混雜型 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [húnxíng]
混雜型 英文
  • : 混形容詞1. (渾濁) muddy; turbid2. (糊塗; 不明事理) foolish; stupid
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(多種多樣的; 混雜的) miscellaneous; varied; sundry; mixed Ⅱ動詞(混合在一起; 攙雜) mix; blend; mingle
  • 混雜 : (混合攙雜) mix; mingle; confounding; sophistication
  1. High modulus and ductile hybrid composite rebar

  2. This method is demonstrated by an example in water industry systems. 5. optimization of n - removal in sewage treatment is accomplished by exploiting mixed logical dynamic method ( mld )

  3. The confounding design and the balanced incomplete block design were introduced from the fundamentals of special design, which may be applied to the experiment with fewer homogeneous experimental units and more treatments

  4. Aiming at such problems in combustion system of homemade middle and miniature boiler, as a complex system with the character of dead zone, time variation, serious non - linearity, large time delay, coupling and a lot of disturbance, this paper presents a new set of optimal control resources. by using well - matched control method on system, stable automatic running is realized. having the serious divulgence coals difference a lot from each other in character, instability of chemistry, value of lowest emission of heat, home - made boiler controller is not at all ideal. instead of traditional model that controls the ratio based on proportional control or with the correct signal of the amount of oxygen, this paper, combined with intellect control theory - - fuzzy control and self - optimizing concept, propounded a kind of fuzzy self - optimizing controller to be used in air supplying system of the boiler, and expatiates on the idea of dividing the control process into two parts, dynamic and static to realize, thus meets the demand of homemade boiler economic running

  5. Combining the theory of production scheduling with the actual scheduling problems of the project - the development of mis for fuda company, the theory, methodology and implementation of the mixed production are studied in the paper. in chapter one, based on discussing the challenge of the global markets and the change of the competition factors, some problems of production scheduling in practice are analyzed

  6. Mixed packed bale : a bale containing a certain amount of different grades, staples or colors of cotton

  7. The landscape structure has intensively changed ; the diversities of acreage ratio of various landscapes and the extent of landscape fragmentation have augmented a lot, the structures of land utilization get more complex, the extent of abnormity of landscape shape has enhanced

    發現1996 - 2004八年間,研究區土地利用景觀變化劇烈,各景觀類面積比例差異增大,土地利用結構,景觀破碎化程度變大,景觀形狀不規則化程度加劇。
  8. This dissertation focuses on how to develop a high performance damping mechanism based on multi - energy transitions, which is independent or little dependant with the viscoelasticity of polymer matrix. three sections are mainly included in this dissertation as follows : chlorinated polyethylene ( cpe ) / piezoelectric ceramic ( pzt ) / vapor grown carbon fiber ( vgcf ) composites ; cpe / 2, 2 ' - methylene - bis - ( 4 - methyl - 6 - cyclohexylphenol ) ( zkf ) / vgcf composites ; organic hybrids made from cpe and small molecules cpe / pzt / vgcf composites : the damping composites of multi - energy transitions mechanism were produced by mixing pzt and vgcf into cpe. in this system, the mechanical vibration energy that was transmitted to cpe was found to convert into joule ' s heat through conduction paths between vgcf in the polymer matrix, so the vibration fades away

    本論文主要包括三個方面的研究內容: ?氯化聚乙烯( cpe ) /壓電陶瓷( pzt ) /氣相生長碳纖維( vgcf )復合材料; ? cpe /雙[ ( 2 -羥基- 3 -環己基- 5 -甲基) -苯基]甲烷( zkf ) / vgcf復合材料; ? cpe基有機小分子混雜型復合材料cpe / pzt / vgcf減振復合材料:利用壓電和導電填料填充高聚物基體,當復合材料受到機械振動時,通過高聚物基體將機械振動能傳遞到壓電陶瓷粒子上,利用壓電陶瓷的壓電效應,將機械能轉換成電能,則電流在導電粒子產生的迴路中流動,由於導電迴路具有一定的電阻,所以電能又轉變成熱能耗散掉,從而起到減振的目的。
  9. The main contribution and research works are as follows : 1. based on mechanism modeling basic state space equation was built. and then by exploiting expert knowledge, operational experience and logical constraints in systems, industrial process hybrid model was built. stability of this model was defined and the method of designing controller based on predictive control was present

  10. And another brake material formula also can be achieved in which the carbon fiber was replaced by the wood fiber based on the researching of the effect of fibre, resin and filler in multi - fibres hybrid composite test result shows that the formula material have a relatively suitable friction coefficient ( ranging around 0. 35 ), good fade resistance and recovery as well as low wear ratio. by comparing the formula material with the product of national and abroad sold in the market, its low cost and excellent properties make a bright prospect

    在研究各種纖維、樹脂和填料對纖維復合摩擦材料摩擦學性能影響的基礎上,本文研製開發出分別適用於中重車與中小車用的剎車摩擦材料的最佳配方和一種含木纖維的多種纖維復合摩擦材料的最佳配方。將所選配方的剎車材料與市售的國內外品牌剎車片進行對比,結果表明本課題所開發研製的摩擦材料的摩擦系數都在0 . 35左右,具有很好的摩擦系數穩定性和抗熱衰退性,磨損率也較小,綜合考慮到配方試樣原料成本較低,在性價比上具有一定的優勢。
  11. Some issues were discussed in the review, which include defining and controlling of confounding effects, selection of candidate genes and single nucleotide polymorphisms ( snps ), application of intermediate phenotype and haplotype analyses as well as judgement of the result in association studies

  12. Due to the complexity and high number of the characters of some languages such as chinese and japanese, these character sets use double - byte and mixed character sets

  13. Predictive control for hybrid system based on mixed logic dynamic model

  14. Carbon fiber t300 was chosen as a co - hybrid fiber, and two different kinds uhmwpe fiber / t300 hybrid composites are prepared in both inner - laminar and inter - laminar styles. the inter - laminar hybrid composites exhibited better adhesion than the inner - laminar ones. for the optimized system dc88 / t300 / ve, the ilss reached 42. 5mpa

    實驗部分,研究了纖維狀況(纖維種類、處理與未處理) 、方式、含膠量等對結果的影響;藉助于sem以及建立的機理進行了分析;對復合材料進行了密度和耐濕熱性測試。
  15. Based on the further study of dynamic characteristic of the tractor - implement combination, according to the integrated control model, which including the flowing three parameters : the engine load rate, drive wheel slip and work resistance, and the three control strategies, which are : highest production efficiency control strategy, oil consume economic control strategy and give attention to the above control strategy, we can adopt different control strategies according to different purpose of the task. applying the theory of the hybrid dynamic system to this case, the three control strategies can be abstracted to three discrete matters, and then the exchange model of the discrete matters of the top layer ( which called manage layer ) of the tractor - implement combination and the function decision model, which based on the nerve network, can be established. through this way, the best ad aptive controlling of the tractor came true

    本文研究了拖拉機機組的綜合控制問題及其最佳匹配方法,在深入研究機組動態特性的基礎上,根據發動機負荷率、驅動輪滑轉率和作業阻力三參數的綜合綜合控制模以及三種綜合控制策略(最高生產效率的控制策略、燃油經濟性的控制策略和兼顧最高生產效率及燃油經濟性的控制策略) ,針對不同的作業目的,採用不同的控制策略,應用動態系統理論,把三種控制策略抽象為三種離散事件,建立了拖拉機機組上層(管理層)離散事件切換模,並建立了基於神經網路的功能決策層模,從而實現了拖拉機機組的整機最優控制。
  16. 3. apply industrial process hybrid model mixed with logical and rule to simplify activated sludge process model in wastewater treatment and deduce to a reduced model adapted to control. the simulation result show that this method can combine mechanism model of activated sludge process and expert knowledge and operational experience and can get better effect of optimization and control. moreover, the computational time is short and suitable for real - time control in wastewater treatment by applying mixed integer nonlinear programming mixed with logical rules

  17. Based on the geological, stratigraphic and geochemical characteristics of the ophiolitic melange, island - arc and rift volcanic rocks from the jinshajiang zone, an archipelagic tectonic model with multi - rift and multi - subduction is proposed to explain the evolution of jinshajiang paleo - tethys. the ophiolitic melanges of the jinshajiang zone are mainly outcropped at baimangxueshan, tongduo, gongka, dongzhulin and jiyidu in the deqin county. the geochemistry of major and trace elements of the jinshajiang ophiolite shows its geochemical characteristics are similar to those of the more and island - arc volcanic rocks, but different from those of the typical n - mopjb

    金沙江蛇綠巖主要分佈在德欽縣的白茫雪山、通多、共卡、東竹林和吉義獨地區,主量和微量元素地球化學特徵研究表明,金沙江蛇綠巖不具有典n - morb的地球化學特徵,而具有介於morb和島弧之間的地球化學特徵,暗示它並非形成於寬闊的大洋環境,不是古特提斯在滇西北地區的主縫合帶,可能是古特提斯多島洋體系中的一個弧后盆地。
  18. The basic point of the two designs is to reduce the size of incomplete block, by using principle of confounding, to make fewer homogeneous experimental units fit to the size of incomplete block

  19. 2. this paper advanced mixed integer nonlinear programming ( minlp ) algorithms mixed with constraint programming ( cp ) to solve industrial process hybrid model mixed with logical rule. cp methods have proved to be successful in solving highly constrained discrete optimization and feasibility problems. it can effectively solve hybrid model mixed with logical rule by integrating cp, nonlinear programming and mixed integer linear programming

    本文針對結合邏輯的工業過程,提出了結合約束程序( cp )的合整數非線性規劃( mfnlp )演算法,採用cp方法求解模的可行點,並採用milp cp方法求解演算法中的milp主問題,通過計算實例可看出,採用這種演算法比採用通用的轉化成minlp方法的計算時間大為減少。
  20. Model predictive control algorithm for a class of hybrid system