肯傑 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [kěnjié]
肯傑 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (同意) agree; consent:首肯 nod assent;我勸說了半天 他才肯了。he did not agree until i ha...
  • : Ⅰ名詞(才能出眾的人) outstanding person; hero Ⅱ形容詞(傑出 ) outstanding; prominent
  1. Golden globes awards of best drama film best original score the must - watch action film in y2k

  2. And the two child stars, jena malone as anna and liam aiken as ben turned in very realistic performances

  3. " it ' s not just me doing all this, " alger stresses. " so many have become involved. i couldn ' t do it alone.

    「所有這些,不是我一個人幹得了的。 」阿爾強調說, 「有這么多人要來,我一個人定是不行的。 」
  4. He and jacqueline rode into the city amidst unending cries of "viva kennedy" and a pink snowstorm of confetti.

  5. A charming soubrette, great marie kendall, with dauby cheeks and lifted skirt, smiled daubily from her poster upon william humble, earl of dudley, and upon lieutenantcolonel h. g. hesseltine and also upon the honourable gerald ward a. d. c. from the window of the d. b. c. buck mulligan gaily, and haines gravely, gazed down on the viceregal equipage over the shoulders of eager guests, whose mass of forms darkened the chessboard whereon john howard parnell looked intently

  6. Jim said he believed it was spirits ; but i says : " no ; spirits wouldn t say, dern the dern fog.

    姆說,他定那是精靈,不過我說: 「不,精靈不會說什麼開該死的霧啊什麼的」 。
  7. You must be jack, and you must be dina

  8. Benjamin disraeli, who became lord beaconsfield, was, in his youth, poor and struggling and passionately ambitious

  9. There were solitary patches of road on the way between soho and clerkenwell, and mr. lorry, mindful of footpads, always retained jerry for this service : though it was usually performed a good two hours earlier. what a night it has been

  10. President kennedy had awarded her the president's gold medal for distinguished service, the country's highest civilian decoration.

  11. Authors will include some of the most famous women of the period : hildegard of bingen, heloise of paris, marie de france, christine de pizan, joan of arc, margery kempe, along with many interesting and intriguing though lesser known figures

  12. Rogers was slated to go in the summer, tentatively to be replaced by kenneth rush.

  13. Jack ruby, killer of president kennedy's assassin, oswald, was found guilty and sentenced to death.

  14. Visit : liberty bell, independence hall, old congress, the capitol hill, lincoln memorial, jefferson memorial, the white house, the mill, smithsonia institution, vietnam war memorial, washington memorial

  15. Visit : liberty bell, visit : liberty bell, independence hall, old congress, the capitol hill, ford s theater, white house, thomas jefferson memorial, lincoln memorial, korea war memorial, vietnam war memorial, smithsonia institution

  16. " well, " i says, " if it s in the regulations, and he s got to have it, all right, let him have it ; because i don t wish to go back on no regulations ; but there s one thing, tom sawyer - if we go to tearing up our sheets to make jim a rope ladder, we re going to get into trouble with aunt sally, just as sure as you re born

    「好吧, 」我說, 「如果這是規矩,那他就準得有一根繩梯。那就讓他有一根吧。因為我並不退回到不按規矩辦事的地步,不過嘛,還有一件事呢,湯姆索亞要是得把我們的襯衫給撕下來,給姆搞一根繩梯,那薩莉姨媽定會找我們算帳,這是可以斷得定的。
  17. I ' m not a simpleton, jack. you knew my father

  18. Of lincoln gerald liquors by a whopping eight percent

  19. Jester : zowie, that was close ! but you ' ve taken quite a trouncing today, haven ' t you, vergil ? you could ' ve chopped me into confetti by now if you were in tip - top condition

  20. We will visit the u. s. capital building, jefferson memorial, lincoln memorial, vietnam veteran, korean war memorial, lafayette park and the white house. after lunch, it s back to new york for an early evening arrival

    早上離開酒店,先參觀白宮太空博物館林肯傑佛遜紀念堂甘乃迪文化中心國會由專人介紹,下午離開華盛頓d . c . 。