nutrient 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['nju:triənt]
nutrient 解釋
adj. 形容詞 營養的,滋養的。
n. 名詞 營養物,營養品,養分,養料;營養劑。
nutrient broth 肉汁。
nutrient medium 培養基。

  1. Utilizing low denatured and defatted soybean flakers as material, a kind of functional food of soybean peptide nutrient solution which contains rich soybean peptide and little low - polysaccharide have been produced after the following production process : crushing, extracting, heat denaturing, enzyme digesting, acidifying, concocting, over - temperature sterling, canning, and so on

  2. Biological activity in a soil is influenced by soil acidity and nutrient status.

  3. After analyzing purple soil sampled from neijiang, leshan ofsichuan provinec and yuanmou of yunnan province, the contrast results of microbe quantity feature between surface and subsurface purple soil were obtained as follows. the content of soil organic matter, total and available nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium of surface was higher than subsurface, not relating to the type of purple soil and soil utilization way. the quantity of microbe _ bacteria, actinomyces and mould in surface purple soil was higher than subsurface, which indicated that the organic matter and airy condition in surface soil was more suitable for microbes growing. there was the same tendency in profile change of microbe quantity in purple soil located in temperate _ humid climate of sichuan basin in contrast with dry _ hot climate of yuanmou, yunnan. the nutrient situation of purple soil in sichuan basin shown that state of surface was better than subsurface, while in yuanmou of yunnan the state was on the contrary due to the degradation of surface soil

  4. On the base of degrading effect of cm, the paper investigated the correlation between microorganisms and nutrient salt in the water body. it showed that the correlation between ammonifying bacteria and nh3 - n was 0. 74 ; the correlations between nitrifying bacteria, denitrifying bacteria and no _ ( 3 ) - n were 0. 65, - 0. 53, respectively. the correlation between phosphorus bacteria and po _ ( 4 ) ~ ( 3 ) p was 0. 76

    根據復合微生物對水質的降解效果,選擇其使用量為2g時,對水體中微生物功能菌群與營養鹽含量的相關性進行了研究,其中氨化菌與氨氮,硝化菌與硝氮,磷細菌與磷酸鹽均成正相關關系,相關性r分別為0 . 74 , 0 . 65 , 0 . 76 。
  5. This product adduction ancientry palace faoster face secret, combine modem times herbalist doctor exoterica, s wel s manifold herbal medicine extractio distillate make with extra care. speedy comfort balance skin ph, shrink pore, vailability intercede skin enginery, cleanlily feeling high elasticity clarity blob, order skin easiness absorb need moisture and nutrient, use after skin affect cleanlily lubricate, pliability in the chips elasticity

  6. Nutritional status of chronic peritoneal dialysis patients : correlation of biochemical parameters with anthropometry and nutrient intake

  7. There is a great contrast between nutrient cycles in natural vegetation and the nutrients involved in growing an arable crop.

  8. Seven plots selected from wanglang reserve were distributed in different types of forest and at different altitude, and different plot has different microclimate. soil property, microbial population, soil nutrient content of forest soil were determined in wanglang natural reserve, from may to october 2002 to july 2003, the ecological distribution of three main groups, bacteria, actinomycete and fungi were determined in the forest soils by the cell enumeration methods. six kinds of physiological groups, including ammoniation bacteria, nitrification bacteria, nitrosification bacteria, aerobic autogenesis azotobacter, aerobic cellulose - decomposing bacteria and anaerobic cellulose - decomposing bacteria were enumerated by the most - probable number ( mpn )

  9. Clay contains available nutrient elements.

  10. Towards the research on two flood water of yuhe river in datong city during 2004, by measuring and comparing their discharge, sediment concentration 、 nutrient include organic, phosphorus, potassium, azote, the result shows that the nutrient content of the sediment is greatly larger than that of supernatant fluid

  11. Anatomical characteristics of the distal pedicled flap of nutrient vessel in basilic vein

  12. The quantities of organic carbon and nitrogen in the bed load were high than in the runoff plots and this had a nutrient enrichment phenomenon

    4 ,在徑流流失的氮素中又以水溶態氮素為主,約占徑流流失氮素的78 87
  13. There is still great interest in boron as an essential plant nutrient.

  14. Conclusion the island faciocutaneous flap pedicled with nutrient vessels of the posterior antebrachial cutaneous nerve can be used to repair the defect of tile brachium, forearm and hand

  15. The insect community of lichee orchard can be divided into 4 nutrient classes, which is phytophagous insect, predacity, parasite and saprophagous. the insect community also can be divided into 7 guilds : underground pest, eating - leaf - flower - fruit pest, puncture and suck pest, bristletail, predacity, parasite and moderate insect, and be divided into 32 groups, 41 dominance species and 10 key species

    荔枝園昆蟲群落可劃分為植食類,捕食類,寄生類,腐食類4個營養層; 7個功能集團:即地下害蟲,食葉、花、果害蟲,刺吸害蟲,蛀干害蟲,捕食類,寄生類,中性昆蟲; 32個類群; 41個優勢種; 10個關鍵物種。
  16. Contain the abundant hair slice the water for water for repair and maintenance essence and aloe, ocean camomile withdrawing the liquid, the composition of sour etc. nourishment, can on each hair formation first wet mask of layer nourishment, the preventing showing the hair run off, locking the tight protein, increasing the skin layer, and make the hominess the layer formation protect the mask, and keep the nutrient, and is smooth the hair health, and the brightness shine on the person

  17. The role of an organism in nutrient and energy flow within an ecosystem ( e. g., herbivore, carnivore, decomposer )

    有機體之營養和能源攝取模式(如肉食、草食、分解者等) 。
  18. Nutrient release and energy return of fine roots in casuarina equisetifolia plantation

  19. Trying to satisfy an abnormally high drive for maternal growth while also attempting to meet the high nutrient demands for milk production can result in severe catabolism of body tissue

  20. Anatomic research on distally based compound flap pedicled with the nutrient vessels of cephalic vein