角化的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiǎohuàde]
角化的 英文
  • : 角Ⅰ名詞1 (牛、羊、 鹿等頭上長出的堅硬的東西) horn 2 (古時軍中吹的樂器) bugle; horn 3 (形狀像...
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • 角化 : keratinize; angling; keratinization; cutification; [生理學] cornification角化不良 dyskeratosis; ...
  1. Based on analyzing the relation between woman and history, this thesis focused on chinese contemporary female chronicle plays and discussed the change of female chronicle plays from 1980s to 1990s female chronicle plays, which used the means of absurdism, secularity and humanism, waken the patrilineal culture by emphasizing the power of female and debasing the male

  2. This paper tries hard to make aesthetics education workable and systematic, at the same time, it adopts the artistic conception of traditional literature theory and the conception of acceptant aesthetic in the west when the connotation of the text is explained, from the angle of the author, text, and readers. the textbook should be understood dynamically

  3. For this purpos, from the point of the log geology, aimed at the actuality of the current fractured reservoir log geology interpretation and evaluation, based on synthetical analysis of the current domestic and foreign fruit of fractal dimension investigation of reservoir fracture, using the method and technique of fractal dimension, through the further discussion of the fractal dimension characteristics of m index and n index in the log interpretation archie model in a sample way and through the theoretic reasoning to the fractal dimension dfa and m index of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, according to the geophysical signification of the fractal dimension dfa of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve shape : the more complicated the change of the curve shape is, the larger the its dfa value is, then the more complicated space structure of fracture and pore, then the higher value of m index of space structure of fracture and pore, and so on, the text propounds an improved method, based on box dimension, of covering log curve with scale grid, and by programming computes the dfa and its m index value of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, for instance, ac and rt curve, ect, then further puts this technique into application investigation, and makes analysis of application effects in the reservoirs located in l area of qx oil field from three aspects : 1. the dfa and its m index value of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, for instance, ac and rt curve, ect, which are derived from computing, is used to identify reservoir type by crossplotting m index with the product df _ acrt of fractal dimension of acoustical wave log curve and restivity log curve and by experiential discriminance plate of reservoir type in l area of qx oil field

    因此,對該區裂縫性儲集層類型識別、孔滲特徵測井地質解釋以及儲層裂縫發育和分佈規律進行深入研究便成為本文研究出發點。為此,本文從測井地質度,針對當前裂縫性儲層測井地質解釋與評價現狀,在綜合分析當前國內外儲層裂縫分形分維研究成果基礎上,利用分形分維方法和技術,通過對archie測井解釋模型中m指數、 n指數分形分維特性深入淺出論述以及裂縫性儲層段測井曲線分維d _ ( fa )與m指數理論推導,根據裂縫性儲層測井曲線形態分維值地球物理意義? ?曲線變越復雜,則其分維值d _ ( fa )越大、裂縫孔隙空間結構越復雜、裂縫孔隙空間結構指數m值越高等特徵,提出了改進基於盒維數測井曲線網格覆蓋法,編程計算了裂縫性儲層段常規測井曲線(如聲波和電阻率曲線)上分形分維值及其m指數值,進而從以下三個方面對qx油田l區塊裂縫油藏進行應用研究,效果十分理想: 1將計算得到可變m指數與聲波和電阻率分維之積df _ acrt進行交繪,採用儲層分維值分類技術統計分析這些參數變規律,並結合qx油田l區塊儲層類型經驗判別圖版,從而實現qx油田l區塊下白堊統裂縫性儲層類型識別。
  4. Treatment of actinic keratoses

  5. Fist of all, on the basis of the research of agone boffins, this author investigates the interaction mechanism of bolts and rock, and introduces the elastic ? lastic analytical resolution which is consist of the liner structure, the equivalent reinforced wall rock and the original wall rock in the simple loading from the equivalent well - proportioned view ; this solution is very important meaning for the engineering design. on the basis of coulomb friction model, the author introduces the finite element equation of the contact problem in order to provide the academic foundation for the application of msc. marc. finally, combining the engineering practice of the non - linear analysis of shield tunnel through yellow river of the south - north water transfer and using the model of friction, the author researched the evolution law of stress and displacement field in the structure of grouted rock bolts, and analyzed the effect to the stress and deformation of surrounding rock mass due to anchor supports

    首先,在前人研究成果基礎上,對錨桿與圍巖相互作用機理進行研究,利用全長錨固錨桿中性點理論,從等效均度來考慮錨桿對圍巖加固作用,並推導了在簡單荷載作用下,含有襯砌、等效加固后圍巖、原始圍巖三者彈塑性解析解,對工程設計有著重要參考意義;在數值模擬方面,以考慮錨固圍巖滿足規則庫侖摩擦模型為基礎,利用虛功原理推導了接觸問題有限元方程計算格式,為開發運用大型商用有限元軟體msc . marc提供了理論根據,也形成了本文理論基礎:最後,論文以南水北調東線穿黃隧洞穩定性分析項目為工程實例,利用本文所述接觸問題摩擦模型理論,對錨桿支護結構應力場、位移場規律進行了研究,分析了加錨支護對隧洞圍巖應力、變形影響。
  6. In the course, the condition and the process of forming and changing of minerals, the typomorphic features of minerals, the characteristics of the distribution and the evolution of minerals and their paragenetic associations in the period and the space, the methods of mineral analyses and research, the geological thermometers and the geologicial barometers of minerals, mineral paragenetic associations and paragenesis analyses will be introduced, and the magnificent and the microscopic genetic characteristics of pyrite, quartz, garnet, pyroxene, amphibole, mica, feldspar, and other minerals will be dealt with particularly

  7. A new cost function based on the diagonalization of correlation matrices is proposed to measure the independency of output signals

  8. Stratified squamous epithelium with beginning surface cornification

  9. This section is from thin skin, which has a dry surface covered with dead cells

    取材於體皮(薄皮) ,表面覆蓋著角化的死細胞。
  10. This bladder biopsy from an adult female is lined by non - keratinizing squamous epithelium with resemblance to aginal mucosa

  11. In order to ensure the supply of raw material, to expand the market and to diversify business risks, enterprises would take various integration strategies, either vertical, horizontal or multiple, and finally has establish a so called " group enterprises "

  12. Looking toward the future, the fis group will continue to actively develop and leverage off its diversified skill base to deliver high quality solutions for customers. fis will continue to enhance service quality, and endeavor to facilitate the new information age with our innovative products and professional technology

  13. We use the financial data of chinese manufacturing companies which issued a share during the period from 2003 to 2004, analyze the financial characteristics of chinese manufacturing companies, with the help of statistical method such as logit regression and the descriptive statistics. the dissertation can be divided into six main parts as follows : the first part is an introduction to the background and motivation of the study, research purposes, and so on

  14. The concept of a secondary diagonalizable ( sdiagonalizable ) matrix over quaternion field is defined, necessary and sufficient conditions for determining whether a matrix over quaternion field is a sdiagonalizable matrix are studied, and a method of finding sdiagonalizable matrices is given

  15. On the base of matching accurately, 3d models are reconstructed by reconstructing space points and method of surface reconstruction. then, third dimension 3d models are reconstructed by using textures from the images. then, application of 3d reconstruction in the visual museum is research

  16. The conditions of simultaneous diagonalization of two matrices are given

  17. Application of blind source separation based on joint approximate diagonalization to gearbox fault diagnosis

  18. More specific, the student model is transformed into a junction tree, by means of moral graph and triangulation

  19. Firstly, we introduced delaunay triangulation and developed a two dimensional delaunay triangulation program which can deal with large amount of data

  20. A given set of polynomials can be decomposed to a series of triangle polynomials with the same zeros