中文拼音 [qián]
Ⅰ名詞1. (在正面的) front 2. (次序在先的) first; top 3. (過去的; 較早的) ago; before; preceding 4. (從前的) former; formerly Ⅱ動詞(向前進) go forward [ahead]: 畏縮不前 recoil in fear; hesitate to press forward; 勇往直前 go bravely forward; forge ahead dauntlessly
  1. Mobile front-bucket loaders often suffice for handling and retrieving rock in a-frame structures.

  2. Science magazine, an international weekly science journal, is published by the american association for the advancement of science ( aaas ), with assistance of stanford university ' s highwire press

  3. And he used to be a pathologist at rhus county hospital

  4. And he used to be a pathologist at ? rhus county hospital

  5. Did he use to work in ? rhus

  6. Did he use to work in rhus

  7. She wanted to abase herself before the strong man, to be low and humble before him.

  8. He abased himself before the king

  9. If i had not known before that you were trying somehow to abash me i should know it now.

  10. In this paper the floral ontogeny and the ovary development of rivina humilis l. were observed. the results showed that ( 1 ) the tepal primordia initiated in 2 / 5 spirals. the abaxial one initiated first, then the adaxial one, finally the lateral two initiated nearly simultaneously. the third one initiated on the position near the first tepal, and there is a gap between itself and the second tepal. ( 2 ) the 4 stamineal primordia initiated in one whorl at the same time. ( 3 ) the carpellary primordium initiated from the abaxial side of flower primordium ; the carpellary primordium grew upwards and towards axis after it was formed, therefore an elliptic orifice was formed at the adaxial position of ovary, which was the remainder of the mouth of ovary before the ovary was fused completely. with the ovary maturing, the orifice was narrowed because of the ovary growth, at last fused completely. the gynoecium is composed of a single carpel. ( 4 ) in the series developmental sections of ovary, the ovular primordium was initiated on the adaxial meristem when the mouth of ovary was formed

    對數珠珊瑚的花器官發生和子房的發育過程進行了觀察.結果表明: ( 1 )數珠珊瑚花被呈2 / 5螺旋狀發生,遠軸側的1枚先發生,其次為近軸側的1枚發生,最後側方的2枚花被幾乎同時發生,第3枚花被在靠近第1枚的位置發生,第2枚和第3枚之間有1個空隙; ( 2 ) 4枚雄蕊是同時發生的; ( 3 )心皮發生於分生組織的遠軸側,心皮原基形成后,向上向軸生長,在子房成熟在近軸側非正中位形成1個孔,該孔為心皮最終愈合的殘跡,到子房成熟時,因子房的生長孔被擠壓縮小,在進一步的生長過程中愈合.子房由1枚心皮構成; ( 4 )從子房發育過程的切片看,該植物的胚珠是在子房發生后不久發生的,子房上的圓孔形成時,從近軸側的分生組織發生胚珠原基,由胚珠原基分化出珠被與珠心
  11. Until the age of seven, respiratory movement is abdominal.

  12. This guy murders eight people before he ' s abducted

  13. To take out her abductor

  14. Excuse me each ace, what does the foundation that builds a bank have ? what fund has very big development perspective, help, i am abecedarian

  15. Although current global level is an abecedarian only, but it already promoted network tv development to what internet develops is downstage, promote likely " next generation networks " rapid development

  16. Mr. abel involuntarily urged the pony forward.

  17. In this country, the current criminal code clearly denies the joint negligence offense, not only denying negligence aiders and abetters, but also denying the negligent co - principal. when the joint behavior of two or more actors leads to some harmful consequence but whose act is consequently related to it is uncertain, some scholars consider it as joint negligence offense but difficulties will be encountered in practical case handling

  18. The decision is in abeyance until the returns from holiday

  19. Look into next year, above all need reviewing was mixed last year even this year the year before last year, can say, grail drops through abidance of a few years, the pannikin that acclaims be in fashion for a period before a few years, science and technology, recombine etc is simple congenial idea almost what had changed to these 2 years is very malapropos, but big change often is need time is mixed accumulate, quantitative change will be changed finally into qualitative change, people from to these stocks from love to arrive to coma detesting also is to need time to change likewise

  20. Here, the same format was used for the seminar as for the one in ghana, except by master s arrangement, we were able to use st paul s church, in the heart of the city of abidjan, for our venue