (寄信來) send a letter here 2. (寄來的信) incoming letter
  • 來訪 : come to visit; come to call來訪者 visitor
  1. The quiet summation was so impressive, so profoundly confident, yet in no way boastful that neither visitor seemed inclined to break the silence that followed.

  2. Her letter was scarcely finished when a rap foretold a visitor.

  3. Adopting pattern or document embedding form, screencode can embed information of printer user, print time or the code of print equipment in paper via printing. on one hand it is in favor of investigation channels of information drain, on the other hand it can certificate the authenticity and primitivism of the financial statements or financial documents

  4. I wish i could believe them to be only such : i wish it more now than ever ; since even you cannot explain to me the mystery of that awful visitant

    但願我能相不過如此而已!而既然連你都無法解釋可怕的者之謎,現在我更希望只是心理恐懼了。 」
  5. Anshan yingyi trading co, ltd, comprehensive group enterprise, is a large company which combines production, operation togethe, the headquarter of the company is in steel capital of china - anshan, it has branches in northeast of china, guangzhou, shanghai etc, it mainly engaged in metallurgical industry, and also mechanical processing, manufacture, chemical products, agricultura, forestry, husbandry and native produce etc, our mission statement is to provide best service and products on the basis of honesty and good credit by means of science of technology, in order to expand our world market, we would like to cooperate with the talents all over the world to create our splendid future, the steel rolling equipment and scope of business of the steel rolling plant is as below, we sincerely welcome to visit our company,

  6. Supervise the daily administrative work with relation to students ; assume the front desk duties switch board officer. provide information and guidance to visitors, students, staff and faculty members

  7. As web ’ s own openness and sharing, not only brings the government service transformation and highly effective revolution, but also causes the phenomenon which government institution appears exceeds authority to visit, creates the information visitor ’ role blurred, jurisdiction unclear, the task responsibility is vague, brings the enormous threat to information security of the government

  8. Receive and handle the relevant letters and visits from crowd

  9. In addition, the standing committee of the npc receives petitions from citizens, supervises the work of judicial organs and safeguards citizens ' legal rights according to law

  10. We can get the data from circ that the national insurance regulation system was accepted increased by 51. 4 % compared with that of last year in 2004, and the number of the incoming telegram and letters the people send in for complaints reach 40, 086

    據中國保監會的統計顯示, 2004年全國保險監管系統受理的各種投訴比上年增加51 . 4 % ,來信來訪總量達40086起。減少保險投訴案件,完善誠體系建設,已成為當務之急。
  11. To ensure public order and social stability, it is imperative that we correctly handle internal contradictions among the people as they crop up under changing circumstances, improve the mechanism for forestalling and resolving conflicts and disputes, and properly handle letters and complaints from the people

  12. Invitations rained down on the visiting writer.

  13. Extensible access control markup language - or xacml - provides a mechanism to create policies and rules for controlling access to information

    可擴展問控制標記語言(或xacml )提供了創建策略和規則控制問的機制。
  14. You can also use cmp enterprise javabeans to wrap the audit log table and allow users to access information via the dynamic ejb query language

    您也可以使用cmp enterprise javabeans包裝那些審核日誌表,並允許用戶通過動態的ejb查詢語言問這些息。
  15. Thank you for your trust, warmly welcome for your visiting

  16. You could compare this to governmental deep security, which uses different levels of fingerprints and imprints to access the final bit of information

  17. Assist to general manager ' s daily job, answer and deal with the incoming calls and consultation ; greeting customers and visitors professionally ; send and dispatch mails ; arrange and distribute office supplies ; administrative coordination and support other departments

  18. Tourist information office activities. visitor ' s reception service in tourist information office activities. service features and description

  19. The activities of tourist offices and information centres. guide to define a welcome service for visitors at tourist offices and information centres

  20. Leanne, director ' s assistant, responsible for reception, incoming and outgoing visits, secretarial work, documents, information collection, classification, and reports

    職員1 :負責日常接待工作、辦公室日常文秘、檔案工作、外事、出具體事宜、外事息的收集、整理、上報和出入境管理。