計算卡 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [suàn]
計算卡 英文
computer card
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (計算) count; compute; calculate; number 2 (設想; 打算) plan; plot Ⅱ名詞1 (測量或計算...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (計算數目) calculate; reckon; compute; figure 2 (計算進去) include; count 3 (謀劃;計...
  • 計算 : 1 (求得未知數) count; compute; calculate; reckon; enumerate 2 (考慮; 籌劃) consideration; pla...
  1. With the help of the electronic computers, engineers employ it to figure out nearly all kinds of engineering problems ranging from astronavigation, construction, waterpower projects, ship - building and mechanical engineering etc. owing to the strong power of finite element method, one kind of software pack which based on the method is exploited and named algor feas to resolve problems on structure analysis for trusses and shells. this paper also employ algor feas software pack to analyze and compute the cableway towers, giving the accurate result on stress and displacement both in location and whole. finally, we also bring out some advice on structure improving

  2. Second, go deep into investigate the frame and calculate method of real options, apply formulation of gesk, black - scholes carr and margrabe to a instance, and compare the results of different formulations. make use of binominal lattice ^ finite difference and monte carlo to one instance. this paper suggests that the operable procedure and method copeland and antikarov provided with monte carlo simulation and binominal lattice is a best way

    第二,深入分析實物期權應用框架和方法,利用gesk公式、 black - scholes公式、 carr公式和margrabe公式對具體的實例進行了比較,又採用二項網格法、有限差分方法和蒙特羅方法對實例進行了模擬
  3. The second part introduces the hardware design of the whole instrument in the first period, which is based on the isa interface, hi this period the equipment precedes its operation and safe detection mainly by the isa interface card. also the patients " data, the setting of the blood flux and the display and backup of data are all executed on the computer

  4. The calculation shows why decreasing the intake of calories is more effective than increasing exercise for losing weight.

  5. In this thesis, used thermocouple to sense the temperature in the space of the hearth, attributed the thermocouple based on calorifics and scientific arithmetic, acquired data by data acquiring card, processed data according to the demand of setting up temperature model and drawing graphics and then caculated the coordinates of isothermal points and normals of isothermal facets, ascertained the order of connecting points and the model of construct, drawed the isothermal facet of temperature field with opengl at last

  6. The main contents are as follows. ( 1 ) filter cloth and the surrounding soil mass are taken as an approximate isotropy in horizontal section, the relationship of stress and strain is studied, the anisotropy is fully considered, the constitutive model of filter cloth reinforcement fly - ash compound is obtained, it is tested with numerous indoor experiments. ( 2 ) the permeable coefficient is introduced into the constitutive relationship of soil mass with relevant seepage theory ( kozeny - carman experience formula ). the test of filter cloth depositing hi the condition of long term seepage flow is done hi the dissertation, the varying regular of permeable coefficient without pressure is presented

    本文首先對國內外的研究現狀作了回顧和總結,然後主要針對土工織物加筋粉煤灰復合體的本構關系和理論進行研究,主要內容有: ( 1 )將土工織物和周圍土體視為一種近似的彈性非線性橫觀各向同性體,研究它的應力應變關系,充分考慮它的各向異性,得到土工織物加筋粉煤灰復合體的本構模型,然後通過大量室內試驗進行分析驗證; ( 2 )引入有關滲流理論,即柯茲尼-爾曼( kozeny - carman )經驗公式,將滲透系數引進到土體本構關系中。
  7. The whole system is made up with industry pc, ccd camera, video compress card, de - code machine

    系統為利用工控機、 ccd攝像機、視頻壓縮、解碼器構成的以機為核心的數字監控系統。
  8. I ' m responsible for writing computer programs : developing block diagrams , utilizing available software and operation systems , and coding machine instructions ; originating block digrams , working from outlines of proposed systems ; developing file sizes , programming specifications ; determing appropriate use of tape or disk files , printer , etc

  9. Abstract : in the research of internal combustion engine, recordingin - cylinder pressure and temperature is an essential technique to study the thermal cycle of internal combustion engine. the combustion analyzer developed in this study will give both the measurements at sampling points per crank angle or sampling cycle, calculate and show the real time parameters which decide the working process of internal combustion engine, such as pressure accelerating rate, indicateed mean effective pressure, cycle - to - cycle variation, heat release rate, etc. compared with the imported congeneric products, the analyzer has many advantages such as chinese interface, low price, easy operateing, convenience in maintainance and easy upgrading

  10. In this paper, the main works are followed : la cqt dialing and testing system has been developed ; 2. by using two moxa cards, the rs - 232 serial port is expanded ; 3. a software of interface and control is programmed, which can accomplish the function of data collection and analysis

    Cqt撥打測試終端的研製,其中包括測試終端的總體設、原理圖及印刷電路板設,電路板焊接與調試。 2利用moxa機的rs - 232串列介面進行擴展的設與實現。
  11. Easy to use restorationsoftware removes crackles and noises professionally in real time whether your favorite hits are engraved in vinyl or your precious recordings are on tape : with ease and speed, the phono preamp studio usb can eternalize your lp, single or cassette recordings to your pc, for example so that you can burn them to cds

    Terratec針對愛好黑膠唱片的用戶推出了phono preamp studio usb ,它可是一款完美結合了硬體與軟體的產品,它的體積雖小,但phono preamp studio usb可讓您在機上編修唱片及帶上的音樂,並讓它們存在cd上永久保存,這一切過程完全不需要任何聲,只需透過usb介面。
  12. The first one : fitting together ultimate values of every dimensions in one dimension - chain one by one, educing many equations by itself, calculating results, and comparing these results of close dimension to find maximal and minimal values. the second one : projecting all dimensions on two preestablished axis, then providing the solutions to analyze whether every projected dimensions is increscent or decreasing, and synthesize the effect of every projected dimensions to close dimension, educing many equations by itself, at last calculating the result of close dimension. the third one : according to monte carlo analysis, getting every dimensions " values from every dimensions " tolerances at random time after time, simulating the actual circumstances of mass production using these dimensions, and calculating reasonable results of close dimension economically

  13. And the interfaces have analog input, analog output and digital input / output. we have used differently cards, such as pc - 6330d a / d card, pcl - 728 d / a card based isa bus, ipc - 5375 i / o card and so on. in addition, we select micro - stir switches and pressure sensors as sensor elements to inspect the system and choose relays and induction valves to control the bicycle pump and the motor

    總線採用isa內部總線;介面主要有模擬量輸入介面、模擬量輸出介面、開關量輸入輸出介面等,課題分別選用pc - 6330d型a d板、基於isa總線的型號為pcl - 728的d a板、型號為ipc - 5375的i o板;另外,課題選用了微動式行程開關、壓力變送器作為傳感元件檢測系統,選用繼電器、電磁控制換向閥實現對氣缸、電機的控制;採用vc + + 6 . 0編制控制軟體,實現了纖維鋪放技術的機控制。
  14. Secondly an infrasonic array was constructed. the array is made up of three detectors with about 1 kilometer distance between each other. the three detectors are connected with telephone line

  15. Online instant lottery uses computer and communication network system as its distribution carrier. the sale of the lottery tickets is concentrated in lottery - selling halls, using the betting card as the final accounts tool. it is an instant electronic lottery completing the whole lottery - buying, betting and identification process in the betting terminal according to a certain betting rules

  16. The control system of furnace " s temperature has been widely used in every walk of life, as an important link of repair and manufacture of the electrical equipment such as electromotor transformer etc., soaking lacquer drying craft has some especial requests on drying crafto this article starts with the analysis of drying chamber " s configuration, analyzed its configuration limitation and control function limitation according to the factory " s situation and advances the conception of heated air drying circulation, in addition, this article adopts an intellectualize a / d module, a development sampling tuning - voltage circuit, and presents the method to measure online the insulation resistance of products in order to improve constantly products quality

    而浸漆乾燥工藝作為電機、變壓器等電氣設備的修理、製造中的重要環節之一,對乾燥過程的質量要求有一定的特殊性。該文從乾燥爐的結構分析入手,聯繫到工廠的實際情況分析了結構功能缺陷和控制功能缺陷,提出了熱風循環乾燥的概念,同時,選擇了較為先進的a d板、熱電阻信號調理板等專業化智能,運用數字pid控制技術,構成了一個較有特色的機控制系統。此外,該文還從保證乾燥品質量的角度,採用智能化交流模塊和自製采樣調壓電路的方法,提出了在線檢測產修品的絕緣電阻的方法和手段,以確保企業產品質量不斷提高。
  17. The inverse kinematics of a space - based manipulator composed of three rigid bodies with prismatic joint are studied in the second chapter, and the jacobean matrix for space manipulator is derived by fully cartesian coordinates. a control method for space manipulator based on the resolved motion rate control concept is proposed

  18. It is demonstrated by simulations that the control method is efficient and the fully cartesian coordinates is practically efficient. then the inverse kinematics of dual free flying space manipulator are mainly discussed in the third chapter, and the jacobean matrix for dual manipulator space robot is derived by fully cartesian coordinates, a control method for space manipulator based on the resolved motion rate control concept is proposed. then, the computer simulation verifies the effectiveness of the algorithm

  19. The paper describes the feature of double circular arc spiral bevel gears, basing on such gears manufacture theory, the paper depicts how to form the double circular arc spiral bevel gear tooth profile, at the same time, depicts its meshing theory and derives its tooth profile equation. basing on fsh short tooth, the paper derives the tooth depth equation, describes its manufacture technology, makes out this tooth propile single side method regulation calculation card

  20. Compuoting cards for children