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許于克 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (稱贊; 承認優點) praise 2 (答應) promise 3 (允許; 許可) allow; permit 4 (許配)enga...
  • : 克i 動詞1 (能) can; be able to 2 (克服; 克制) restrain; control 3 (攻下據點; 戰勝) overcome...
  1. Although there have been many absolutist states in human history, gregg easterbrook and others have argued that such societies tend to rapidly self - destruct or be destroyed by neighbors

  2. For this reason hegglund liked clyde, almost from the very first, sensing in him perhaps a pleased and willing auditor.

  3. Veith and kern put to rest many of the common misunderstandings about classical education and explain its importance to this generation

  4. In its own way, devolution can be said to have benefited the union jack

  5. Dunn ' s second booking was for a trip on louis saha and was possibly deserved but hughes was unhappy with foy ' s previous decision to give the blackburn midfielder a yellow card for a challenge on tevez

  6. The hunt oil company of dallas has become the first international company to receive permission to drill for oil in the kurdistan region of northern iraq since the local government issued an oil - and - gas law last month

  7. Abroad, his anti - war stance over iraq typified an independent foreign policy, inspired by gaullism and spiced with a dash of anti - americanism

  8. Your own history books will tell you about many of the other cycles, the smaller cycles from the apes into homo erectus, homo sapiens and cro - magnon man, but it is so much more than that

  9. An italian fertility expert says a patient will give birth to a cloned baby early next year but experts, including one who helped create dolly the sheep, are skeptical

  10. To many on wall street, all this marked a turning point for which mr bernanke, in particular, deserves credit

  11. I must own that i dont understand it ; perhaps there are diplomatic subtleties in it that are beyond my feeble intellect ; but i cant make it out. mack loses a whole army, archduke ferdinand and archduke karl give no sign of life and make one blunder after another ; kutuzov alone gains at last a decisive victory, breaks the prestige of invincibility of the french, and the minister of war does not even care to learn the details ! for that very reason, my dear boy, dont you see

    博爾孔斯基說道, 「我向您承認,我也並不明白,這里頭會有什麼超出我這貧乏智慧的外交上的微妙之處,但是我也弄不明白,馬喪失了全軍人馬,費迪南大公和卡爾大公奄奄待斃,毫無生氣,而且接一連二地做出錯事,只有庫圖佐夫終贏得了真正的勝利,粉碎了法國人的chavme ,而軍政大臣甚至不想知道詳細的戰況哩! 」
  12. Arizona allows defendants to claim they were insane at the time of a crime, but clark ' s lawyer david goldberg said the standard to prove it is almost impossible, violating the constitutional rights of mentally ill defendants

  13. This programme is based on “ organizing for change : conflicts and dilemmas in surveying and consulting ” a research report undertaken by cranfield school of management on behalf of rics management consultancy faculty

  14. Long ekin cheng is fed with the stresses from his work ; chai is struggled between his wife and his puppy lover ding karena lam ; ben hacken lee is scared by the idea to get married with his steady girlfriend ; playboy malcolm andy hui becomes impotence after knowing a woman has given birth a son for him ; young shaun loses his game in the virtual world and rico, who is a successful man icon, also wants a jump. what the men nowadays can do to deal with the stresses in life

  15. Heinz fischer, who won elections earlier this year, takes over the presidency on thursday. chancellor wolfgang schuessel assumed the presidential duties when klestil fell ill

  16. The switch has started at many kfc eateries and will be completed by april, said gregg dedrick, the chain ' s president

  17. Again dohturov was sent to fominskoe, and from there to maley yaroslavets, the place where the last battle was fought with the french, and where it is plain the final destruction of the french army really begun. and again many heroes and men of genius are described to us in accounts of this period of the campaign, but of dohturov nothing is said, or but few words of dubious praise

  18. " these days, parents go on a lot of business trips, but with children, hugging and touching are very important, " the paper quoted ntu associate professor adrian david cheok as saying. ntu is thinking of a pyjama suit for children, which would use the internet to adjust changes in pressure and temperature to simulate the feeling of being hugged

    南洋理工大學副教授艾德里安大衛晁指出: 「現在,多父母經常因為生意上的原因而外旅行,這對留在家中的孩子來說,與大人的擁抱和接觸在其成長過程中往往會起著非常重要的作用。 」
  19. Indeed, mr mcvey says that many companies earn a lower return on equity than they make on their operating assets ; that is a very poor deal for shareholders

  20. The supreme court was reviewing clark ' s appeal on wednesday, in what may become a significant test of state insanity laws