談話人 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [tánhuàrén]
談話人 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞(說話或討論) talk; speak; chat; discuss Ⅱ名詞1. (所說的話) talk; conversation 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ名詞(說出來的能夠表達思想的聲音, 或者把這種聲音記錄下來的文字) word; talk Ⅱ動詞(說; 談) talk about; speak about
  • 談話 : 1. (多人在一起說話) conversation; talk; chat 2. (用談話的形式發表意見) statement; talk
  1. He could allay certain pains by the touch of his cool, firm hands, and by talking to them often induce sleep in men who were suffering from sleeplessness.

  2. The young schoolboy can not understand the allusive conversation of intellectual men

  3. Physically, she far excelled me : she was handsome ; she was vigorous. in her animal spirits there was an affluence of life and certainty of flow, such as excited my wonder, while it baffled my comprehension. i could talk a while when the evening commenced, but the first gush of vivacity and fluency gone, i was fain to sit on a stool at diana s feet, to rest my head on her knee, and listen alternately to her and mary, while they sounded thoroughly the topic on which i had but touched

  4. Hoover had bugged congressmen, as well as nonviolent civil right and antiwar protestors.

  5. The yeomen, farmers, dairymen, and townsfolk, who came to transact business in these ancient streets, spoke in other ways than by articulation.

  6. Beatrice, who liked not to be left out of any discourse, interrupted benedick with saying.

  7. It was blanche who, when the conversation flagged and the youth's modesty came rushing back and overpowering him, knew how to reanimate her companion.

  8. 2 there will be television chat shows hosted by robots, and cars with pollution monitors that will disable them when they offend

  9. Frivolous talk is hurtful talk ; besides, it is unbecoming to be chatterbox

  10. As we talked i had been studying chou with deep interest; like many red leaders, he was as much a legend as a man.

  11. Talks between lawyer and client are privileged.

  12. If pendennis was impertinent in his talk, foker, on the other hand, so bland and communicative on most occasions.

  13. The personal appearance and interview of the contestant is another count.

  14. The speakers are having eyeball contact with each other

  15. La carconte muttered a few inarticulate words, then let her head again drop upon her knees, and went into a fit of ague, leaving the two speakers to resume the conversation, but remaining so as to be able to hear every word they uttered

  16. Even now, many are still worried about saying the wrong things on non - political issues, preferring instead, to sit on the fence

  17. Even now, many are still worried about " saying the wrong things " on non - political issues, preferring instead, to sit on the fence

  18. [ q ] what are the speakers doing

  19. Eye contact is one way of measuring the degree of closeness of relationship between two speakers, although there are cultural variations in the meaning of eye contact

  20. I could tell the direction of the speakers pretty exactly, not only by the sound of their voices, but by the behaviour of the few birds that still hung in alarm above the heads of the intruders