fabricate 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['fæbrikeit]
fabricate 解釋
vt. 及物動詞 1. 構成;組成;〈美國〉製作,建造。
2. 捏造,偽造,杜撰。
3. 創立(理論等)。
n. 名詞 -cation ,-cator n. 名詞 1. 捏造者。
2. 裝配工;修整工。
3. 金屬加工廠。

  1. Small rectangular backup bars were used to fabricate the web-bottom flange connection.

  2. Wu jiang city flourishingly damp hedda embroidery factory set up in 1990 year, is a gather sale, fabricate, printing and dyeing, fiscal stamp, broiders is all - in - one lining manufacture enterprise

  3. A way to circumvent the problem is to fabricate devices in small islands of silicon on an insulating substrate as shown in fig. 32.

  4. We demonstrate experimentally the technique to fabricate large does in the thick film on a concave lens ( mirrors ) surface with precise alignment by using the strategy of exposure twice

  5. Mixers are the key components of many microwave and millimeter - wave systems. the super - heterodyne receiver is always applied in modern communication system, mixer becomes the key component as is at the first part of system. but it is more and more difficult to get the choiceness lo source of the same band with the system is working at high frequency especially in the millimeter - wave. sub - harmonic mixer is a good solution to this problem now. in this circuit we need just half 、 quarter 、 even 1 / 8 of the rf signal frequency. in this paper the design and fabricate of sub - harmonic hmic mixers ( 2, 4 ) at w - band are introduced

    混頻器是微波通信、射電天文學、雷達、等離子物理、遙控、遙感、電子對抗,以及許多微波測量系統中至關重要的部件。在現代通信系統中,毫米波頻段通常採用超外差接收機,混頻器作為第一級就成為關鍵部件。由於在毫米波頻段,同頻段高性能的本振源成本高,技術難度大,採用分諧波混頻技術是解決此問題的有效途徑,只需射頻頻率1 / 2 、 1 / 4甚至1 / 8的本振頻率即可實現混頻。
  6. Furthermore, we try to fabricate complex perovskite structure pmn - pt by the conventional mixed oxide, liquid phase inclosure technique and microwave calcinations method

  7. Tito had never had an occasion to fabricate an ingenious lie before.

  8. Then after analysising each characteristics of phosphate glass material, the fiber rod - in - tube by invaginating core rod, inside cladding and outside cladding is used to fabricate the er / yb phosphate glass fiber successfully by polishing and vacuumizing fiber rod - in - tube. finally some techniques, such as cladding pump, prism coupling pump and fusing pump are used to measure the gain of fiber amplifiers

  9. Two kinds of n - substituted pyrrole ( trimethyl - ( 2 - pyrrol - l - yl - ethyl ) - ammonium iodide and 2 - ( 2 - pyrrol - 1 - yl - ethoxy ) - ethane - sulfonate sodium ) were synt hesized ; poly ( trimethyl - ( 2 - pyrrol - l - yl - ethyl ) - ammonium iodide ) / v2os nanocomposites were synthesized by two methods ( monomer in - situ intercalate polymerization and polymer intercalation in solvent ). to fabricate vaos sol by melt quenching, oxygen top - blend technique was applied to improve oxygenic part - pressure, decrease the oxygenic anoxic and restrain the increase of v4 + ion when vos was melted. the xos xerogel prepared by the new technique had more complete structure than the vos xerogel which v20s powder was melted in the air

    針對以v _ 2o _ 5為原料、熔融淬冷法合成v _ 2o _ 5溶膠、制備v _ 2o _ 5干凝膠薄膜這一方法,提出了在v _ 2o _ 5熔融時運用氧氣頂吹工藝這一思路,目的是增加熔體表面的氧分壓,減少熔體的氧缺損,使v _ 2o _ 5干凝膠的v ~ ( 5 + )離子含量更高、其結構更完整、性能更穩定。
  10. With the aid of baffle movement, a technique named masking pretreatment and the method of vacuum deposition have been used to fabricate the ag - o - cs photoemissive thin films with internal field - assisted structure for the first time. the internal field - assisted photoemission characteristics of ag - o - cs thin films show that the photoelectric sensitivity is increased when the internal electric field is applied to the thin films, which indicates that the electric field has been effectively provided to the thin films by the above - mentioned internal field - assisted structure. such an enhanced photoemission is attributed to the variations in energy - band structure of ag - o - cs thin films, and which are considered to induce the lower - energy electrons to participate in the photoemission

    通過掩膜預處理和擋板轉移技術的配合,利用真空沉積方法首次制備了內場助結構ag - o - cs光電發射薄膜。 ag - o - cs薄膜內場助光電發射特性測試結果表明,該方法能夠有效地實現ag - o - cs薄膜體內電場的加載與表面電極的引出,薄膜光電靈敏度隨內場偏壓的增大而上升。 ag - o - cs薄膜在內場作用下的光電發射增強現象與薄膜體內能帶結構變化低能電子參與光電發射等物理機制有關。
  11. Preparative instruments and implement for fabricate

  12. Blewett and others may fabricate lies to cheat some people for sometime, but not for a long time

  13. We have contrasted several methods on fabrication of passive matrix oled, then we mainly discuss two fabricating methods, one is the precise mask method, the other is the barrier wall method. we find that the barrier wall method to fabricate the passive matrix oled ( pmoled ) has the advantages of high resolution, simple process and no crosstalking problem, so the barrier wall method is the good one to fabricate pmoled. in this paper we adopt the both methods, and we have successfully fabricated the pmoled

  14. For example, in some applications an edg without input and output waveguides is preferable and it is much easier to fabricate. an edg of flat input / outputs can also maintain a good linear dispersion and a perfect focused field as a conventional edg this paper presents a design method for an edg of flat input / outputs is presented

  15. 1. in our papers, the glycine was modified on the surface of glassy - carbon electrode by the oxidative electropolymerization of cv to fabricate the polyglycine modified electrodes

    1 、本文首先通過循環伏安法將甘氨酸氧化電聚合修飾在玻碳電極表面,製成聚甘酸膜化學修飾電極。
  16. The resistivity of the films drops compared with the as - grown films, but the temperature of maximum magnetoresistance reaches 287k, very close to the room temperature. therefore it is not only an important improvement to fabricate the cmr bolometer which can work near room temperature, but also a prospective research for other applications such as magnetic - sensors, spintronics devices and infrared detectors

    同時,退火后薄膜的電阻率明顯下降,外加5t磁場時,最大磁電阻率溫度點上升到287k ,接近於室溫,這不僅為製作室溫超巨磁電阻測輻射熱儀打下了堅實的基礎,也為其它許多器件的應用提供了可能。
  17. The organization structure of corporation group is the fashion of arranges and fabricate of the member corporations and dynamic relationship of them

  18. It is. a big problem to fabricate the vls grating, considering its space increment varies within sub - nanometer. hence, the grating ruling engines, in u. s. a, japan or russia, for vls gratings have very complicated graduation control system. although they have fabricated practical vls grating, their costly devices do n ' t adapt to the fabricating practice in our country

  19. Among these methods particle co - sedimentation is one of the most promising ways to fabricate large - scale profiles with continuous and smooth variations in composition and microstructure

  20. The pressureless infiltration technique means that the spontaneous infiltration of the refined molten al or al - si alloy into the power bed, contains the filler reinforcement particle and k2tip4, occurred at 900 to fabricate sicp / al or sicp / al - si composites, without the aid of any externally applied pressure or vacuum, only by its gravity