規約語言 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [guīyāoyán]
規約語言 英文
specification language
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (畫圓形的工具) instrument for drawing circles 2 (規則; 成例) rule; regulation 3 [機械...
  • : 約動詞[口語] (用秤稱) weigh
  • : 語動詞[書面語] (告訴) tell; inform
  • : Ⅰ名詞1. (話) speech; word 2. (漢語的一個字) character; word 3. (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(說) say; talk; speak
  • 語言 : language
  1. Speaking on the kidmans ' behalf, joe becket of the mountain states legal foundation in denver says the family asked employees to sign a language policy in the summer of 2000

  2. The head of the hong kong office of a leading new york firm agreed, adding that, despite the broadness of the language, it was clear to him the chinese law firms were most concerned about a particular subset of foreign firms

  3. Based upon previous studies on speech acts and legal speech acts by austin ( 1962 ), searle ( 1975 ), and trosborg ( 1995 ), legal speech acts are classified into three types : explicit, conventionalized and implicit

  4. This article mainly has two parts : first is the critique part, i will criticize in this part and it will be pointed out that when the reductional research plan will face the dualism ' s difficult situation of the explanation viewpoint and the language game, it tries only to avoid to pay the price of epiphenomenon

  5. We will reach the essence of it in this chapter by reading the leading cases such as the merak [ 1965 ] and the annefield [ 1971 ], which reflect the attitude of english court towards general incorporation clause and special incorporation clause ; the miramar [ 1984 ] and the rena - k [ 1978 ], which reveal the verbal manipulation regulations on incorporated clauses from c / p ; the sannicholas [ 1976 ], which gives resolution when the incorporation clause fails to point out the c / p meant to incorporate

    本文在分析英國典型案例的基礎上對這些定逐一予以分析。首先,通過merak案、 annefield案的分析介紹英國法對一般併入條款和特別併入條款的定;其次,通過miramar案、 renak案的分析揭示英國法對意圖被併入提單的租條款作調整的定;最後,通過sannicholas案闡明英國法在併入條款未指明提單意圖併入哪一份租時的處理方式。
  6. Lfc is yet another functional programming language which has many characteristics, such as good mathematics basis, reference transparency, no side effect, pattern matching, etc. in theory, an algorithm of enumerating sentences of cfg is presented

  7. Many approaches developed offer approximation solutions, including principle - based, such as purely syntactic ones, semantic and pragmatic ones, and statistics - based ones. in this paper, we put forward a modal to resolve anaphora ( including empty pronoun ) based on the characteristics of chinese. in this method, we apply some corresponding rules on the sentences after their patterns distinguished in the text, then analyze the semantic relation of the components of the sentence and form a corresponding semantic network, get rid of some candidates according to the co - constrain of the nodes in that network, put every component which refers to people into forward - looking centers, ordered by their semantic role, ascertain the hierarchy of sentences, analyze the transition types resulted by the scheme of different resolutions, finally, choice the most possible scheme of resolution according to the precedence of the types

  8. The first part is a brief survey of the history of contract before tang dynasty

  9. At the same time modeling concepts of i * framework and albert ii language are different, this goes against the transforming from model of organizational requkements to specification of system requkements

    但是i ~ *框架和albert所用的建模概念不同,這不利於組織需求模型到系統需求說明的轉化。
  10. The lexical culture connotation is the conventional cultural implicit information in russian linguistics research

  11. Vagueness is the inseparable feature of human language, which extensively exists in various language variation, including legal language, and which destroys the exactness in language

  12. In actual language interactions, the speaker often makes use of, if not manipulates conventional politeness memes to make salient his or her polite intention, whereas the hearer often goes beyond the conventional meaning or literal meaning of linguistic politeness memes to understand and interpret the communicative intention intended by the speaker before making politeness evaluations

  13. Huang wenji ( computer software & theory ) directed by dong yunmei the implementation and application of formal specification language lfc are studied in this thesis

    Lfc是以上下文無關上的遞歸函數( cfrf )理論為基礎的形式規約語言,能較好地支持形式的獲取和檢驗。
  14. To picture the structure accurately, i use rsl. raise is a series of tools and convert technology on this kind of specification language and form a very rigorous approach

    Raise ( rigorousapproachtoindustrialsoftwareengineering )是在一個廣譜的規約語言的基礎上,提供一系列工具和轉換技術,形成一種開發軟體的嚴格方法。
  15. This paper formalizes analysis patterns with raise. after analyzing static structure diagram, present a definite specification by raise language and analysis patterns " formal specifications. the formalizing is a foundation of reusing analysis patterns efficiency and automated tools

  16. The reading material ( namely written language ) is the language rule which is rigorous according to the one whole set, is established by usage organizes the writing mark

  17. Wap provides an open, global wireless protocol specification based on existing internet standards, such as xml extensible markup language and ip internet protocol, for all wireless networks. using wap technology, internet content can be easily brought to our mobile phones or other wireless devices

    無線應用系統是根據現行網際網路的標準,例如:可延長標示extensible markup language ,簡稱xml及聯網internet protocol ,簡稱, ip ,發展為所有無線網路的開放及全球性的無線傳訊技術格。
  18. Wap provides an open, global wireless protocol specification based on existing internet standards, such as xml ( extensible markup language ) and ip ( internet protocol ), for all wireless networks. using wap technology, internet content can be easily brought to our mobile phones or other wireless devices

    無線應用系統是根據現行網際網路的標準,例如:可延長標示( extensiblemarkuplanguage ,簡稱xml )及聯網( internetprotocol ,簡稱, ip ) ,發展為所有無線網路的開放及全球性的無線傳訊技術格。
  19. I regard qsim as a kind of constraint satisfaction problem ( csp ), and improve the qualitative simulation algorithm by constraint logic programming ( clp ). fuzzy qualitative simulation develops conventional qsim on several facets, such as representation of qualitative value, state transition rule and filtering algorithms. it bridges the gap between pure qualitative and quantitative, and improve the efficien

  20. Butmr verrechia said inland china still seemed more attractive thanshifting production to neighbouring vietnam, which was limited by itssmaller size, language issues and a lack of support services andinfrastructure