直線網 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhíxiànwǎng]
直線網 英文
net of lines
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (成直線的; 硬挺的) straight; stiff 2 (跟地面垂直的; 從上到下的; 從前到后的) erect; v...
  • : 名詞1 (用絲、棉、金屬等製成的細長的東西) thread; string; wire 2 [數學] (一個點任意移動所構成的...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (捕魚捉鳥的器具) net 2 (像網的東西) thing which looks like a net 3 (像網一樣的組織或...
  • 直線 : 1. (不彎曲的線) straight line2. (急劇的) steep; sharp
  1. Apply computer chip to control the circuit ; omron opto - elecrtonic control - ler and panasonic and mitsubishi inverter have stable performance, high precision, rapid reaction and long life - span ; the controlling plate applies tactile operation board which is handled easily ; vertical structural screen is easy to adjust the vertical printing pressure so as to ensure the quality of printing ; the frame lift is driven by electrical motor and installed with imported linear guide rails, of which the speed - adjust device, scraper and scraping blade can be adjusted within15 to 45 and can be set for many times so as to repeatedly printing with good precision and output, the flat bed is made of 2mm stain - less steel plates which are flat, smooth and indeformable ; it is also equiped with micromatic setting device in order to ensure the precision of multi - color overprint and auto air - intake device to ensure strong adsorption

  2. Organizational systems vary according to size, features and requirements, ranging from lineal systems to network systems

  3. L. virgaurea and l. sagitta were guerrilla clonal plant of perennial herb. 2. in the process of clonal growth, each rhizome only developed a ramet and there was no net or linear clonal growth form

  4. Straight razor wire

  5. The maturity of stream media and cdn technologies will surely give a revolutionary impetus to broadband content and even to the entire broadband industry. they will provide end users with internet - based information services such as multimedia news release, on - line direct broadcast, network - based advertisement, e - commerce, vod, distance education, remote medicine, internet - based radio station and videoconferencing, and yield a comfortable profit to the value chain of the broadband industry, including operators, icps and isps. 2

  6. If the opponents do force the woman deep, she must hit a shot that gives her time to follow it to the net, either a down - the - line drop ( if the opposing woman is in her proper cross - court position ), a half smash down - the - line, or a cross - court clear

    如果在比賽中遇到這樣的情況,女選手應該創造出時機讓自己回到前,通過向對方中場扣球(如果對方的女選手跟自己不是一條) ,半場殺球,或者斜的平高球都是不錯的戰術。
  7. By comparing the two types of airline networks based on the same network model parameters, it is found that the flight frequency, nonstop traffic and fare given by hub - and - spoke airline network is larger than that by fully - connected airline network, while the single flight occupancy is incomparable

  8. Grid hiding and break line cut are difficult point in displaying of 3 - d grid data, the thesis also presented a new visualizing algorithm applicable for 3 - d grid data of topography - sliced polygon filling. the experiment result shown, contrasting to floating level, this algorithm excels in both time complication and effect of grid hiding and break line cut

    三維格顯示中的格消隱與斷處理一格可視化技術中的難點,本文結合三維地形格的特點,提出了一種新的格可視化演算法? ?切片多邊形區域填充法,在實驗結果對比中,無論是演算法復雜度還是顯示效果上都明顯優于浮動水平面法。
  9. Minyu low head screens are horizontal screens to which an extremely powerful linear vibrating motion is imparted by two unbalanced eccentric shafts and weights. the screens ecciciently handle a large amount of materials. resist clogging, and suit best for classifying small granules. some features of the mlh screen are as follws

  10. Under windows nt and labview development environment, using the linear fit module, exponential fit module > general polynomial fit module of labview to design a method for fitting the experiment data, the results of curve fitting indicate that the purpose of general polynomial fitting is better than the rest. separating the equivalent input impedance of magnetostrictive transducers without stimulate current from input impedance of it with stimulate loop based on the results of curve fitting, and determining the syntony frequency and electric simulation network parameters of magnetostrictive transducers by this input impedance. finally, with labview network functions, realizing magnetostrictive transducer electric simulation system based on web server and discussing a scheme for this system network by datasocket. the method of this paper can more accurately determine the syntony frequency and electric simulation network parameters of magnetostrictive transducers than the testing method of syntony & anti - syntony. at the same time, discussing virtual instrument measurement system and how to realize magnetostrictive transducer electric simulation network system by labview network functions of network virtual instrument measurement development environment

  11. 200 rotated line screen

  12. The most convenience of the wlan service felt by news reporters, the main users, is that in the reporting rooms on the stand or in their working rooms, they can directly send text manuscript and images screened by digital camera to the newsroom through wlan wide band network. in the past, this is usually done when they come back to hotel or the news center to dial on the net. so the wireless wide band network service greatly reduced the time during which the reporters must wait for manuscript transmission

  13. A scheme that to use digitalized catv signals in some inner areas while to use microwaves in some areas for where with no probability using the cable network, which is an extraordinary perfect transition measure, efficiency, economy and a shortcut, before the digital television terrestrial broadcasting standards come into practice

  14. Secondly, their aims are made the investment of substations, feeders or running cost of electric power system minimum. but they do n ' t take into account of land utilization, street accessibility of right of way, etc., but demands of electric power system. generally, a straight line distance, namely, euclid distance, was used for calculating the distance between a load point and a substation, which is a straight forward but non - practical way for most planning techniques

    其次受研究工具的限制,這些模型以工程投資、運行費用等最小為目標,僅能考慮導載流量、電壓降等電力系統技術約束條件,簡化略去了用地限制、街道可達性等重要的自然約束條件,且求解這些模型的前奏是計算負荷點到變電所的歐幾里得距離(距離) ,簡便但不切合實際(這一點在城市電規劃中尤其重要) ,因此較難給出技術上可行的最優解。
  15. By analyzing and comparing the network feature index - non - beeline coefficient. shortcut index. joint degree index, demonstrates the cobweb theory that in the conditions which has the same area. scale and density, round - radiation network has the best traffic efficiency

    基於對路特性指標? ?非性系數、快捷性指數、連接度指數分析比較的基礎上,提出並論證了在同等的路覆蓋面積、規模和密度的條件下,環形放射式路具有最優的交通效率的蛛理論。
  16. Substation location influence network configuration, power supply quality and running cost of future electric power system. good feeder configuration can improve on power supply quality and decrease running cost of electric power system. so it ' s significant for electric enterprise to make a good fist at substation location and feeder planning

  17. Phases straight lines model and not straight lines model based on bp are used to correct the physical parameters and eliminate deflection. the least - square is used to calculate the efficiency of generators

  18. To get the evaluating result, a recognition quality evaluator for straight lines based on artificial neural networks has been designed. after training the neural network can work well and output the quality evaluating results. furthermore, this proposed evaluating approach is not sensitive to scanning image resolution

  19. Aim at the dtc ' s blemish mentioned above and the direction of dtc technique development, the dissertation put great emphasis on the work as follows, with an eye to exalt dtc system function : ( 1 ) a new speed - flux observer of an induction motor is proposed to enhance the accuracy of flux observing, which is an adaptive closed - loop flux observer and different from the traditions. a new adaptive speed - observation - way is deduced out according to the popov ' s stability theories ; ( 2 ) to improve the performance of dtc at low speed operation, we have to exalt the accuracy of the stator flux estimation and a new way of bp neural network based on extended pidbp algorithm is given to estimate and tune the stator resistance of an induction motor to increase the accuracy of the stator flux estimation ; ( 3 ) digital signal processor is adopted to realize digital control. an device of direct torque control system is designed for experiment using tms320lf2407 chip produced by ti company ; ( 4 ) bring up a distributed direct torque control system based on sercos bus, sercos stand for serial real time communication system agreement which is most in keeping with synchronous with moderate motor control ; ( 5 ) the basic design frame of the hardware and software of the whole control system is given here and some concrete problem in the experiments is described here in detail

    針對上面提到的接轉矩控制的缺陷和未來接轉矩控制技術發展方向,本論文重點做了以下幾個方面的工作,目的在於提高dtc系統的綜合性能: ( 1 )提出一種新型的速度磁鏈觀測器,新型的速度磁鏈觀測器採用自適應閉環磁鏈觀測器代替傳統的積分器從而提高磁鏈觀測的精度,並且根據popov超穩定性理論推導出轉速的新型自適應收斂律; ( 2 )改善系統的低速運行性能,主要從提高低速時對定子磁鏈的估計精度入手,提出了一種提高定子磁鏈觀測精度的新思路? ?利用基於bp路增廣pidbp學習演算法來實時在地修正定子電阻參數; ( 3 )採用數字信號處理器dsp實現系統全數字化硬體控制,結合ti公司生產的tms320lf2407晶元,設計了接轉矩控制系統的實驗裝置; ( 4 )提出了基於sercos總路化分散式的接轉矩控制系統, sercos ( serialrealtimecommunicationsystem )是目前最適合同步和協調控制的串列實時通信協議; ( 5 )基本勾勒出整個控制系統的硬體和軟體設計基本框架,詳細描述一些實驗中的具體的細節問題。
  20. The inverted pwm changing electric current the technique is applied in the prototype model. the prototype model was tested and operated on spot, power factor could reach beyond 0. 95, the effect of following modulating voltage was better, the curve of factor of modulated voltage of exchanging systems changed following load rate was linear, the output of wave form was a flat and steady sinusoidal wave

    樣機採用了逆變式pwm變流技術,對其進行了現場測試與試運行,測試結果是電側的功率因數可達0 . 95以上,跟蹤調壓效果良好,變流系統輸出調壓系數( k )隨負載率( p )的變化曲基本滿足關系,輸出波形呈平滑穩定的正弦波。