貝尼爾夫 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [bèiěr]
貝尼爾夫 英文
david benioff
  • : 名詞1 [動物學] (蛤螺等有殼軟體動物的統稱) cowry; cowrie; shellfis 2 (古代用貝殼做的貨幣) cowr...
  • : 名詞(尼姑) buddhist nun
  • : [書面語]Ⅰ代詞1 (你) you 2 (如此; 這樣) like that; so 3 (那;這) that Ⅱ[形容詞后綴: 率爾而對 ...
  • 貝尼 : bani
  • 爾夫 : rob van erve
  1. In 1960 bernal pointed to the fact that some benioff zones extend to nearly 700km depth.

  2. The roster of composers and conductors who have led the philharmonic includes such historic figures as theodore thomas, pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky, anton n dvo ? k, gustav mahler ( music director, 1909 ? 11 ), otto klemperer, richard strauss, willem mengelberg ( music director, 1922 ? 30 ), wilhelm furtw ? ngler, arturo toscanini ( music director, 1928 ? 36 ), igor stravinsky, aaron copland, bruno walter ( music advisor, 1947 ? 49 ), dimitri mitropoulos ( music director, 1949 ? 58 ), klaus tennstedt, george szell ( music advisor, 1969 ? 70 ), and erich leinsdorf

  3. Of tactical science, destined to overthrow napoleonthat that camp was a senseless absurdity that would lead to the destruction of the russian army. prince andrey arrived at bennigsens quarters, a small manor - house on the very bank of the river. neither bennigsen nor the tsar was there ; but tchernishev, the tsars aide - de - camp, received bolkonsky, and informed him that the tsar had set off with general bennigsen and marchese paulucci to make his second inspection that day of the fortifications of the drissa camp, of the utility of which they were beginning to entertain grave doubts

  4. For example, look at the puritanical procureur, who has just lost his daughter, and in fact nearly all his family, in so singular a manner ; morcerf dishonored and dead ; and then myself covered with ridicule through the villany of benedetto ; besides " -

    舉例來說,看看那清正嚴謹的檢察官所遭遇的怪事,他雖然剛失去了他的女兒,而事實上他的全家幾乎都已經死光了,馬已經身敗名裂自殺身亡,而我因受代托的恥辱,而受盡人家的奚落。 」
  5. The tsar had also in attendance on him in no definite capacity, araktcheev, the late minister of war ; count bennigsen, by seniority the first of the generals ; the tsarevitch, konstantin pavlovitch ; count rumyantsev, the chancellor ; stein, the former prussian minister ; armfeldt, the swedish general ; pfuhl, the chief organiser of the plan of the campaign ; paulucci, a sardinian refugee, who had been made a general - adjutant ; woltzogen ; and many others

  6. On november 29, 1973, i asked mrs. lionaes and the nobel committee to donate the entire proceeds to a scholarship fund for children of american servicemen killed or missing in action in indochina.

  7. The norwegian has been left out of the reds ' last two games as benitez opts for alvaro arbeloa and steve finnan as his full backs

  8. A more recent boost to beowulf awareness came in 2000, when the irish nobel prize - winning poet seamus heaney produced a new translation that was well - regarded and even sold well

  9. The hull of the rms olympic, sister - ship to the ill - fated rms titanic, is launched from the harland and wolff shipyard in belfast, ireland

  10. Tchernishev sat in the window of the outer room with a french novel. this room had once probably been the main hall ; there was still an organ in it, on which were piled rugs of some sort, and in the corner of the room was a folding bedstead belonging to bennigsens adjutant

  11. If the pair that was with bellatrix and rodolphus in the planet room was macnair & avery, this new pair would have to be mulciber & malfoy, and vice versa

  12. All grasped the fact that though the tsar was not formally assuming the position of commander - in - chief, he did, in fact, hold the supreme control of all the armies in his hands, and the persons about him were his councillors. araktcheev was a trusty administrator, a stern upholder of discipline, and careful of the safety of the tsar

    阿拉克切耶是忠實的執行人,秩序的維持者,是皇帝的侍衛格森是維納省的地主,他彷彿在盡地主之誼les honneurs法語:接待皇帝,而實際上是一個優秀的將軍,能夠出謀劃策,隨時可替代巴克雷。
  13. We ' ll split into pairs and search, and don ' t forget, be gentle with potter until we ' ve got the prophecy, you can kill the others if necessary - - bellatrix, rodolphus, you take the left, crabbe, rabastan, go right - - jugson, dolohov, the door straight ahead - - macnair and avery, through here - - rookwood, over there - - mulciber, come with me !

    大家兩人一組分頭搜尋,記住,在得到預言球前不要對波特動粗,如果需要,其他人都可以殺掉? ?拉特里克斯,羅道斯,你們去左邊,克拉布,拉巴斯坦,去右邊? ?加格森,多洛霍,去正前面的門? ?麥克,還有埃弗里,在這里找? ?盧克伍德,去那邊? ?穆塞伯,跟我走! 」
  14. Nevertheless, la faloise had clapped clarisse besnus, one of bordenave s little women, who played iris in a soft blue dress with a great scarf of the seven colors of the rainbow looped round her waist

  15. Mme robert lived in the rue mosnier, a silent, new street in the quartier de l europe, where there were no shops, and the handsome houses with their small, limited flats were peopled by ladies

  16. The battle of tarutino obviously failed to attain the aim which toll had in view : to lead the army into action in accordance with his disposition of the troops, or the aim which count orlov - denisov may have had : to take murat prisoner ; or the aim of destroying at one blow the whole corps, which benningsen and others may have entertained ; or the aim of the officer who desired to distinguish himself under fire ; or the cossack, who wanted to obtain more booty than he did attain, and so on

  17. Then he sent his card to signor pastrini, and asked for albert de morcerf

  18. Franz silently assented ; and the following afternoon, at half - past five o clock, the young men parted. albert de morcerf to return to paris, and franz d epinay to pass a fortnight at venice

  19. Steve mcclaren paid a visit to rafa benitez and his liverpool squad at their melwood training ground today

  20. A few days previously, yermolov had gone to bennigsen and besought him to use his influence with the commander - in - chief to bring about an attack