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拉迪納 英文
  • : 拉構詞成分。
  • : 動詞[書面語] (開導;引導) enlighten; guide
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (收進來; 放進來) receive; admit 2 (接受) accept; take in 3 (享受) enjoy; take deligh...
  • 拉迪 : ladhuie
  1. Gilardino has been targeted by milan ' s boo - boys since the start of the season, while dida was also the subject of whistles after his clanger against siena on the weekend

  2. And during the game, some lazio fans were heard targeting dinamo ' s ghanaian player george blay with racist chants

  3. You didn ' t know that the arab was eddie nash

  4. Unlike mr butcher, who set them such a fine example by head - butting tunisians on the field while playing for england

  5. Within 700 km, there are 8 european capitals around kielce - berlin in germany, vienna in austria, prague in czech, minsk in belarus, kyiv in ukraine, bratislava in slovakia, vilnius in lithuania and budapest in hungry

    其周邊700公里內就輻射到了八個國家的首都? ?德國柏林、奧地利維也、捷克布格、白俄羅斯明斯克、烏克蘭基輔、斯洛伐克布發、立陶宛維爾紐斯、匈牙利布達佩斯。
  6. Diego armando maradona was born on october 30th 1960 at 7. 00 o ' clock in the morning in the poor district of villa fiorito, in the outskirts of buenos aires

  7. Arsenal completed a late move to sign midfielder lassana diarra from chelsea for an undisclosed fee

  8. For example tomorrow, instead of lassana diarra and ashley cole, paulo ferriera and wayne bridge is the kind of change you can do without a problem

    「舉個例子,明天代替和阿什利科爾的保羅費雷和韋恩布里奇,就是那種不會造成問題的調動。 」
  9. Les, picturing veronica in her house, in her bed, where an elongated pink - tinged pallor had been revealed to him, like a modigliani or a fragonard, nestled in rumpled fabric, said, “ she ' s a pretty indoor kind of person

    萊一邊內心勾畫著維羅尼卡呆在家裡躺在床上的樣子,浮現眼前的她身材頎長,淡粉的膚色之中透著一絲蒼白,猶如畫家莫格利阿尼或者弗的畫中人那樣偎依在泛起褶子的織物里,一邊嘴裏說道: 「她是那種不怎麼喜歡戶外活動的人。 」
  10. I am lucius of the vorenian clan, tribe of stellatina,

  11. Manchester united are supposedly ready to offer cristiano ronaldo to juventus in return for david trezeguet and raffaele palladino

  12. Past winners of adidas golden ball arguably the most sought - after individual trophy in football include the likes of oliver kahn ( 2002 ), romario ( 1994 ) and diego maradona ( 1986 ), and though there can be only one winner, silver and bronze balls will be awarded to the two runners - up

    達斯金球獎足球屆最受歡迎的個人獎項過去得主包括奧利弗卡恩( 2002 ) 、羅馬里奧( 1994 )和迭戈馬( 1986 )等人,盡管只有1個獲勝者,但亞軍和季軍將分別授予銀球獎和銅球獎。
  13. Nevertheless, milan may also stand a chance of poaching the former monaco man by handing juve alberto gilardino in return, given his lack of action since ronaldo ' s arrival

  14. He was the fifth of the eight children of diego maradona and dalma salvadora franco

    他是父親耶哥.馬和母親黛瑪薩爾瓦多法蘭格共有8個孩子,他是排行第5 。
  15. At least we ' ll have lots of fresh legs with the injured returning, with22 - years - old lassana diarra not only having arrived as a first teamplayer but now with two 90 minutes appearances for france under hisbelt, and with 19 - years - old john mikel obi settling into englishfootball rhythm

  16. The others to make the list are actors connery, paul newman, robert redford, johnny depp and al pacino, as well as quarterback of the new england patriots tom brady

  17. Charles elachi, director of the jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena, california, where the mission was based, said he was " still hopeful.

    位於加利福尼亞帕薩的噴氣推進實驗室負責人查爾斯?葉奇說他仍然「抱有希望」 。該實驗室也是此次任務的基地之一。
  18. Lazio finished the game with nine men after valon behrami was sent off for a two - footed challenge and mutarelli received a second yellow card

  19. Also on the show will be jose mourinho ' s press conference held today, joe cole, claude makelele and lassana diarra, and a theme of machine gun water pistols filled with milk shake courtesy of bill blood

    節目內容還包括何塞穆里尼奧今天的記者招待會,還有喬科爾、克萊德馬克萊萊和{,以充滿奶昔的機關水槍去好好招待「鐵血比爾」 。
  20. Paris ( afp ) - european football ' s governing body, uefa, is looking into incidents during the champions league third qualifying round first leg game between lazio and dinamo bucharest