消息組 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiāo]
消息組 英文
block of the message
  • : 動詞1 (消失) disappear; vanish 2 (使消失; 消除) eliminate; dispel; remove 3 (度過; 消遣) pa...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (呼吸時進出的氣) breath 2 (消息) news 3 (利錢; 利息) interest 4 [書面語] (子女) on...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由不多的人員組成的單位) group 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(組織) organize; form Ⅲ量詞(...
  • 消息 : 1. (情況報道) news; information 2. (音信) tidings; news
  1. Based on vc and opengl software platform, as a part of integrate planar mechanism analysis and simulation cai, the mechanism theory has been adopted to analysis the movement trace and profile of linkage ; adopt oriented object method to capsulate the class module. each corresponding class module complete parameter storage and process ; adopt message - map, message - trigger to organize the programming and response the user " s input ; use the document - view structure of the visual vc + + mfc class foundation as the basis of the programming architecture to complete those functions. use oriented object method to product the following class module : control class, render class, document class, mechanism class and other classes ; adopt opengl library to draw the three dimensional graph based on the result of mechanism analysis ; use model transforming, lighting, material, color, frame - buffer, display - list, graphics - component combine etc to draw the three - dimension mechanism and make the simulation of linkage has high reality

    本文敘述了平面連桿機構運動分析和可視化模擬的理論演算法及其編程實現方法,基於微機vc平臺,採用opengl圖形庫編程,利用面向對象的方法對機構進行功能封裝,利用vc + +的文檔視結構作為最基本的窗架,生成並控制三維繪制類、文檔類、主窗口類和一些輔助類,利用windows平臺的映射、事件驅動來織程序運行和響應用戶反饋,利用機構分析得出坐標數據驅動opengl庫繪制三維機構圖形。
  2. You can choose different encipher algorithms according to requirement. aes is a symmetric block cipher that can process data blocks of 128 bits, using cipher keys with lengths of 128, 192and 256 bits. because the length of block and key has been expanded, security has been enhanced

    Aes ( advancedencryptionstandard )是fip ( federalinformationprocessingstandardspublication )在2001年6月發布的草案,它是分加密演算法,為128bit ,有三種密鑰長度128bit 、 192bit 、 256bit ,由於分長度和密鑰長度加長使得安全性大大的提高,它有望成為21世紀的加密標準。
  3. Sources within pakistan have alluded to an aam that incorporates elements of the advanced bvr darter designs that were once part of south africa ' s previously well - funded development plans

  4. The other is train communication network. based on the protocol of " iec 61375 - 1 ", published by iec in 1999, the data to be transmitted is classified into urgent periodic variables and deferrable random messages. in this paper the whole net is decomposed into two layers : train bus and vehicle bus

    文中參考iec織1999年公布的「 iec61375 - 1 」標準協議,將整個列車網路分為連接各個車廂主機的上層列車總線網和連接單個車廂內負責控制、檢測等子設備的下層車廂總線網,同時將傳輸的數據類型區分為實時的周期性過程數據和可延遲的偶發性數據。
  5. Official site of the c ma in the united states. includes news, church locator, doctrinal information

  6. Xml web services use xml - based messaging as a fundamental means of data communication to help bridge the differences that exist between systems that use incongruent component models, operating systems, and programming languages

    Xml web服務使用基於xml的處理作為基本的數據通信方式,以幫助除使用不同件模型、操作系統和編程語言的系統之間存在的差異。
  7. It channels information to newspapers, news agencies, radio and television stations ; deals with press enquiries 24 hours a day ; and, in times of emergency, becomes the nerve centre of all communications

  8. In this protocol, the transmitter organizes the frame according to it, and the receiptor does validity check of the characters, length check, crc check. thus, the system will work more exactly and efficiently. and based on rs - 485 communication, the paper implements a process communication method, which is impulsed by overtime message of timers ’ check

    在這種協議中,發送方根據協議幀,接收方主要採用了字元合法性校驗、長度校驗、內容的crc校驗,提高了通信的效率及正確性,最後在rs - 485通信上實現了基於定時器超時檢測驅動的進程通信策略。
  9. To resend all workgroup messages

  10. The source revealed that the ad hoc group will examine the existing laws on sedition, and to explore how to extend to the internet

  11. A topic the group of messages for a particular interest is just one node in one tree in the topic space, as shown in figure 3

  12. Every time a new version of a message flow or message set is added to the bar file, the name of the recently added file appends with " underscore and the version number

    每次將流或消息組的一個新版本號添加到bar文件中時,最近添加的文件的名稱都會附加上「 _ 」 (下劃線)和版本號。
  13. By analyzing sm frame format, serial communication and at commands concerned about sm, this design implements receiving and sending of sm on pda through connected mobile phone

    同時詳細介紹了sm模塊中的短消息組幀格式、串口通訊以及關于收發短的at指令等內容,實現了在pda上通過與之相連的手機收發sm 。
  14. To make sql access useful and manageable, you should define db2 views that specify the fields you want to access via sql and the set of messages that belong in this db2 view these messages constitute the rows of the db2 view

  15. Therefore, this thesis presents a new asynchronous messaging model based on distributed object, and discusses the basic communication problems in the model, which includes asynchronous invoke, store - forward, object migration, message multicast, etc. base on this model, the thesis also studies some advanced technology problem such as message routing, reliable delivery, performance guarantee, etc, which will be met in constructing complex distributed system

  16. This model manages remote invokes through event driving, and supports two asynchronous invoke model such as asynchronous call back and polling ; the model uses router as message " store - forward " mechanism, and guarantees time independent invoke of loosely coupled application ; the model extends the traditional corba addressing way, defines a kind of logic object address, which can support object migration of loosely coupled application and increase transparency of object location ; the model also defines object group address, which supports message multicast and implements " i - to - n " communication model

    該模型採用事件驅動的方式管理遠程調用,支持異步回調和異步輪詢兩種異步調用模式;模型採用路由代理作為的「存儲-轉發」機制,保障了松耦合應用的時間無關調用的需求;模型擴展了傳統corba的尋址方式,定義了邏輯對象地址,能夠支持松耦合應用的對象遷移,提高了對象定位的透明性;模型還定義了對象地址,支持消息組播,實現了「一對多」的通信模式。 2
  17. When the receiver wants to join in a multicast group, it sends a request message to the sender with a tcp connection. the request message gets to the sender and the sender answers for it with a confirmed message. during the confirmed message returning to the receiver, the router along the pass forms the multicast routing information according to the confirmed message

  18. Provides properties and methods for sending messages using the collaboration data objects for windows 2000 cdosys message component

    提供用於使用windows 2000的協作數據對象( cdosys )消息組件來發送的屬性和方法。
  19. Namespace contains classes that enable you to construct and send messages using the cdosys collaboration data objects for windows 2000 message component

    System . web . mail命名空間包含使您可以使用cdosys ( windows 2000的協作數據對象)消息組件來構造和發送的類。
  20. Click on the second message component and set it up like the one above