位置異構 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wèizhìgòu]
位置異構 英文
position isomerism
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (所在或所佔的地方) place; location 2 (職位; 地位) position; post; status 3 (特指皇帝...
  • : 動詞1. (擱; 放) place; put; lay 2. (設立; 布置) set up; establish; arrange; fix up 3. (購置) buy; purchase
  • : 形容詞1 (有分別; 不相同) different 2 (奇異; 特別) strange; unusual; extraordinary 3 (另外的;...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (構造; 組合) construct; form; compose 2 (結成) fabricate; make up 3 (建造; 架屋) bui...
  1. The results show that ( 1 ) loops are in general more variable than stems, and in loops a strong adenine bias are observed : ( 2 ) there does not exist a saturation effect in stems, loops or all positions of the 16s rrna gene fragments : ( 3 ) in the molecular cladogram, bagarius forms a sister group with glyptothorax, and euchiloganis forms a sister group with pareuchiloglanis, and exostoma forms a sister group with glyptosternum : ( 4 ) the phlogenetic positions of pseudecheneis, exostoma and glyptosternum are not recognized ; the glyptosternoid fishes are not monophyly although they are defined by 13 osteological apomorphies ; the incongruence of cladograms between molecular and morphological sets may be caused by less informative sites of the 550 homologous sites ; ( 5 ) e. davidi and e. kishinouyei could be the same species according to the genetic distances ; p. sinensis and p. anteanalis could be too

    結果表明: ( 1 )環區平均變點較莖區多,有很強的a偏好性; ( 2 )沒有替代飽和現象; ( 3 )分子系統樹上?屬和紋胸?屬成姐妹群,石爬?屬和?屬成姐妹群, ?屬和原?屬成姐妹群; ( 4 ) ?屬、原?屬和褶?屬的系統發育不定, ? ?魚類並未形成一個單系類群;可能的原因是所得到的16srrna基因片段信息點太少; ( 5 )青石爬?和黃石爬?可能是同一物種,中華?和前臀?可能是同一物種。
  2. It is quite superb in weld - ability as proved by the excellent mechanical propertied. it can be used for welding key low - carbon steel structures, such as ships, bridges and pressure containers

  3. With different geographic position and tectonic section, the deep character of crust and lithosphere in the middle tienshan mountain, the northern altai mountain and southwestern kunlun - alkin mountain are very different, which have a common necessary relation as a whole, and also special regional feature

  4. At first, the paper confirms singular area by singular detection, then designs a series of low - pass filters that have different templates according to the different position in finger image for a local area, at last sets up gabor filter parameters according to the characteristics of fingerprint image. the improved enhancement algorithm has a better robust, and can preserve texture structure of singular area effectively. in binary noise clearance, the paper presents an algorithm that clears the biggish white speckles and black speckles

  5. Because of the disperse location and data safety, each system create a database in his own lan for own use, therefore it come into being a typical heteromorphosis distributed database model

  6. In order to effectively determine the position and distribution of porosities in laser welding sampes with complex structure, a preliminary research was proceeded on the distribtion features of porosities and a formula which can calculate the buried depth of porosities was deduced based on the line profile distribution curve of the flaw position

  7. By applying the theory and method of geological anomaly, it is focused on the analysis of the characters of major geological anomalies and their effect of mineralization in daye - jiurui region. the analysis result shows that the basement fault anomalies control a few major large hidden batholiths and their associated orefields ; that the anomalies of cover structure confine most cu - au deposits and fe - cu deposits within their scope ; that the geochemical anomalies and lithofacies - paleogeographical anomalies are major geological factors leading to trataboundness of some cu - au deposits ; that the anomalies of rock operties provide the favorable chemical and physical conditions for the ore - forming process, including the seepage, circulation, convergence and deposit of ore - bearing hydrothermal solution ; that the anomalous ctive stage of mesozoic magmatite is almost consistent with the major mineralization epoch of the fe, cu deposits, and the structure of multi - levels, and the zoning in magmatic system determine the spatial distribution of the mineralization system. then, based on the above analysis, a comprehensive variate, geological combination entropy, is brought forward for reflecting the complex degree of the combination of geological ore - controlling factors. after circumscribing the anomalies of geological combination entropy, the relations between the anomalies and ore deposits are determined

  8. How to distinguish the sliding zone from a loess landslip relied on the technician ' s experience in - site. 4 typical loess landslides located in jingyang county along jinghe river, named dongfeng landslip, shutangwang landslip, xiuchidu landslip and taiping landslip were studied through in - situ measurement and sample tests to identify the sliding zone

  9. Using the complex potential method in the plane theory of elasticity of an anisotropic body, a series solution to the stress field of a finite plate containing multiple cracks subjected to arbitrary loads is obtained by means of the faber series expansion, and the stress intensity factors at the crack tips are calculated based on the theories of fracture mechanics. equivalence yield stress is introduced in order to consider the effects of the plastic zones, with which the strip yield criteria is developed in the article so that the effects of structural size and the crack interactions on the stress distribution can be considered accurately. the effects of plate size, crack size and crack distributions on the stress intensity factors as well as the residual strength of the plate are studied detailedly

  10. The main work and conclusion for this paper is as following : according to the flashover test results of several kinds of iced insulators under positive voltage and negative voltage, this paper obtained : for the single porcelain insulator, the single glass insulator and the composite insulator bridged completely by icicle, the metal cathode ' s strong ability of emission electron is the primary reason that results in the lower negative flashover voltage ; the position difference of the high resistance district in method anode side results in that porcelain insulator cluster and glass insulator cluster have an evident effect of polarity ; when less ice and no icicle at the brim of the sheds, due to numerous non - polar arcs on the composite surface, the effects of polarity of composite insulator was lost using the test method of the average flashover voltage in the freezing period, dc flashover performances were investigated of several insulators with some typical structures and different material

  11. The stator of aceg is connected to the grid and the three symmetrical excitation windings in the rotor are fed by converter. the magnitude and frequency and phase and phase sequence of excitation voltage can be controlled, so the magnitude and position of excitation mmf as well as the speed of rotor can be controlled. therefore, acegs have superior performances by contrast with conventional synchronous generators and induction generators, such as upstanding stability, power generation of variable speed constant frequency ( vscf ), adjusting active power and reactive power independently, and absorbing lag reactive power deeply

  12. Staining techniques which demonstrate structural transverse banding patterns are revealing less gross abnormalities and variations in chromosomes and proving valuable in relating normal and abnormal genes to particular sites on individual chromosomes ( gene mapping )

  13. The seasonal variation of the mean meridional circulation and the double - level structure of the hadley circulation are analyzed by the two methods. the paper also studies the zonal difference of the anomalous meridional circulation and the impacts of el nino / la nina events on the local meridional circulation anomaly. conclusions are drawn as follows : 1, the hadley circulations in both hemisphere and the position of their joint uprising branch move wholly with the heat equation, with most north in july and most south in january

    然後用簡化方法分析了氣候平均經圈環流的季節變化,論文還對hadley環流的雙層結常經圈環流的緯向差以及elnino 、 lanina事件對局地經圈環流常的影響作了研究,結果表明: 1 ,北、南半球hadley環流圈及其共同上升支的隨熱赤道作整體性移動, 7月最北, 1月最南。
  14. Some examples are given to validate the algorithm. two types of singularity are defined and then the whole workspace is cut into several singularity - free sub - workspaces

  15. This kind model is proved that it has ability to forecast el nino event, especially, degree and site and occurring time of el nino in forecast experiment agree with the observation results

  16. Researching on the technology if reverse order is to study strains if pits, structural systems if basement, environmental surwey and underpinnings. on account of emphasizing developing methods if checking strength if pick - ets, modemizing machenes of excavation and studying methods of underpinning is put forward and is a way if controlling the quality of pickets in sites, which leads an active effect ; synthetic application if rankintheory, spatial and time effect theory to excavation tl aanalyze the state of soil force and strain is brought forward and the time effect should be considered in the zone of clay, the formation and development of soil plasticity are analyzed and the most dangerous zone to decide how to excavate and where to begin is found ; analyzing the cause of picket settlement during reverse order and the differential settlement and discussing hlw to solute it. duringh the temporary survey and the environmental warship, bringing rorward the theory of environmental vibration and analyzing the state of soil force and probability of losing stabilization of soil under the effect of environmental vibration ; analyzing the state offeree in underground concrete wall by the method of mathematics and pointing out the place of the maximum force and deformation. based on systematic illustrating the reverse order, problems about application and development of reverse order and suggestions also are expressed

  17. The structure bearing capacity of the hierarchy scaffold may cause certain difference by shifting its joint positions, altering its scaffold layers and choosing erect modes of whether false sway rods are used or how many ones are used

  18. Classifying the real and imaginary part of the euler equation proves that the selection of structure indexes will affect largely depth parameter or depth location of the source but less lateral parameter or horizontal location of the source

  19. In this respect they are no different to the asymmetrical tactics i challenged before, with the exception that they were built on logical frames that the game designers hadn ' t foreseen, rather than exploiting holes and gaps with weird arrows and positions

  20. High titanium type electrode used for welding in all positions. it has excellent weldable and is suitable for welding low - carbon steel light - gauge sheet or light structures where beautiful bead appearance is requested, such as vehicles, buildings and machinery, etc