講壇 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiǎngtán]
講壇 英文
1. (講臺) bema; platform; rostrum; pulpit2. (講演討論的場所) a place for public speech or discussion; forum
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (說) speak (of); talk (about); relate; say; tell 2 (解釋; 說明) explain; explicate...
  • : 名詞1 (祭壇) altar 2 (土臺) raised plot 3 (有共同興趣、愛好的人組成的圈子) circles; world 4...
  1. The lecture platform was the nearest that he, a shy man lacking in " animal spirits ", could be to his fellows

    他天性靦腆, 「血氣」不足,在講壇上是他和群眾最接近的時候。
  2. Both emperors pronounced panegyrics for their father from the rostra, and they appointed a flamen for him chosen from their own kinsmen and a college of aurelian priests55 from their closest friends

    兩位皇帝在講壇上對他們的父親發表了贊辭,並且在他們的親戚中為他任命了一個祭司,另一個來自奧里利安的一個祭司團,從他們的親密朋友中挑選( 55 ) 。
  3. It is a voice of european public opinions.

  4. It is the theater at oxford and not at cambridge which is on the verge of extinction.

  5. It is the theatre at oxford and not at cambridge which is on the verge of extinction.

  6. An elevated platform, lectern, or stand used in preaching or conducting a religious service

  7. We said this from the rostrum of parliament but the other parties did not have the courage even to act against those elements from the panchayat system that the malik commission had identified as criminals

  8. At the west end, there was a raised platform.

  9. Her present gaiety sounded to him like laughter heard in the shadow of the pulpit.

  10. He went back to pulpit hill for two or three days of delightful loneliness in the deserted college.

  11. All the young men at pulpit hill who were eligible-those who were twenty-one-were going into service.

  12. Consider it a tribute to the size of your bully pulpit

  13. America is a lecture-hall on a very extensive scale. the rostrum extends in a straight line from boston, through new york and philadelphia to washighton.

  14. Inside, there is a high rostrum for preaching

  15. He elbowed his way through the crowd towards the rostrum

  16. Raise me a dais of silk and down ; hang it with vair and purple dyes ; carve it with doves and pomegranates and peacocks with a hundred eyes ; work it in gold and silver grapes, in leaves and silver fleurs - de - lys ; because the birthday of my life is coming, my love is coming to me

  17. In the forum he can make no claim, on the bare ground of his temperament, to superior discernment or authority.

  18. When i am in the pulpit, i have the pleasure of seeing my audience nod approbation while they sleep

  19. As " god s gift to festivals, " this brooding, meditative treatise on drug addiction is a singular vision not seen since the heydays of eastern european cinema. director fliegauf eschews fancy edits for long, circular takes that hover like vultures upon their prey. each meticulously constructed scene is accompanied by dissonant noises that unnervingly build upon the pervasive mood of despair

    沒有留戀首作掌聲,次作一百八十度轉身,向自己偶像,祖家的cult片大師bla tarr致敬,以近乎真實時間的長鏡頭,催眠式的聲效與影機運動,捕捉毒販衰到貼地的一天:第一個客仔是癡肥宗教領袖,再不上電便沒法踏足講壇;在病床五花大綁的朋友,用健身院換取一服永不醒轉的海洛英;癮起的舊愛,自爆女兒是他播的種。
  20. The lecture platform was the nearest that he, a shy man lacking in "animal spirits", could be to his fellows.