混合詞 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [hún]
混合詞 英文
blendword loanblend
  • : 混形容詞1. (渾濁) muddy; turbid2. (糊塗; 不明事理) foolish; stupid
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • : 名詞1 (說話或詩歌、文章、戲劇中的語句) speech; statement; lines of play 2 (一種韻文形式 起於唐...
  • 混合 : (攙雜在一起) mix; blend; mingle; admix; mixture; mix up; interfusion; commixture; blending; cre...
  1. Good passphrases should be longer than 8 characters, should be a mixture of letters, numbers and other characters and should not contain common dictionary words or information easily associable with you such as birthdates, hobbies, pet names, names of family members or relatives, etc.

  2. "aeroplane" is a hybrid which is made from a greek word and a latin one.

  3. Sometimes two words are just jammed together and surviving elements make a new word, a blend of the originals.

  4. These verbs mean to put into or come together in one mass so that constituent parts or elements are diffused or commingled

  5. " cablegram " is a hybrid ; half the word is latin and half is greek

  6. Some words composition quite is complex, generally with the chinese character and two kind of gana mix writing, sometimes also mixes with the roman character

  7. Such formatting includes : correct line breaks and typography, phonetic reading guide text ( known in japanese as furigana ), two lines in one for in - line footnotes, horizontal text within vertical text flow, enclosed characters with circles or other shapes surrounding the characters, and combined characters that are used to fit short words into the space of a single character

    這些格式設置包括:正確的換行和版式,為文字添加拼音(在日文中稱為furigana ) ,將兩行二為一以添加置嵌入式的腳注,在豎排文字中使用水平文字,用圓形或其他形狀將字元圈起來,以及使較短的語只佔據單個字元空間的併字元功能等。
  8. Owing to the peculiarity of mandarin spoken language, the recognizer adopts the sonic model based on hmm, the mixed statistical language model based on both phrases and phrase class. moreover, it makes use of word tree viterbi - beam searching guided by language model and the sylable - filling model. a method of speech identifying and denying is used in the processing of vocabulary out of collecting, non - speech and noises

    針對漢語口語的特點,識別器採用了基於hmm的聲學模型,基於和基於類的統計語言模型,及由語言模型引導的樹viterbi - beam搜索,並且採用基於音節的填充模型、話語確認和拒識等方法對集外、非語聲和噪音進行處理。
  9. Used as the first word of a camel - cased identifier. a parameter named

  10. " aeroplane " is a hybrid which is made from a greek word and a latin one

    Aeroplane (飛機)是一個由希臘和拉丁組成的混合詞
  11. 4 、 the article purpose the hybrid modeling based on character, word and phrase as the chinese ftr using mm method. to reduce de divergent divided syncopation an improved mm method is prompted

    4 、在mm方法的基礎上,本文對一種利用基於字、組的模型來實現中文全文檢索的方法進行了探索和研究。
  12. Jon edvardsson et al pointed out that the technique developed by neelam gllpta et al is neither complete nor terminationai for w on which all of the predicate functions with respect to the input variables are linear, and suggested using linear programming and linear ( mixed ) integer programming methods instead

    Jonedvardsson等人指出,對于謂函數均為輸入變量的線性函數的程序路徑, neelamgupta等人提出的求解方法是不完備的和非終止的,並建議採用線性規劃、線性()整數規劃方法。
  13. Given two arbitrary vocabularies from different namespaces, how might these be mixed to create a compound vocabulary

  14. " cablegram & amp; quot; is a hybrid ; half the word is latin and half is greek

  15. Keywords : electrorheological fluid, flow mode, mixed mode, shear mode, damper

  16. On the base of reviewing kinds of statistical parameter, we developed a hybrid statistical technique adapted to chinese - english parallel corpora for the high - frequence content words, and adequately used dictionary information for the low - frequence content word. at last, we used the competitive linking algorithm and achieved the better result

  17. Straight up refers to a cocktail prepared in a mixing set, strained into chilled glass and served without ice

    這個的意思是雞尾酒在攪拌杯中后倒入冰鎮酒杯中(沒有冰塊) 。
  18. If used as the first word in a camel - cased identifier, they should appear as

  19. The identifier casing rules take precedence over acronym casing rules. do capitalize both characters of two - character acronyms, except the first word of a camel - cased identifier. a property named

  20. Used as the first word of a camel - cased identifier. do capitalize only the first character of acronyms with three or more characters, except the first word of a camel - cased identifier