群呼出 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [qúnchū]
群呼出 英文
collective ringing
  • : Ⅰ名詞(聚在一起的人或物) crowd; group Ⅱ量詞(用於成群的人或物) group; herd; flock
  1. 1909 the sos distress signal was transmitted for the first time when the cunard liner slavonia was wrecked off the azores

  2. Baldly as he had stated it, in his eyes was a rich vision of that hot, starry night at salina cruz, the white strip of beach, the lights of the sugar steamers in the harbor, the voices of the drunken sailors in the distance, the jostling stevedores, the flaming passion in the mexican s face, the glint of the beast - eyes in the starlight, the sting of the steel in his neck, and the rush of blood, the crowd and the cries, the two bodies, his and the mexican s, locked together, rolling over and over and tearing up the sand, and from away off somewhere the mellow tinkling of a guitar

  3. Man is a gregarious animal, and apparently the mischievous microbes he exhales fight and neutralise each other.

  4. The mob waited upon them both, as they came out, hallooing and throwing stones and dirt at the coaches they rode in.

  5. Two powerful locomotives, carrying nine cars of invited guests, amongst whom was thomas c. durant, vice - president of the road, stopped at this point ; cheers were given, the sioux and pawnees performed an imitation indian battle, fireworks were let off, and the first number of the railway pioneer was printed by a press brought on the train

  6. Measurements using opaque bottles almost always reflect community respiration, including bacterial, zooplanktonic, rather than just algal respiration.

  7. So they dug and dug like everything ; and it got awful dark, and the rain started, and the wind swished and swushed along, and the lightning come brisker and brisker, and the thunder boomed ; but them people never took no notice of it, they was so full of this business ; and one minute you could see everything and every face in that big crowd, and the shovelfuls of dirt sailing up out of the grave, and the next second the dark wiped it all out, and you couldn t see nothing at all

  8. Secondhand smoke exposure causes respiratory symptoms, including cough, phlegm, wheeze, and breathlessness, among school - aged children

  9. He had to get some air, get his breath, get out of the crowd.

  10. Wearing a simple black but elegant self - designed evening dress, she chatted with the other guests. her lighthearted comments added a nice touch to the topics at hand and brought happy laughter to those around her. although master tried to mix in with the people and not draw attention to herself, all the singers and other famous members of the arts noticed her and went to greet her

  11. The crowd burst into cheers.

  12. Ten years ago : president bush, on the first visit to czechoslovakia by a us president, told a cheering crowd of 100, 000 in prague that " america will stand with you " through hard times ahead

  13. Araktcheev, looking from under his brows at the tsar, and sniffing with his red nose, moved forward out of the crowd as though expecting the tsar to apply to him

  14. Put out of countenance by the manner in which he thus set foot upon the new world, he uttered a loud cry, which so frightened the innumerable cormorants and pelicans that are always perched upon these movable quays, that they flew noisily away

  15. They give their all to a cheering crowd

  16. Secondly, some encryption algorithms are introduced, with the analysis and comparison for these encryption algorithms, the author designs an appropriate project to accomplish the end - to - end encryption. thirdly, this paper accomplish the design of an encryption scheme which combining the strongpoint of the rsa algorithm and the idea algorithm. the main process is as following : first, input the digital signal to the encryption device, and then the digital signal exclusive or with the keying sequence which is generated by key stream generator ( ksg ) and the ksg is based on the idea encrypting and deciphering algorithm, the secret key synchronization is also studied

    本課題主要研究的內容是數字集通信系統加密機制的研究,首先介紹了數字集通信系統的安全保密機制,講述了單向和雙向鑒權的過程、單的空中介面加密過程及其密鑰的選用和管理,特別介紹了端到端加密;然後介紹了幾種常用的加密演算法,通過分析其優劣,提了端到端加密的解決方案;最後完成了基於rsa演算法和idea演算法的數字集通信系統加密方案的設計,其具體過程為將經過數字信號送入加密器里,和以idea加密演算法為基礎設計的密碼流發生器( ksg )產生的密碼序列進行加解密運算,並且研究了此加密過程的密碼同步問題。
  17. While outdoor air pollution - especially tiny particles that can be breathed deep into the lungs - is known to be hazardous to people ' s health, to date no researchers have looked at how proximity to main roads affects respiratory symptoms in a general population

    盡管人們知道室外空氣污染? ?尤其是可被吸入肺內深處的細小顆粒? ?對健康有害,但迄今尚無一名研究人員調查過離主幹道多近往往使普通人吸系統癥狀。
  18. Not since the heady days of his first season has that chant been heard so vociferously and there were also standing ovations from parts of the crowd every time he trotted across to take a corner

  19. In the hfrs, there may be severe renal impairment while the chest is mostly as affected in the hps that patients may have severe respiratory distress

  20. The young minister, on ceasing to speak, had withdrawn a few steps from the group, and stood with his face partially concealed in the heavy folds of the window - curtain ; while the shadow of his figure, which the sunlight cast upon the floor, was tremulous with the vehemence of his appeal