熔煉的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [róngliànde]
熔煉的 英文
  • : 動詞(熔化) melt; fuse; smelt
  • : 動1. (用加熱等辦法使物質純凈或堅韌) refine; smelt; work 2. (燒) temper with fire 3. (使詞句精美簡潔) polish
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • 熔煉 : smelt; smelting; fusion; metallurgy
  1. Progress of cupola melting in china

  2. The loss of deoxidizing elements resulting from thermal decomposition of lining materials and the change of total oxygen in molten steel during vim refining are researched

  3. Silica tamping material of the electric furnace used for melting cast iron

  4. The samples with smaller grain sides were obtained in our experiment, and the properties are corresponding with that of those samples prepared by melting method mentioned previously. several approaches can be proposed for further increasing the thermoelectric properties. preparation of the material with different compositional deviations availably controlled from stoichiometry is one of the ways to change the carrier concentration, and hence to optimize the value of power factor

  5. It is composed of melting furnace, heat holding furnace, transport system, and quantitative feeding system. it can fulfil vacuum refining of the magnesium alloy meltings without adding solvents, and can transport the meltings quantitatively to the gate of the die - casting machine, and prodt e qualified die - casting magnesium alloy products

  6. Changing from cupola melting to induction furnace melting

  7. Melting characteristics amp; amp; operational proceeding of mf induction furnace

  8. The quantitative casting furnace of magnesium meltings is new product deve loped by our company

  9. The magnetostriction of bonded tb03dy07fe2 rod composites is 580x 10 " 6 at a field of 200 ka / m, and the magneto - mechanical coupling coefficient is 0. 40 at a bias field of 118 ka / m

    相對而言制備工藝參數對合金電阻率和抗壓強度影響較小,其電阻率等於法制備材料電阻率10000倍左右,抗壓強度約為150mpa 。
  10. Selection and development direction of copper matte smelting process

  11. Coinage dating from the 8th century b. c. to the17th century a. d. numismatic evidence of the advances made by smelting technology in ancient india

  12. The effects of melting and pulverization technics on the electrochemical properties and microstructure of the ab5 - type hydrogen storage alloys were summarized

  13. Analysis of the operation condition ' s effect on the tin reverberatory smelting thermodynamics process

  14. By analyzing the microstructure of as - cast alloys with different surplus of samarium added, the optimum surplus of samarium is decided. by comparing the microstructure of the alloys annealed for different time, the ideal and economical annealing time is confirmed. the microstructure and phase composition of alloys during the whole preparation of sm2fe17nx are analyzed using the scanning electron micrograph with energy - dispersive x - ray analysis and x - ray diffraction patterns

  15. The problem of delay of control of cupola melting amp; amp; its solution

  16. Can you tell me the process of smelt

  17. Preliminary design about cupola reforming in green intensifies cast iron smelting

  18. Looking back on the development of melting in cupola and itsactuality of application in our country

  19. Furthermore, to avoid the craze of the target caused by the brittleness of si element, a new mold and cooling method have been developed. in the second part, the material of the resistor coatings has been studied

    此外,為了防止靶材破裂,降低其內應力,自行設計了模殼及冷卻方法,有效解決了靶材開裂問題,使靶材熔煉的成品率達到90 %以上。
  20. The improvement technique of the single - slag manner smelting steel of arc furnace has been put forward, with details of discussion about suitable conditions and range of such technique and analysis of process characteristics and effect mechanism