語源學 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yuánxué]
語源學 英文
  • : 語動詞[書面語] (告訴) tell; inform
  • : 名詞1. (水流起頭的地方) source (of a river); fountainhead 2. (來源) source; cause 3. (姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (學習) study; learn 2 (模仿) imitate; mimic Ⅱ名詞1 (學問) learning; knowledge 2 (學...
  1. On the study of chinese etymology to applied linguistics

  2. The key to successful use of technology in language teaching and learning lies not in hardware or software but in humanware. to conclude, call has much potential, but it has a long way to go before it can claim empirical success in efl classrooms

    我國傳統外總是趨于把教過程看作是「教師- - -生」的線性的單一的過程,教師是整個教過程的主體,是唯一的信息,而生則是客體,是被動的信息接受者。
  3. The thriving studies on grammaticalization ( full word ' s grammaticalization ), syntactical functions extension, rationale for compound words, grammaticalization ( lexicalization ), iconicity, etymology, lexicography, etc. in modern linguistics are directing researchers ' attention to the diachronic and historic perspective in the synchronic research of the lexical semantics of modem chinese

    摘要現代研究中的法化(實詞虛化) 、詞性引申研究,復合詞理據義研究,法化(詞匯化)研究,象似性、詞研究,詞典編纂研究等的興盛,帶動了現代漢詞匯義的共時研究對歷時、歷史視角的關注。
  4. To try to argue that the real meaning of a poem can be discovered only if the reader brings to bear upon it abstruse, quasi - biographical “ evidence ”, and tiny, washed - up bits of etymological detritus, makes the reading and understanding of poetry into an elitist sport - cum - parlour game, undermining the notion that poetry has a universal appeal

    如果說,只有當讀者能夠使用詩歌深奧的、傳記般的「證據」 ,以及微小無用的語源學零星,才能發掘詩歌的真意,那麼,閱讀和理解詩歌就變成了一場只有精英才能參與的半運動半消遣的游戲,破壞了詩歌具有大眾感染力這個觀念。
  5. John 1 : 1 this was substantiated when the late dr. edmond bordeaux szekely, philologist, archaeologist, and co - founder of the international biogenic society, accidentally came upon secret aramaic texts in the vatican, which date back to the third century after the death of jesus

  6. The dissertation wants to construct a systematic structure of precontract institution. at first, we analyze the precontract ' s legal concepts and its legal characteristics, and points out that the precontract is a contract in essence, however it has n ' t the characteristic of human being " s nominate transaction, the author discuss it from the viewpoint of the procedure to make a contract

  7. Beginning with the connotation of chinese, the authors analyses the relationship between speech form and speech content, illustrates the ever - changing form should follow its basic rules. comparing with content, the author thinks speech form has the feature of direct perception, the stability and limitation. thus, chinese teaching based on the form is not only in accord with the law of individual perception and psychological development, beneficial to develop the students " perception structure, but also it " s an important principle, the center of chinese teaching, the main foundations to train the students " language ability

    本文澄清了人們對科的幾個基本概念的曲解和誤會,從文的內涵入手,科地界定言形式和言內容的概念與關系,並從習個體認知習的心理發展規律和文教自身的內在規律方面尋找理論依據,闡述了言形式雖是「千變萬化」的,但有其基本規律可循,且此基本規律是「千篇一律」的,與內容相比,具有相對的直觀性、穩定性和有限性,所以,文教以言形式為主,既符合習個體認知習的心理發展規律,有助於生良好的認知結構的構建,遷移習能力的形成及認知能力的發展;同時,以言形式為主,又是文教的一條重要的客觀規律,它是文教規律性運轉的「軸心」 ,是培養生言能力的「抓手」 、感能力形成的泉、弘揚人文性的依託。
  8. On the roots of structuralist literary criticism in linguistics

  9. The human resource : five universities ( under construction ) including shanghai foreign language university, shanghai foreign trade university, lixin accountant college and traveling institute, thirty middle schools and tenty - eight occupation and technology schools

    人才資: 5所大(在建)包括上海外國、外貿院、立信會計、旅遊高等專科校; 30公中; 28所職、技校。
  10. The socio - linguistics of stigmatized language varieties - in the caribbean and beginnings. why are certain stigmas ( which ? ) associated with creole languages ? by whom

  11. Established in 2003, the foreign linguistics & applied linguistics program has a wide scope of inquiry that extends beyond the traditional disciplinary boundaries of linguistics to such interdisciplinary areas as rhetoric & culture and translation theory & practice

  12. The pairs had identical physical structure, but only one contained linguistic information

  13. This article introduces the professor cao dehe ' s learning spirit, and discusses the learning personality exhibiting in his work " studies on the language application and language criterion "

    摘要曹德和教授深受界南派影響,在《言應用和言規范研究》中展示的術個性是:尋根究,旁徵博引;站在術前沿,勇於作理論上的探索;善於發現問題和敢於碰「難題」 。
  14. This article reviews and rethinks the three different but crossed approaches to integrate language - the approaches of being european, being classical chinese and being oral dialect, and then comes to the conclusion that the combination of all language resources is still the direction to the modern chinese literature in the new century

    文章對現代漢「歐化」 、 「文言」 、 「方言口」三條互異而交叉的言整合路向進行了梳理和反思,並認為對「古今中外」各種言資的「雜糅調和」依然是新世紀現代漢前行的方向。
  15. The orogin of methodology of historical comparative linguistics

  16. Oceanographic terminology - science of marine resources

  17. On the origin of linguistics in time of ancient greece

  18. Cognitive semantics and its origin of philosophy

  19. The norbergs to the dustbin of world record history, " said dylan hughes, the organiser of the jones extravaganza in the city ' s millennium centre stadium

    語源學家barry popik發現,類似的說法keepin早在1894年就出現在書本中,到了19世紀晚期簡化為keepin
  20. In the light of the characteristics of higher vocational college students and the requirement of quality education, it is important to acknowledge students ' differences and implement english teaching for different levels of competency