fabric proofing 中文意思是什麼

fabric proofing 解釋

  • fabric : n. 1. 構造物,建築物;工廠;結構;(社會等的)組織;【地質學;地理學】組構。2. 編織品,織物;纖維品;織法;質地。adj. -able 可成型的,可塑造的。
  • proofing : 打樣 打樣 打稿
  1. Our company collects all kinds of producing techniques, especially electrostatic flocking technique, ultra - sonic pressing technique, erectronic embroidering technic, fire reprlling, stain proofing technic, technics which keep ahead in domestic mar - ket and are approved by foreign brother companies. the wall - cover fabric and upholstery fabric, sofa far - icwhich developed by our company have british standard, water - stain - dust - proof function, colorfastness standard, abrasive standard, fire re - pellent function these standarde and functions are approved by inter - national test bureau

  2. This product consists of rubber pipe made of inner glue, multi - layer proofing cord fabric and outer glue and metal woggle joint. it has features such as good pressure resistance, good flexibility, great deflexion displacement, aging resistence and excellent shock absorption etc. it is applilcable for the connection of inlet and ourlet pipes of various fan coil sets of air conditionings in the guest rooms of hotels and restaurants

  3. Since our establishment, we have devoted to researching and producing fabric with the process of textile weaving, finishing after dyeing, clothing production. after deep researching and understanding every fabric characteristic, we also enhance the process of fabric functionality in the production with the aim to serve better for clothing production with the result of being closer to skin by making perfection of combining cozy feeling with quality and pattern. we have developed some functional fabrics such as moisture absorbing dry quickly, anti - static, ultraviolet radiation resistance, anti - bacteria and expel adour, flame retardant, mildew - water - fire proofing, etc